Ballers Initial Impressions

Ballers is the new series from Sky Atlantic and HBO starring The Rock Dwayne Johnson.  It centres itself around American’s main sport, American Football and the NFL.  Where The Rock plays some sort of agent that handles finances or tries to and from what I can gather is an ex-player himself.

The shows format is quite refreshing only being half an hour.  I don’t know why though at the moment the series just isn’t holding my intention which is really annoying because I do think that the show has potential and I do want it to be one of those shows that I watch, if not because it has The Rock in but because I think it has huge comedy potential.

The acting and characters are well put together I think and the characters specifically I have potential as they have explored some of the ins and outs of being a player in the NFL.  The main area that they have covered so far in the first two episodes that it is difficult to keep hold of your money as a player.  How true this is I don’t know and although I believe this show is built on comedy it will be quite interesting to see how many issues that it brings up about being in the sport.

Ballers for me is a show that I am going to watch with intrigue and probably see it all the way through.  However after the first two episodes I couldn’t say that there is anything that stands out for me really to recommend it as a must watch.  This series though might be a semi-regular appearance on the blog as it develops.  It in a nutshell, good acting, potential in the storyline just hasn’t shined yet and gets a 5/10

Have you enjoyed it so far?  Or have you seen it all being from the US and does it get better?

RAW Thoughts 7-10-2014


There is something about RAW at the moment for me it has become background worthy, today has been no exception because the only big thing I want to watch is Dean Ambrose.  The rest of the roster and storyline’s aren’t really appealing to me.

That said though there was a bit of a shock during this weeks RAW after the apology made by the Big Show and the way that Rusev was being caused a big name to come from out of the back The Rock.  I am still a bit lost of what they are doing with this character because he seems to be getting a huge leg up with the way all the big names are taking him on and losing.  The problem is a think he needs to be beaten but at the same time with political environment it is an interesting use to add more to the storyline.

Why is the Dean Ambrose such a bit appeal?  For me it’s because you never know what is coming next, he is the first new competitor to me that has made me want to carry on watch WWE.  I would go so far to say that he reminds me a lot of Stone Cold Steve Austin, that attitude of taking people on no matter where or how.  The twist is the way that John Cena and Ambrose is kind of coming together/falling apart and the way the authority are pushing them together and splitting them up.

One other bug bare is the fact we haven’t seen any-more of Brock Lesner I understand he is the big pay per view star at moment for the WWE but I would prefer that Brock Lesner was around more even if it is only cutting promos.

Hercules Movie Review 2014

Hercules was a weird one for me because going into this movie I was expecting the typical demigod movie.  However the truth is, this movie doesn’t give you that.  I don’t want to give too much away because this movie is worth seeing because there is an unexpected twist.

The other thing that is to note, that this movie very slightly challenges the myths of the gods.   It challenges whether everyone has the ability to become a god as we see them?  You saw Hercules as someone who was physically strong as the mythology says but he was mentally flawed and that meant that he wasn’t the completely physically dominate god that we see him as.

The acting was pretty good,  I won’t say it was the best performance by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, however he did do well it was another style for him in some respects.  He was still playing the physical action hero but there was some scenes where he had to add mystery and emotional distress.

Overall I would give this movie 7/10 and it is one of the better movies out at the moment that I have seen.  However saying that now could be misplaced as I haven’t seen the latest Planet of the Apes or Guardians of the Galaxy.