Giving up Ranked

This is something that I am considering because lately due to the game list that I want to do I haven’t been getting the practise I need to constantly produce performances on summoners rift. That being said I want to play a game and not worry too much about the result.

At the start of this season that was going to be the attitude I was going to take anyway but I have found I have been caring about my performance because I want to get out of bronze. The problem with this is I am putting pressure on myself and finding that I am playing more and more toxic players so I am no longer enjoying the game. Not saying that Normals will not have the toxic players when the game goes wrong but once I’ve played that game that I don’t really care about I can try another with no real consequence. Not only that playing other games, you kind of see just how bad League can be with the way players can be on the rift, I say on the rift because outside the game I have found the community to be really nice. It’s just when you’re in a game that want to win consumes players and with that you see an ugly side to these people when the game starts to go the wrong way.

I know I am generalising but I just don’t want the pressure at the moment so I might just play Normal Draft as a substitute while I am working through my gaming list. Just because I feel burnt out right now as far as League of Legends is concerned, I do get the urge to play the game just half way through I start to think why?

Have you ever had some games or period of time where you need down time from the game?

League of Legends Review of the Day 05-02-14

Day Review for 05-02-14
Day Review for 05-02-14

The last two days have been very up and down.  Feeling a bit like a Yolo to be honest because I seem to be going up and down from Bronze IV to V.  I am currently in Bronze IV so yey  suppose I am in the lesser of two evils I guess.  Having said that I do feel like I am improving slightly.

Slightly there being the operative word because I think that I have slowly come forward in my game play by realising which champions I am strongest on.  Although not by these games, I have narrowed my ADC pool to Ashe and Caitlyn.  Mid is just Swain only purely because I don’t play a lot of mid yet and haven’t really needed to find another mid champion as Swain is always up for grabs and I’ve found that even when he is in a tough lane just his kit sees me through.  My top laners of choice are Dr. Mundo and Shyvanna and jungle I would have to go with Udyr as I haven’t played a lot of jungle either.  I seem to be in bot lane and ADC as many of you know isn’t my best role.

With all this said I think its time to give League of Legends at least a day break because I am slowly burning out I think, the games aren’t going my way and having to deal with flamers is really starting to take its toll.  I am not going to be away for long I just feel the need to take a step away because I have been playing nearly 8 or more games a day and although I feel like I am making progress its slow.  I don’t mind it being slow just feel the break will do me good and come back to the game a fresh.

Anyway hope your having a good time on the fields of justice and to the next time.

LCS and What I’ve Learnt from it

I realised after writing my article about can you learn anything from the LCS?  It was quite negative towards what you can learn from it and use in Solo Queue so here goes nothing with trying to be positive.

Without the LCS I would never of tried Jungle Gragas of which I had a very positive game with and some negative ones but that is more my mechanics than the pick.  Although in the previous post I highlighted just because it works in LCS it doesn’t mean it is going to work in Solo Queue for you.  Which still stands it’s just I am trying to point out that you might see something different and want to try it.  During this weeks LCS they run a segment about the value of Solo Queue for the pros and how it helps their game and I suppose it is quite interesting looking at it from the other side.  They spend so long working as a team that Solo Queue actually helps them by showing them new things that aren’t used in their circles.

The biggest learning point for me this season now we are seeing Le Blanc and other assassins is that no matter which champion I am mid I am always looking for a roam.  As a player I am quite conscious of winning my lane and as such just sitting there farming even when there are plays to be made.  So that was why my Talon was so successful against Heimerdinger was because I realised I wasn’t going to win that lane the way it was going so any opportunity I got I roamed.   So there are some positives to come from the LCS and don’t get me wrong known of these posts are the rules, but I am trying to highlight that watching the LCS is great and will improve your game.  However you just need to bare in mind you need to pick on the mindset not the build or the champions picked.  You need to ask yourself why did they do what they did?  Why did they build that item first?

I have to say I learn more from the analyst desk than I do from the actually match.  Just because it’s all slowed down and as the shoutcasters are pointing out what the teams were doing I am picking up on those ideas and maybe coming up with things that those casters haven’t mentioned.

For me what makes the pros good is because they can adapt, they see what is in front of them and build accordingly.  Not saying that you don’t but it’s that decision-making that makes the good players awesome.

League of Legends Review of the Day 03-02-14

Review of the day 03-02-14Capture1

Today has been ups and downs I actually got demoted to Bronze V again and now promoted back up to Bronze IV.  I don’t know why some games I seem to make the right choices others I just can’t quite make the right plays and get the wins.

But overall I am happy with my performances and kind of learning all the time.  The main trick is to try to keep everyone friendly which is no easy feat.  Why do everyone turn into Jackel and Hyde when the enter the fields of justice?


League of Legends Review of the Day 01-02-14

Stats for 01-02-14
Stats for Today

As you can see haven’t got many games played today and this write-up is going to be just as short because its been a busy one and I’m absolutely shattered.  Basically although its 2 wins out of 2 I am still only on 10 LP in Bronze IV because of people being indecisive with the role they are going to take.  This meaning in the last 24 hours its looked like I’ve dodged the queue and I haven’t intentionally I’ve just run out of time when picking my champion.

Also the points have seemed to drop since I’ve gone up a League of which I am going to write a whole blog post on tomorrow or next week at some point.  Anyway to all you viewers out there I wish you a good night.

League of Legends Review of the Day 31-01-14

Today's Stats
Today’s Stats

Today didn’t go quite so well on the Rift.  I walked away from League early today because I was just fed up with the flamers.

The Leona game wasn’t that bad we were just out played and I had a very passive ADC in which we didn’t synergies that well.  The Nasus game I will put down to having one person AFK, so it was always going to be an up hill battle.

The Caitlyn game was the one that broke the camels back because the players in this game were just toxic and I just felt like shouting back at them but I didn’t.  I hit the ignore button on most of my team through the game, and I know I played badly in this game but there wasn’t much I could do we were being out poked by a Jinx and Nidalee.  I had a Shen support that missed a few taunts and my PC was playing up.  I won’t use these excuses though because it was me I was playing badly but the negative responses and offensive language had a lot to do with the outcome of the game.  Although it hasn’t got to me that much as in I have the power to say oh well not going to talk to them again and not let it get to me on a personal level.  It did make me angry in-game and just not want to work as part of the team.   So the team did lose out in the end in some respects because my heart just wasn’t in it.

This does bring me back to the point made in this article do we value Solo Queue too much.  Those guys were so dead set on winning that they forgot to be friendly and make people want to play better positive is always going to be better than negative.

Anyway as always feel free to comment share and like.  If you have any stories of flamers or negative and positive experiences in the game let me know

Can you learn anything from watching the LCS?

While watching the LCS and seeing the impact that the LCS has on the picks and bans in Solo Queue I asked myself can you learn anything from the LCS Matches?  The logical answer would be yes but not in the way you might expect.

Solo Queue to me is a completely different beast when it comes to the mentality needed.  Yes these are some of the best players in the world at this game but stop a minute and think.  League of Legends is a team game and as such you need to work as a team.  Which you should all be trying to do in Solo Queue but the emphasis is on Solo.  With the friendliest of people and once that are willing to work together, you are not going to have the same synergy as a ranked 5s or what you see in the LCS.  What does this mean?  Yes LCS gives you an idea of a team composition and yes it will give you an idea which champions are worth trying and how to build them.  However for me don’t take it as Gospel because you just don’t have the same synergy.

I watch the LCS religiously and do take notes on who is picked any why the casters think they have been picked. This is more important why have they picked what champions they have.  Take Trundle for example he is a popular pick at the moment in the Top Lane but it is only because he is good at countering the tanks such as Dr Mundo.  However in Bronze V I have seen people take Trundle against a Karthus or something less squishy.  The main point to this article is learn from the LCS but don’t think that is what the pros are playing I must play it.  The permanent ban for Kassadin for example is warranted but how many people have actually played him?  I’d guess not many specially in the lower ELO do you think they will manage to play him successfully?

What are your views on picking up popular champions in the LCS?

Let me know in a comment below

League of Legends Review of the Day 24-01-14

24-01-14Today hasn’t gone that well even though you see more green than you do red.  Overall well playing today I have noticed that even though Jinx is considered a strong ADC at the moment that I am probably going to stick with Ashe.  I don’t know why but I just seem to have more success with her than I do Jinx.

You will notice that I do to a bot game just because I was relatively busy today and just wanted to guarantee myself a first win of the day.  Not that I ended up stopping there as you can see but overall I felt that maybe I should play a bot game or too before going into ranked just warm up.  But not sure because it goes against everything that I have said for this season of not taking ranked so seriously and just seeing where it takes me.


Do you really need a traditional ADC Bot Lane?

Ok so if you follow this blog you will know that I am Bronze V but this shouldn’t really matter for this.  For me this video just proves that just because something isn’t normal it doesn’t work.  The truth is you have to adjust your team comp in order to deal with the opposition.  Not only that but to deal with what your other teammates want to play, here we have someone who only wants to play Riven Mid but someone else had taken mid lane so they moved into the bottom lane and if you watch the video you can see just how well or how badly it goes.

This for me just shows if you’re comfortable with a champion then play that champion over trying to counter someone.  You’re playing in Solo Queue not in 5v5 suggestion where you can really work in a team.  Not saying in Solo Queue you shouldn’t work as a team but these are random strangers that you probably haven’t played with before, so the emphasis should be what champion can I play and be able to have a positive outcome.

Thankfully I had quite a good team and they didn’t rage the fact that Riven had been picked regardless.  They did have a little argument about the mid lane but overall when the game started everyone pulled together and you can see what happens from my point of view.  I do plan on doing a full Shoutcast of this game because I am interested in seeing what happens with everyone else.

Have you had any weird lanes?  If so let me know how well they went in a comment below.

Do we value Solo Queue too much?

In League of Legends do we value Solo Queue too much? This is the question I was asking myself after making it into the bottom tier and league. The main reason for this was I heard Saint Vicious actually say it in one of his streams and then another mate that doesn’t play league did turn around and say does it really matter what league you’re in? My answer to this was yes because you’re more likely to win with higher ELO players. But are you really? I started to think about this and the answer would be possibly you would get players that understood the game a bit better and pick champions based on what they knew how to play without worry too much about the counters. However if you were playing divisions higher than what you should be would you have an impact in the game?

The truth is you would probably be carried and for most people that would be great because it would mean that you were going higher. Yes it would probably improve your play a little because you’d see new things and be able to take advice from others if they were willing to give it. However are we forgetting it’s just a game? This season as I am at the bottom I am going to play exclusively solo queue and not worry too much about my rank and see where it takes me. As I realised that worrying about my rank is meaning that I don’t enjoy the game as much. I think just for this season as I have no lower to go and the only way is up I am going to take you only live once attitude to solo queue and see where it gets me overall and just try to make sure that I have fun.

Please don’t get me wrong I am still going to try 100% but maybe just realise that one game loss is not the end of the world. Is it really worth responding to people that are giving you abuse or other team members abuse because it’s going to be over in 40 minutes on average.

Do you value Solo Queue too much? Or should it be taken as serious as it possibly can?