Elementary Season 4 Episode 3 “Tag, You’re Me” Review

Tag, You’re Me is quite is an interesting turn of pace for Elementary and Sherlock stories in general.  Sherlock is often portrayed as someone that is complexed yet socially awkward and keeps himself distant from unwanted social interactions.  This episode, however, sees him deal have to deal with his estranged father. Back in the NYPD […]

Elementary Season 4 Episode 2 “Evidence of Things Not Seen” Review

Evidence of Things Not Seen carries on from The Past is Parent with the surprise of having Morland Holmes actually talking to his son and wanting to help him adds another dynamic.  Sherlock this season so far as become a softer more caring character which adds something different although he doesn’t trust his father and […]

Elementary Season 4 Episode 1 “The Past is Parent” Review

The Past is Parent starts right from where the previous season had left off and that is with Sherlock facing a charge for aggravated assault.  Sherlock as destructive as ever doesn’t really care about his fate but this time he has Watson to think of.  This is quite an interesting switch because Sherlock in generally doesn’t […]