The Flash Season 2 Episode 4 “The Fury of Firestorm” Review

The Fury of Firestorm doesn’t continue straight away with the major cliffhanger at the end of Family of Rogues knowing that Harrison Wells has walked through the portal and is now part of The Flash’s world again.  It continues on with Dr Stiens current medical condition and the issues that Joe and Iris are having with the return of Francine West.

Caitlyn and Barry Helping Dr Stien out of bed

All the subplot stuff that has been going on actually had The Fury of Firestorm step away from the negative that Barry has been chasing in Meta-Humans and had him go after people that could be affected but for good.  This is a welcome change because the constant reminder that only Barry and Ronnie were really good with their powers.  The search for a meta-human that could be enhanced to help them on their quest.

The Iris storyline, however, takes quite a few twist and turns with the truth coming out about why her mother is really back and once that is revealed Iris goes after more information about her mother.  This now means that Iris holds a secret about her mother but will she tell her father on will she opt to protect him like he did her?

Barry and Patty another awkward moment

Finding the perfect Meta-Human for the problem at hand brings the team into some serious problems.  Although previously stated there wasn’t a huge Meta-Human threat on further thought there was but it took a back seat to the other subplots that were being explored.  Caitlyn invertible rushed into a decision that actually caused the team some serious issues, and that was a reoccurring theme to the episode you can’t always see what is the simplest answer being the right one.  As Barry still isn’t that aware of Patty’s and his mutual attraction.

The Verdict

The Fury of Firestorm” was a change up in The Flash season so far with a further venture into the character’s private lives while striving to keep Central City safe from Meta-Humans.  Not quite as fast paced as previous episodes with less of emphasis on the threats that are still out there for Barry and the team.  Speaking of which Jay Garrick seemed to be missing from this episode which was strange because although the episode didn’t really need him in there having made the huge decision to stay in Family of Rogues you’d expect him to feature in the next episode.

The Flash Season 1 Episode 3 “Family of Rogues” Review

Family of Rogues is an interesting switch for The Flash, in this episode the viewer see the return of the Snart duo but with another member of the family.  When the episode starts Lisa Snart goes to Cisco for help thinking that her brother is kidnapped, not sure whether to trust her the team ask some questions and when it looks like she’s lying they find an interesting discovery.

Will the team trust Lisa?

In Flash of Two Worlds last week it was established that Jay Garrick was The Flash in some sort of parallel universe, and now trusted the team and Jay are trying to stabilise the portal so that they can get Jay back to his own world and find out how Zoom is sending people to try and kill Barry.  The two cliffhangers for Flash of Two Worlds was the fact that Harrison Wells is still alive and seemingly got himself to the head of Star Labs in the alternative universe.   The other cliffhanger was the return of Iris’s Mother that she thinks is dead, but who is Joe going to turn to for advice?  Barry give him some advice and what amazed me was how well Barry took it because he could see where he was coming from will Iris do the same?

Will Leonard Snart do the right thing?

The Snart’s are the focus of this episode with the subplots mentioned being solved or being hinted at.  This is huge because Snart’s are the only villains other than Harrison Wells that has really stayed around and the way that they are changing the characters having them develop a bit further is huge.

The Verdict

Family of Rogues is a really well put together episode they have developed the Snart characters and left the viewers in a doubt to which side they are really going to end up on, they are criminals but whether they are as outright nasty is up for debate after this episode.  The episode also ends up on a cliffhanger and the want for the next episode this time is huge.  The action scenes were really well done and the other Snart family member was also really well done, the viewer got a full picture of his personality in a short space of time and makes you feel for Leonard and Lisa.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 “Flash of Two Worlds” Review

Flash of Two Worlds” carries on from where “The Man Who Saved Central City” left off after uttering those famous words that Star Labs is as secure as it has ever been and no one is going to get in here without anyone knowing, someone walks around the corner.  It’s Jay Garrick and with it, he comes with some grave news as always some danger is coming for Central City.

Jay with The Flash as his Alter ego

After such a rough ride in Season 1, The Flash (Barry) is finding it had to trust people and now that he has got his friends and family back helping him, having a stranger to add to the mix proves a little too much for him.  At the beginning of the episode, everyone is on edge about the arrival of Jay that turns out to be from another Universe and Barry has Caitlin run some tests on him to try and determine he is who he says he is.  As Iris points out since the end of Season 1 Barry has been someone different that ability to trust people is what made him different the character that he is, and that he needs to find that again.

Joe has his own trust issues to deal with or need to work on his own.  Since the singularity, no one has wanted to join his task force to track down and detain Meta-Humans and that seemingly how he likes it because Patty Spivot wants to join his team and he doesn’t know why or seemingly doesn’t want her to be on the team.  Harrison Wells has seemingly had a giant impact on the team none more so than Cisco even if he is keeping his problem away from everyone else and only telling Dr Stien when forced to as the Doctor was starting to piece together the puzzle.

Patty Spivot meets The Flash for the first time

All these trust issues aside and further developments the viewer sees that the team can work together even with relative strangers to defeat the Sand Man.  The Sand Man was brought in by a character that has not yet really featured in the show only by name called the Zoom.  The Zoom as he is being described by Jay being from the same Universe shares similar characteristics as Wells and seemingly wants Barry died.

The Verdict

Flash of Two Worlds, was always well paced with the right balance of action and drama.  The way that this episode really opened up the issues that other characters had after such a hard hit to the team at the end of Season 1 was really well done and now moves onto introducing new characters which can only help the show.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 “The Man Who Saved Central City” Review

Possible Spoilers

The Flash is the a show that is based on a DC Comic, where there is an explosion that affects a small number of people in Cental City and makes them what is called meta humans.  These metahumans all have special powers and it would seem that two people out them all are using their powers for good Barry Allen (The Flash) and Ronnie.

The Man Who Saved Central City starts with some sort of flashback or daydream of Barry Allen’s where he is taking out some of the well-known criminals from Season one, and it paints a picture of a successful and positive ending to the cliffhanger that was left from Season 1.  This, however, starts to become apparent to the viewer this wasn’t the case and what we saw happen at the end of the last season was actually only half the battle.  It turns out that in order to close the SIngualrity (Black Hole) above Central City Ronnie had to Flame On and help The Flash to close it, and unfortunately in doing so Barry was unable to bring him back with him, in order to use his powers Ronnie has to merge with Dr. Stien and in the event however Barry was able to bring back Dr. Stien. The goes through the emotions and effects it would have on the characters and, for the most part, they are done well.  Caitlin has moved away from star labs into the Rival Labs and Cisco is now working with Joe in the Police Department.  No surprise though Barry although still working as the investigator he has isolated himself off feeling guilty about the outcome of the events.

The Flash Squaring of with The Attom Smasher

While Central City wants to give Barry or The Flash the Key to the city as a reward for saving the City there another Atom-Smasher.  As Barry quickly learns he can’t do it alone and after some soul searching he quickly relents and accepts help to defeat this metahuman, after some gentle persuasion.  Although everyone’s reaction to losing Ronnie was well thought out this is where the episode slides a little when Barry finally decides he needs help he goes to Caitlin, and she is very forgiving.  It turns out she was blaming herself and the conversation they have been good, but it could have been so much more, she had the most to be angry about but it just wasn’t shown and kind of skipped over.  The other big thing to note is that Dr. Wells leaves Star Labs to Barry, but only if you watches something.  This video has something that could help Barry with something that has driven him throughout the previous season.  As always the next threat to Central City is made at the end of the episode with very little knowledge to go with it.

The Verdict

The Man Who Saved Central City is a strong start to the new season with a solid performance by the main cast, who have really grown into their roles.  Though it does let itself down not having Caitlin being so passive to the loss of Ronnie.  However, it was well paced with enough action and intrigue to have the viewer on the sofa for next week’s episode.

Reign Season 2 Review

Reign Season 2 DVD Cover

Possible Spoilers

Reign Season 2 being a biographic drama continues from Season 1 where the French people are in the depths of the Black Plague as their King (Francis) goes in search of his newly discovered bastard son and his mother.  This leaves Mary to try and hold control of their country and the court as people are starting to become hysterical and frighten for their lives.

The twist and turns in this season are plentiful, the viewer gets to see how quickly people can fall in and out grace so quickly along with the way that even if a person is at the highest possible position they still don’t really have the power to live the life they wanted.  Mary while in power while Francis is away from the castle finds herself trying to make some very tough decisions where she makes quite a few enemies, along with having an attack on her life.  Taking advantage of the castle being in hysteria, she manages to survive however the attack will have an everlasting effect on her which drives her towards another man trying to get over the tromour.  The relationship that she makes has some dire consequences for France and more than just losing Mary to another man for Francis.

Bash (Francis’s half brother) is in this season Francis’s right-hand man and now instead of being just the bastard of the family he is now a man with power and a positive role in court.  He and Kenna try to make their marriage work but as the season develops they slowly pull in different directions, which always adds a fascination because of the nagging feeling about Bash’s religious beliefs.  He finds himself mixed up with a Pagon which turns out to become someone that gets involved in which craft.

Bash’s new position finds him investigating many things and part of this is to how his half-sisters died. When the twins were just babies they had died and it was believed that their older sister Claude had killed them.  While doing his investigation he finds out that it was actually someone else a lot closer to him, and Catherine is getting visions and going mad similar to Henry in season 1 but it turns out he wasn’t and neither is she.  They were getting poisoned and Catherine lucky enough however discovers the fact in time before she is permitted harmed.

Francis and Mary during this season have to deal with personal and country related problems with a distinct threat to France leaving with Mary having to make a huge choice.  The other huge development is the fact that someone makes a huge change going to Elizabeth to try and get control back.  The other huge cliffhanger is the fact that Francis is coming to terms and holding onto the information that he has limited time left in this life.

Major themes in this season:

  • Showing that even the highest in society can fall from grace
  • The King can’t really live the life he wants
  • How Power becomes the most important thing for most
  • How countries were in constantly in a state of instability in those days
  • Females had some real problems with their lives and the need of having a man was high.

Overall Reign Season 8/10 it was fast paced and kept the viewer wanting more.  Whether or not all the show is correct to all the details of Mary’s Queen of Scotts is unsure because the attack on her, for example, is cited to have been after Francis’s death.  Highly recommend picking this show up if you have a Netflix Subscription.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Video Game Review

After playing the first season I was biting at the bit to play this game because I really enjoyed the story, and I have to admit even though the story does continue and is good in this season it was just not as good as the first season.  However please don’t stop reading this review or write the game off yet.

I think that the reason why the story isn’t so good is because you realise that Clem is becoming more independent and she just doesn’t have that special relationship in this season like she does with Lee.  That said though the game play improved from the first season, the conversations and choices that you make has become harder to make.  Again I haven’t replied this game like I hadn’t the first but I feel like the changes in decisions would really make a difference in the way the game goes.  I don’t want to give any spoilers away for two reasons I would like you to watch my Let’s Play which has been posted here and also the above play list and the fact that you might want to play it yourselves, but the final decision you make in episode 5 will make a huge impact in your Season 3 game if they do make one.  I really do hope there is a third because the story for me isn’t over and I have really been enjoying the series.

Overall I would give this game a n 8/10 because I enjoyed it I like the story and the decisions were harder. The story to me however could have been stronger, but it has left in a really good spot for Season 3.  I would recommend this game and Season 1 to anyone this is the first single player game I have really got into since Alan Wake.