Legends Season 1 Episode 3 “Lord of War” Review

Possible Spoilers Legends “Lord of War” carries on from the previous episode “Chemistry” where it has become common knowledge that the innocent Chemistry teacher was actually a chemical weapons developer for a Russian gang in a previous life.  It has also come to light that they are planning to sell it or at least develop […]

Legends Season 1 Episode 2 “Chemistry” Review

This episode of Legends Chemistry see’s a seemingly innocent family get pulled over by the police for a driving offence to the confusion of the Father because he didn’t know what he had done wrong.  It turns out that he is wanted by the Russian Mafia in order to make an illegal chemical weapon in the […]

Legends Season 1 Episode 1 “The Pilot” Review

Possible Spoilers Legends is a TV Show that is based around an FBI agent called Martin Odum played by Sean Bean, that is made by the creators of 24 and Homeland.  So right off the bat you would be right in assuming that this has a recipe for success even if Sean Beans characters in […]