Wanting to be a Higher Rank in League

If you play ranked, you want to get higher than you are.  I am the same but stuck down in the Bronze Leagues.  However when I got really annoyed with the game the constant personal attacks when something doesn’t go right, the losing streak I stopped and thought about it, the main question is does the game change if I get to gold or higher?

The answer I came to was no in general, because unlike other games you don’t unlock something better or new content its the same thing.  The only thing that is different is the skill of other players, and in general they are less toxic than the lower leagues but that is due to the fact they aren’t as frustrate about where they are.  I think that is where all the toxicity comes from is people feeling like they need to climb.  Take a deep breath guys, because while in this moment of clarity I realised the game isn’t going to be any different if I was Challenger because I won’t unlock anything special other than bragging rights.

This is what confuses me and what I have found out the less up tight I am about winning and climbing which I still want to do but not really worrying if I lose I have actually won more.  Winning and losing does matter don’t get me wrong that is what keeps us playing League but I guess but it highlights why you shouldn’t vent too much when things go wrong.  And just forget about that lose.

Giving up Ranked

This is something that I am considering because lately due to the game list that I want to do I haven’t been getting the practise I need to constantly produce performances on summoners rift. That being said I want to play a game and not worry too much about the result.

At the start of this season that was going to be the attitude I was going to take anyway but I have found I have been caring about my performance because I want to get out of bronze. The problem with this is I am putting pressure on myself and finding that I am playing more and more toxic players so I am no longer enjoying the game. Not saying that Normals will not have the toxic players when the game goes wrong but once I’ve played that game that I don’t really care about I can try another with no real consequence. Not only that playing other games, you kind of see just how bad League can be with the way players can be on the rift, I say on the rift because outside the game I have found the community to be really nice. It’s just when you’re in a game that want to win consumes players and with that you see an ugly side to these people when the game starts to go the wrong way.

I know I am generalising but I just don’t want the pressure at the moment so I might just play Normal Draft as a substitute while I am working through my gaming list. Just because I feel burnt out right now as far as League of Legends is concerned, I do get the urge to play the game just half way through I start to think why?

Have you ever had some games or period of time where you need down time from the game?

Talon Vs Heimerdinger 02-02-14

Here we have me playing Talon which was advised by some people in team chat.  To be honest I haven’t played a lot of Talon and probably shouldn’t have taken him on because of this fact.

However in my urge to keep everyone happy and not to make anyone upset or agree.  I took Talon and I have to say he isn’t a counter to Heimerdinger or I played him wrong.  Why not check out how I dealt with what I considered a miss match and see whether I won.

If you have any recommendations for counters to Heimerdinger then please let me know if a comment below.  I am guessing its someone like Ziggs that can destroy turrets from range and do a high amount of burst.  Anyway hope you enjoy the video and as always feel free to comment, share and like this post if you want to see more.

League of Legends Review of the Day 03-02-14

Review of the day 03-02-14Capture1

Today has been ups and downs I actually got demoted to Bronze V again and now promoted back up to Bronze IV.  I don’t know why some games I seem to make the right choices others I just can’t quite make the right plays and get the wins.

But overall I am happy with my performances and kind of learning all the time.  The main trick is to try to keep everyone friendly which is no easy feat.  Why do everyone turn into Jackel and Hyde when the enter the fields of justice?


League of Legends Review of the Day 01-02-14

Stats for 01-02-14
Stats for Today

As you can see haven’t got many games played today and this write-up is going to be just as short because its been a busy one and I’m absolutely shattered.  Basically although its 2 wins out of 2 I am still only on 10 LP in Bronze IV because of people being indecisive with the role they are going to take.  This meaning in the last 24 hours its looked like I’ve dodged the queue and I haven’t intentionally I’ve just run out of time when picking my champion.

Also the points have seemed to drop since I’ve gone up a League of which I am going to write a whole blog post on tomorrow or next week at some point.  Anyway to all you viewers out there I wish you a good night.

League of Legends Review of the Day 31-01-14

Today's Stats
Today’s Stats

Today didn’t go quite so well on the Rift.  I walked away from League early today because I was just fed up with the flamers.

The Leona game wasn’t that bad we were just out played and I had a very passive ADC in which we didn’t synergies that well.  The Nasus game I will put down to having one person AFK, so it was always going to be an up hill battle.

The Caitlyn game was the one that broke the camels back because the players in this game were just toxic and I just felt like shouting back at them but I didn’t.  I hit the ignore button on most of my team through the game, and I know I played badly in this game but there wasn’t much I could do we were being out poked by a Jinx and Nidalee.  I had a Shen support that missed a few taunts and my PC was playing up.  I won’t use these excuses though because it was me I was playing badly but the negative responses and offensive language had a lot to do with the outcome of the game.  Although it hasn’t got to me that much as in I have the power to say oh well not going to talk to them again and not let it get to me on a personal level.  It did make me angry in-game and just not want to work as part of the team.   So the team did lose out in the end in some respects because my heart just wasn’t in it.

This does bring me back to the point made in this article do we value Solo Queue too much.  Those guys were so dead set on winning that they forgot to be friendly and make people want to play better positive is always going to be better than negative.

Anyway as always feel free to comment share and like.  If you have any stories of flamers or negative and positive experiences in the game let me know

League of Legends Review of the Day 30-01-14


Today has been awesome and normally I have a run down on all the games along with the thoughts of the day and picture to show you a

ll my games but not today.  This was all that mattered I was promoted to Bronze IV which to most wont be a big deal bu

t to me its huge.  The reason for this is in Season 3 I got placed in Silver V and I never moved, never had to play a promotional or anything and although this is still a lower league than season 3 but I am showing that I can carry some games.

Don’t get me wrong there is still room for improvement but I am really pleased with my progress.  I have to admit I did this about mid afternoon, and I haven’t played since so can’t really tell you whether there is an improvement in player by going up a league but I would hope there was.

Any way going to call this now short and sweet because I’ve got to work out why one of my domains aren’t working.

League of Legends Review 29-01-14

League of Legends 29-01-14League of Legends Review 29-01-14What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday seemed to go all kinds of wrong and today ok not the best of games in some of them but overall it was very positive.

The main thing to come out of today was I was able to pick up Gragas jungle.  I was quite surprised he was going to be my one quick game of ranked for the day and then I was going to move away after yesterday because I felt I needed the break but I am glad I didn’t.  I have to say though I didn’t just play ranked because a mate wanted to do the challenges to try to get the summoner’s icons.  (Although I didn’t see the objectives and I haven’t seen my icons yet),  Never the less I really enjoyed it and actually set me up well for one I went back to ranked.  It was just good to be playing on a team where you had some sort of voice communication not just a random stranger and relying on typing chat and smart pings.

I even had the confidence to play ADC one of the games after yesterday, which I even picked up an ADC I have never really played in Twitch.  He does seem a lot different to other AD Carries purely on the basis it is damage over time as opposed to straight up damage, in some respects.

Overall a really positive experience today which is always gratefully received especially after a night of insomnia.

Knowing when its time to quit

Todays Stats
Todays Stats

After today I have given up playing League for the day.  This is something that any League has to identify because you just go on tilt and get even more angry with your team mates, which makes the game less enjoyable for you and others.

Today there is no excuses for me I just played badly, as you can see I played a lot of ADC and for me its one of the most difficult roles because you need to have someone there to protect you for the most part and I am seeing increasingly down in Bronze they are not worried about anything other than focusing.  Which means I am finding myself with a support that has dived on the enemy ADC however left me with a Volibear or who ever is supporting the enemy ADC bearing down on me.

Now I know we need focus but come on if your ADC is getting hammered do something about it, distract the support or something.  That is my way of thinking playing support yes focus but make sure the ADC is safe.  Now that the rant is over, I will hold my hands up and say its my own responsibility to try to keep myself safe but I did that in one game and got flamed at for it so I think it’s a balancing act.

As you can tell I am not in any state of mind to play and that is why I am stopping how long would you wait to stop playing?