Legends Season 1 Episode 2 “Chemistry” Review

This episode of Legends Chemistry see’s a seemingly innocent family get pulled over by the police for a driving offence to the confusion of the Father because he didn’t know what he had done wrong.  It turns out that he is wanted by the Russian Mafia in order to make an illegal chemical weapon in the U.S.

The Team getting breifed on who the Chemistry Teacher really is

Possible Spoilers 

In Episode 1 Martin Odum was having a crisis of identity after coming back from an undercover operation for the FBI.  Odum seemingly struggles with his identity and the ability to stay out of character when he is introduced back to his life.  He had spent 6 months undercover completely cut off from the rest of the world that he knew and as he was adjusting back to normal life he noticed he had a stalker.  Someone that seemingly has mental issues and can see how he might be struggling but doesn’t want to admit it to anyone and just wants to carry on working has a colleague Bobby look into the identity of his stalker who does but dies all of a sudden.  Odum also has his identity furthermore questioned based on the fact this stalker had arranged to meet him at a train station but before Odum can get to him he is stabbed, not before convincing Odum that what he believes his real identity Martin Odum might, in fact, be a legend.  This carried on Chemistry right from the beginning as Martin is getting evaluated and seemingly dodging the questions, which causes more tension between him and Crystal.

Stand off between Martin Odum and Tony Rice

This episode seems to slow down from the pace of the previous one and felt a little pulled in too many directions.  Bobby and this stranger’s death though mentioned and caused some issues with other departments seemed to be brushed over and the main plot for the episode took centre stage, not that there is anything wrong with that as other shows like Castle do this really well take a separate subject but keep underlying issues just niggling away at the viewer however in this case it just felt like it could do with a little more attention.  The plot, however, does now become a war on two fronts because inadvertently Odum while enquiring about the homeless guy that had been stalking him has triggered the suspicions of a Detective by the name of Tony Rice who now has him under surveillance.

A solid performance once again by all the main cast but the casting this episode has to come into question Yuri played by Alon Aboutboul, being the major villain this episode didn’t seem to have that menacing aura that is expected from a villain or Russian Mafia type.  The actions and story of how it all has unfolded had that, but his personal presence didn’t instill that fear or coldness a viewer has come to expect.

The Verdict

Chemistry is another solid episode of Legends but sometimes felt as if they have left too many questions open while starting something new.  This adds intrigue but when certain points of the story feel like the deserve more attention it just feels a little lacking. They did also slow the pace down, but that didn’t really deteriorate from the episode due to the fact there were well-placed action scenes.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 “The Man Who Saved Central City” Review

Possible Spoilers

The Flash is the a show that is based on a DC Comic, where there is an explosion that affects a small number of people in Cental City and makes them what is called meta humans.  These metahumans all have special powers and it would seem that two people out them all are using their powers for good Barry Allen (The Flash) and Ronnie.

The Man Who Saved Central City starts with some sort of flashback or daydream of Barry Allen’s where he is taking out some of the well-known criminals from Season one, and it paints a picture of a successful and positive ending to the cliffhanger that was left from Season 1.  This, however, starts to become apparent to the viewer this wasn’t the case and what we saw happen at the end of the last season was actually only half the battle.  It turns out that in order to close the SIngualrity (Black Hole) above Central City Ronnie had to Flame On and help The Flash to close it, and unfortunately in doing so Barry was unable to bring him back with him, in order to use his powers Ronnie has to merge with Dr. Stien and in the event however Barry was able to bring back Dr. Stien. The goes through the emotions and effects it would have on the characters and, for the most part, they are done well.  Caitlin has moved away from star labs into the Rival Labs and Cisco is now working with Joe in the Police Department.  No surprise though Barry although still working as the investigator he has isolated himself off feeling guilty about the outcome of the events.

The Flash Squaring of with The Attom Smasher

While Central City wants to give Barry or The Flash the Key to the city as a reward for saving the City there another Atom-Smasher.  As Barry quickly learns he can’t do it alone and after some soul searching he quickly relents and accepts help to defeat this metahuman, after some gentle persuasion.  Although everyone’s reaction to losing Ronnie was well thought out this is where the episode slides a little when Barry finally decides he needs help he goes to Caitlin, and she is very forgiving.  It turns out she was blaming herself and the conversation they have been good, but it could have been so much more, she had the most to be angry about but it just wasn’t shown and kind of skipped over.  The other big thing to note is that Dr. Wells leaves Star Labs to Barry, but only if you watches something.  This video has something that could help Barry with something that has driven him throughout the previous season.  As always the next threat to Central City is made at the end of the episode with very little knowledge to go with it.

The Verdict

The Man Who Saved Central City is a strong start to the new season with a solid performance by the main cast, who have really grown into their roles.  Though it does let itself down not having Caitlin being so passive to the loss of Ronnie.  However, it was well paced with enough action and intrigue to have the viewer on the sofa for next week’s episode.

Legends Season 1 Episode 1 “The Pilot” Review

Possible Spoilers

Legends is a TV Show that is based around an FBI agent called Martin Odum played by Sean Bean, that is made by the creators of 24 and Homeland.  So right off the bat you would be right in assuming that this has a recipe for success even if Sean Beans characters in other roles have been short lived and met gruesome ends.

This episode of Legends the viewer gets a fast paced introduction to the main characters and the setting that the show is set.  Martin Odum is undercover from the very beginning as his operation is actually disturbed by an ATF sting and he is sent back to his agency where he is given a debriefing and for some reason a psych from some of the comments that are made in the dialogue.  This brings into question whether he is in a fit state to work and shows that he has problems of his own and that although these problems would make him a liability they also make him extremely good at his job.  He is able to take on other identities and be very convincing because its almost as if he can take on a split personality and believe he is that person.  The cover now blown they do find a way back in but at the cost of someone that is close to Odum eventually.  The other big thing for Martin this episode is that now out of cover he is getting followed by someone with a hidden message for him, that may just bring another set of questions for the character to ask.

Standoff between Martin Odum and a criminal

Sean Bean in this episode of Legends was awesome showing just versatile he is, although he is in a show that has quite a bit of action.  He seems to have captured the character really well, the way in which he hid his broad accent while undercover and actually did a really good Amercian accent.  Luckily enough for him he doesn’t have to keep it up all the way through the episode as there is a back story where you find out he spent time abroad.  The way in which he portrayed someone with possible mental illness was also very well done.  It has left the viewer asking the question is this guy ill or is he just good at his job which seems to be what the plot was going for.  Ali Larter is the other big character in the story in this episode Crystal McGuire and the chemistry between her and Sean worked really well.

Overall this episode gets 10/10 especially for an opening episode because the acting and chemistry was really good and the plot was really well thought out.  As it had the right balance of action and drama.  Leaving the viewer with so many unanswered questions yet having the pace or tone of the episode fast enough that the viewer gets the feeling that they will get the answers and in a timely fashion.

Hit & Miss TV Review

Hit & Miss is Sky Drama production about a Transexual Hitman.  Mia born Ryan seeming to have landed into a high-paying profession in order to pay for her operation as she is pre-op.  Where the story gets even more interesting, she gets a request to become a guardian for a family that has just lost their Mum.  Mia turns up and has to announce that she is one of the boys father while looking female.

Mia being a Hitam or contract killer people would expect her to be able dis-attach her feelings to hit the objective and for the most part she does.  The problem is all that confidence doesn’t seem to relate to her personal life and although you have Mia doing quite a strong profession she does seem quite insecure about her appearance and sexuality.  Which the viewer gets a good idea of the issues this conflicted character has as the series progresses.  This was achieved by some really good acting and, to be honest, a well-written story.  This was due to the well-timed family moments against Mia getting pulled back into the world because instead of saving for her operation now has to provide for a family.

Character development through this series is a common quality that most characters have because the viewer gets to see how Mia’s influence affects the family of which she has acquired.  There was quite a few issues that have been addressed in just 6 episodes and added such a different depth to the characters, that is so rarely seen in recent TV shows (for the most part because the TV producers expect the show to run for a few seasons).  As a viewer because the show seems quite fast paced the viewer might have trouble identifying how many issues are brought up in a subtle way.  As while writing the review more and more issues come to mind.


The acting was very well done in quite a grim environment for you felt all the issues that every character had. The major problem was John played by Vincent Regan wasn’t menacing enough as one of the major villains in the story although he did have a dominating aura he didn’t have that little bit extra the character could have had.

The Story

The story is solid and gives the characters free roam in some respects but with quite a few unanswered questions, the viewer doesn’t get enough answers in my opinion.

Hit & Miss deserves a mention and although covering a vast of subjects in life, gets a 4/10 because although it was really well put together and kept the viewer wanting to watch one more episode, the problem comes with the ending.  It did feel like it was left open and could have gone further, in some respects perhaps to the writers expected it to.

Zoo Halfway Through Review

Zoo is the latest TV Show that has really caught my eye, as you know I am watching Ballers at the moment but if I am honest that is more to do with who is starring in it rather than the show catching my interest so far.  Zoo, however, is one of those that was featured by Now TV and I thought why not give it ago and after the first episode it kept my interest.  One of the main reasons although fictional a few days before I had watched a documentary where they were saying that Big Cats were starting to lose their fear of humans because of a virus.

Zoo taps into this theory as the whole plot is based on animals becoming infected with a disease and they animals become aware that they are stronger than humans and that they should fight back.  What makes the show so intriguing is because it highlights what makes us different to animals but also makes you realise that you are not the top predator, not really what makes us top of the food chain is our ability to use technology and develop it.  This show is showing what would happen if the animals of this world didn’t have the fear of us and turned against us.  Something also made me think while watching the series so far, they haven’t touched upon the animals that you’d expect to be turning against humans yet in a fictional work.  At the moment, it has been narrowed down to Mammals, whereas I would have thought they would mention reptiles.

The story for me is really well done I think although you kind of know where each episode is going to go there is another twist or turn the story seems to go.  The acting for me is top notch they really have got the balance right in the characters which always helps it and I think this is going to be a stand out show for me this season for want of a better word.  I would highly recommend that you check this show out as if not only from the philosophical view of power and evolution, but it is also an investigation and chase style program so it gets 9/10 purely because it can be a little predictable and I don’t like giving 10/10.

Have you seen Zoo?  Let me know what you think in a comment below.

Ballers Initial Impressions

Ballers is the new series from Sky Atlantic and HBO starring The Rock Dwayne Johnson.  It centres itself around American’s main sport, American Football and the NFL.  Where The Rock plays some sort of agent that handles finances or tries to and from what I can gather is an ex-player himself.

The shows format is quite refreshing only being half an hour.  I don’t know why though at the moment the series just isn’t holding my intention which is really annoying because I do think that the show has potential and I do want it to be one of those shows that I watch, if not because it has The Rock in but because I think it has huge comedy potential.

The acting and characters are well put together I think and the characters specifically I have potential as they have explored some of the ins and outs of being a player in the NFL.  The main area that they have covered so far in the first two episodes that it is difficult to keep hold of your money as a player.  How true this is I don’t know and although I believe this show is built on comedy it will be quite interesting to see how many issues that it brings up about being in the sport.

Ballers for me is a show that I am going to watch with intrigue and probably see it all the way through.  However after the first two episodes I couldn’t say that there is anything that stands out for me really to recommend it as a must watch.  This series though might be a semi-regular appearance on the blog as it develops.  It in a nutshell, good acting, potential in the storyline just hasn’t shined yet and gets a 5/10

Have you enjoyed it so far?  Or have you seen it all being from the US and does it get better?

Shark Week Collection Thoughts

Shark Week

Last Weeks collection on Now TV was shark week and if I’m honest I always find these sort of things interesting and started to make my way through some of the documentaries and it was amazing how little we seem to know about probably one of the most well-known predator in the world.  The view that we have of them being solitary animals when in actual fact that it seems certain sharks actually work together in small groups.  Due to this being a new behaviour that we haven’t seen a lot they don’t know whether the sharks just hunt in these packs or whether they actually live together.

The one bug bare that I had with a few of the documentaries is the fact they are looking for a specific shark they haven’t seen for two years, although I understand why they were looking for that specific shark but at the same time how did they know it was still alive?  The team in the one documentary ended up going to three different countries in order to track down this one Shark.  Which is great but to me that does feel like it could be a waste of time and money, but was really pleased when they did find that particular Shark.  Although the collection is now gone the documentaries are still there if you want to watch them.  I would highly recommend you go and check them out if you access to the Discovery Channel whether it’s through Sky or NOW TV.

One thing though I will say all the documentaries have in common is the fact they say the shark has no other animal in the world that can beat them as a predators and we know that, that just isn’t true because there is a pod of Orcas that pry on Great White Sharks.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 and 2 Thoughts

This is an awkward one for me to write because I just can’t stop watching this show for some reason and although I am only half way through Season 3 everything seems to be merging into one.   However I thought I would get some thoughts down in writing rather than a full review.

Starting off I would like to say that I know that I am late to the party and from the outset when I took on the TV series, I was discussing it with a friend that said it was similar to House.  I would like to say that although a respect his view I have to disagree to a certain expect.  House gave you the unknown a puzzle for most its episodes, and the emotional entanglement was second, which was what attracted me to House and kept me watching because every week you’d want to see how the characters developed but you would also have some sort of puzzle to solve.  Grey’s Anatomy however for the most part is the other way around and there isn’t really a puzzle to solve, which after the first few episodes I was wondering if it was enough.  That said however there was this bugging feeling wanting to know how characters were going to develop and deal with the situation and I am glad I stuck with it.

To me both TV Shows do an excellent job, in the way they develop the characters.  Will Grey’s Anatomy stay the course?  I don’t know because while I write this post, I have checked the NOW TV app just to find there is 10 seasons and although I seem invested in the characters the question is will it be enough without the puzzles.  I would give Grey’s Anatomy a 8/10 and that I hope it will stay the course but only time will tell.

Silence Again What is Going On?

This is what has happened again the blog seems to be very quiet and then have a load of content on it all at once, which is kind of how I work and it is a shame because for a few years I did manage to do regular content and the truth was I was probably had less time on my hands than I do now.  That all said though it is all good because I have picked up quite a lot of things that could mean producing more content, I have started playing World of Warcraft again because I was forced onto it because it being the only game available to me while I was without my main gaming PC.

World of Warcraft although fun has kind of lost its edge again it’s not really the game for me anymore, main reason is the guild I have found myself in started off nice but as things have changed I find myself not wanting to play it less and less.  I was working on my healing and for the good of a random guild which I didn’t mind but the way they are pushing the guild I don’t really want to be involved.  That said it’s not the big time sink the big time sink at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy.  Recommended by a friend and the fact all the seasons are currently on NOW TV I am burning through them at the moment.  I had planned on reviewing each season but I kind of got through the first season and had to move straight onto the second.

That isn’t the only time sink at the moment I am also playing Watch_Dogs and I am slowly working my way through the game for a review, so there is where I am at so watch this space, we will just have to see where I can get the content flow once more.

A Week Completely in the Chrome Environment

After having the PSU go in my gaming computer I have been limited to my Chromebook and Chromecast and if I am completely honest if I wasn’t any sort of gamer I would have been quite happy.  The problem came on the days off that I have, I wanted to do something and although it pains me to say it I ended up playing World of Warcraft again due to it being the only game in the house on another machine.

The drawbacks of not having a Windows Machine for me wasn’t that great I would have been quite happy in a Chromebook a few years back when I wasn’t really gaming a lot, when I frequented forums and just generally doing things online more than gaming.  So what has this week really taught me, was I could live with a Chromebook, Chromecast and an Android because of the lack of SIlverlight I need to send NOW TV to my Chromecast through my phone not the Chromebook.  So would I now recommend people invest in the generally low-budget computing power of Chromebooks and Chromecast?  It is still on the fence if I am honest just because I think I could live in this world doesn’t mean others can, but the one question I would ask them, is that does everything you do need an internet connection?  If the answers yes then I think people could adapt to the Chrome way of doing things.

Whether it’s the right way is another discussion do you want Google with all the power?  This article seems to be asking more questions than its answering for me Google having all the power isn’t a great thing because I don’t really produce many documents, spreadsheet or presentations so the data is kind of kept to a minimum but with that said, even if I did I like the way it’s not stored locally because I forget back files up and I dread to admit it but I would hate think how many files I’ve lost over the years.  For this reason I find it quite useful using Google Docs, because the few files that I put up there in University are about the only ones that I’ve still got.  I really wish I’d been more into the Google mentality sooner.

Have you had to live in the Chrome world if so how did you get on?