Captain America: The First Avenger Review

World War 2 propaganda and mockery eat your heart out.  While that kind of sums up this movie in one sentence in some respects, that being said don’t write it off just yet.  Now I must admit I am not the type of person that reads comic books so when I see these movies I […]

Transformers Dark Side of the Moon Review

The latest in the Transformers movie series and I have to say if you liked the first two you will not be disappointed with this one.  It is a typical Michael Bay movie with great special effects although I must admit I didn’t see the 3D version.  The problem I had with the movie I […]

Injunction on BT to block sites with Pirated Content

While doing my daily look around the web I stumbled on an article that said that the movie industry wanted to put an injunction on BT the biggest internet provider in the UK to block sites that has Pirated Content on them.  Now we all know that this brings open a can of worms. For […]