Joy Movie Review

Joy is a 2015 movie that has recently hit Netflix in the UK.  Joy is a biographical comedy that was directed by David O. Russell with Jennifer Lawrence starring in the lead role as Joy.  Didn’t know what to expect from this movie and although well acted from multiple members of the cast the movie’s pace just didn’t seem right.

Joy after doing some research was loosely based on self-made millionaire and  Joy Mangano and although the movie does have an air of being based on a true story the lack of setting the scene and details in some respects, were missing mainly the years that things happened.  That being said it was well structured for a fictional story because it was set out from Joy’s childhood and well explained, but that inability to understand what era this all took place in for a biographical picture just wasn’t great.

While being a very slow paced the desperation wasn’t quite there.  It felt as if she was going to win all the way through because all the hurdles she faced, there was no hardship for.  There was obviously huge hurdles in the story but as soon as Joy faced them, there was a near enough instant solution and with the pace of the movie, there could have been more of a build-up giving time to understand how dire the situation is for Joy.

Overall Joy is a movie that can be recommended if you like Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper because they owned their roles but expect quite a slow and erratic at times plot line.  Joy, however, will also appeal to anyone that believes in The Big American Dream.

Joy at best gets 5/10 for me because although great performances and based on a true story, just feel it could have been better paced and a bit more detail put into the story.  Giving the audience time to really appreciate the struggles the character was going through especially once she had gone into business.

How did you find Joy?

Man From U.N.C.L.E. Review

It’s been a while that I’ve gone into a movie not knowing what to expect however this was a bit weird for me.  The hype around it was it was a James Bond type movie, and to be honest I can see the connection but I wouldn’t describe it as such because there is something that I can’t quite put my finger on that makes it completely difference, but don’t panic because it is a still a spy movie.

One of the major things that stood out for me in this movie which was surprising was the comedy.  Having seen Henry Cavill in Superman I wouldn’t have put him down as a comedy actor but he really did pull this role off albeit a really bad American accent he made the role his.  That would probably be my only complaint I had with his performance or casting in the role, was his accent, it just didn’t sound right to me.  He would have been better being on the British side if you was going by accent.

The storyline/plot was really well done as well because you thought you knew what was happening and then all of a sudden there was a twist and the story would go off in another direction.  You never quite knew who was going to live or die. The action scenes were also done really well because in combat, they shot it in such away in a few scenes you never knew who was actually getting hit and who was going to save the encounter.

Overall this was a fun and fully enjoyable movie the acting was well done albeit accents being struggled with, along with well shot action scenes and some well placed comedy scenes I would have to say this movie has something for everyone and give it a very solid 8/10.  Enjoyable but not blockbuster for me.

If you anything to add to this review or disagree with anything said then feel free to comment below.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Movie Review

It’s been a while since I have seen a Mission Impossible movie and to be honest they were starting to run a bit dry for me I liked the premise behind them but I don’t know they got over used.  This one though was one I was looking forward to due to the fact it had Simon Pegg in it as I thought he could bring something different into the franchise the question is did he?

Right from the get go though you could see that this was now going to be similar to the other previous movies because the IMF was under attack and they needed to go double agent in order to save the world again.  This was actually really well done though in my opinion because I was sat watching the movie not sure whether the IMF was going survive as an organisation let alone Ethan Hunt.  Unlike similar movies lately I thought the use of gadgets and technology was really well done because they didn’t go over kill and they focused more on the skills of the agent rather than their reliance on tech to get them to their end game.

I thought that the action was really well done with the right amount of drama and suspense building.  Simon Pegg did offer something different to the movie, the comedy was well placed and was all centred around him which was really good because I don’t know I don’t really see Tom Cruise in a more comedic role.  Simon Pegg’s performance wasn’t the only good performance, there was other characters that were stand out and you didn’t quite know which side they were on not wanting to name names because of spoilers.

Overall I would give this movie a 7/10 there wasn’t enough in the movie to give it a lot more than that, along with I wouldn’t say it was a must see but it is one that if you’re at a loose end and enjoyed the previous Mission Impossible movies than this is definitely worth a watch.

The Avengers – Age of Ultron Review

The Avenger Series has always been highly anticipated amongst the superhero and comic book fans alike because it brings together the most popular characters of the Marvel Franchise and let’s be honest The Avenger Assemble didn’t disappoint so why would Age of Ultron?

The Avengers Age of Ultron Poster

There will be spoilers ahead.

The movie starts with the Avengers all coming together and to fight a creation of their own, due to the fact they stumble upon another form of Artificial Intelligence other than Jarvis you see the greedy in certain people, mainly Tony Stark who convinces Bruce Banner that this A.I. would be the best thing for earth. Bruce and Tony end up going to a party to celebrate after the success of recovering such an artifact leaving Jarvis to carry on the work. As the party gets to the stage where people try to pick up Thor’s hammer and seemingly all good, Iron Man’s army comes up and turns on them as the A.I. that was found was stronger than Jarvis or so it seems, and has resulted it being about to morph itself into the Iron Army.

The new entity is after world peace, the same as what The Avengers are after and it is considered the end game, which is why Stark pushed so hard to use the new A.I. but in order to get World Peace or even Universal Peace it saw The Avengers a threat to that, which in turn meant that it’s main goal was to destroy them.  It enlisted the help of two new characters that have special powers, a brother and sister which if I am honest I think they came as a package and the real power was the sister.  The Scarlet Witch had telekinesis powers and the A.I. had the sense that just destroying and defeating The Avengers wouldn’t be enough because the public would see them as martyrs and cause an uprising not actually adopting the new A.I. as the new protective power to keep peace.

Tony Stark Contemplating the Damage that he may of caused

It was interesting to watch as they were played off against each other, and even though they knew what what the enemy was trying to achieve they still took Bruce Banner with them even though he is part of the team you have got wonder where the sense in that was, as someone who can’t actually control their powers and it is being driven by anger there was a self destruct button there with a huge warning sign.

The Scarlet Witch looks angry

Overall I would say that as with all sequels it just wasn’t quite as good as the original of its generation, but I would say it’s still a must watch because it explored the individuals personalities more with some awesome action scenes and left you wondering what was next for The Avengers. Mainly due to the fact that there is now a new class but you got the feeling although done and a fitting end to some of the old class that they could just come back at any point in time. This movie had some great comedic points along with that everlasting question of what is going to happen next. When asked what I’d give this movie I originally said 8/10 but I think on reflection it will make it up to 9/10. If we don’t see some of the original class again well done on an amazing run.


Robocop 2014 Movie Review

I have to admit I haven’t seen the original Robocop to the amazement of friends, and when I say I haven’t seen it I’ve seen bits of it just not been able to watch the whole movie all the way through.  Never fear though its on my Netflix to watch list, and I will get around to it.

However back to the movie in hand I have to say I really enjoyed this movie.  I thought that it was really well done, it gave you the plot and action.  It also dealt with some interesting topics because of the developments in robotics in reason years, I would go more into this but I don’t want to give too many spoilers away.  The acting was ok, bordering on good.  As I said in the beginning of this post I don’t have the original to compare it to, to say whether it did it justice.

Overall I would give this movie 7/10 I really enjoyed it and would recommend going to see it and although there isn’t any negatives in the post I don’t feel that it deserves much more than that.  I guess it was some sort of feel good movie and just showed that you can stick the middle finger up to the system.

Lone Survivor Move Review

FIrst and foremost I have to say this isn’t my type of movie, when seeing what this movie was I wasn’t really looking forward to it because of Act of Valor.  Although it was a good movie and was made by the soldiers involved or something like that I really didn’t enjoy it that much.

This movie is a graphic depiction of the war in Afghanistan I have admit I thought it was going to be high in propaganda but in all honesty there was very little of that.  It doesn’t glamorize war and try to make it look like we are doing the right thing by going to war as much as most war movies based on real events.  It shows it for what it is not wanting to give too much away, my stance on this war was that it is time that we pulled out of it.  After seeing this movie, my answer would be the same but I did see the war from a different light and now maybe understand the reasoning behind being there.  Yes that is kind of propaganda but I honestly feel it showed the worst and the best bit of human nature all in this one story and movie.

Have you seen this movie?  If so let me know what you think.

The acting was good along with the cinematic’s, I feel that this movie really did do the story justice and bring home just the strains and accomplishment that can be done by surviving your country.  Although the costs might not be worth it for some, this movie really did have me thinking about the whole situation we find ourselves in, as a country the (U.K.) even though it was based on Navy Seals.

Would I recommend going to see this movie? Yes but I wouldn’t give it full marks I would probably give it a 7/10 because I enjoyed it, and can’t really think of anything negative about it.  I just don’t think it deserves anymore than that for me, although it could have been all the extra added sound effects when there was painful scenes that ruined it a little.

Wolf of Wall Street Movie Review

I was in two minds about this movie when watching the trailer because it seemed interesting but I was sure whether it was going to be my type of movie. However I have to say this movie is a must see, it had me laughing out loud at the cinema multiple times. Anyone that knows me will know that there is very few things that make me laugh out loud when watching a movie or TV Show.

The acting was good and the storyline was also well told as it was based on a real person I felt that it kept fresh. I think this was one of the reasons I thought it wasn’t going to be for me because it was a true story I was thinking that it would be more of a drama than it was. I felt it was also a movie that gave you mixed messages, there was a positive from the story in the fact that it proves that you can do anything you want in life as long as you work hard for it. However the negative side to this without giving too much away, the main character Jordan Belfort let the job consume him along with the lifestyle that wasn’t necessarily legal so it had consequences.

So what would I say overall about this movie? Don’t judge it completely by the trailer and definitely give it a chance. The reason for this is I feel this movie does actually have something for everyone. I would give this movie 9/10 and as there isn’t a lot in the cinema yet, I would recommend you go check it out.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review

Now I would just like to make this point before I started this review I have never seen the Planet of the Apes.  Although it some respects when you look around at movies it is probably one I should have seen but I haven’t.  Anyway back to the movie in hand, you have a scientist trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and it experimenting on chimps.  When he realises he has made a break through wants to show his boss and investors that they drug shows drastic signs of improving their ability to think and increase intelligence.

However when it comes to the meeting they try to get the Chimp that is showing the best improvement out and it reacts in an aggressive manner attacking, people and the experiment is shut down with the apes being put down.  When it comes to looking into the apes catch that went off on one they find a baby and none of them have the heart to put it down so the scientist takes him home and that is where the story basically kicks in.

Overall I found that this movie was really quite good, and the acting for the most part really good.  Tom Felton was in this movie who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter although it was a good performance by him he was playing a very similar role as he did as Draco and when I saw that he was in the movie I was kind of hoping that the young actor would show us something different.

In conclusion I would say this was a good movie, I am not sure that it lived up to the hype surrounding it however I would give it a respectable 7/10 because I did enjoy it.


The Inbetweeners Movie Review

Going into this movie I was a little concerned about what happened with The Simpsons Movie.  Which was good however you just felt that they run out of material and forced the upgrade from a TV Series to a Movie.  That being said however you will not be disappointed you kind of felt that it dragged its heels a bit in places just to pad itself out.  Not that it really damaged the movie.

While watching this movie, it will take you through a journey as you see the transition between relationship changes and realising what the priorities in life are, with that in mind though it brings laughter after laughter and you can’t say a bad word about the acting and material, because it had me in stitches multiple times.

In conclusion this is one of the best movies I have seen this year and ok it’s not serious but its a great extension on the series the more worrying bit for me is that it does seem a fitting ending to the show.  So if they do end the TV Show now its a fitting end.  I will give this an 8/10 I really enjoyed the movie and would say its a must see but I don’t think this could be to everyone’s taste.