Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is as Lex Luther said “Two Gladiators going to war” or words to that effect. The concerns of seeing everything in trailers with just the sheer volume of them that had come out was a concern however the movie did not disappoint.

Batman and Superman staring off

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with all the hype had a lot to live up to and the bar had been set quite high with some good superhero movies and shows on the small screen as well in the last couple of years. The problem is these are two highly iconic characters and working out how and when they come together and face off against each other is difficult. The major problem with the movie is the feeling of being disjointed, early on into the movie it swaps back forth from Superman (Henry Cavil) and Batman (Ben Affleck) but it does not seem to follow any coherency. Batman flashbacks go back to his parents dying and Superman’s seems to be the current rather than the past. The way that the two characters struggle with what is right and wrong though well thought out. The question though is do we really need to see Bruce Wayne’s parent story again?

The action scenes, however, are out of this world, the combination of well placed and stirring music to go along with the amazing CGI really pulled this movie together. The soundtrack has to be one of the best that has been put together in a long time as it captured every moment amplify the intensity of the action or the sadness that are felt by people at hard times. Henry Cavil has really grown into the Superman role but Ben Affleck as Batman took it to another level, getting the balance of Bruce Wayne and Batman just right. Lex Luther played by Jesse Eisenberg was another standout performance, he seems to excel in eccentric characters that have a chip on their shoulder like his depiction of Mark Zuckerberg in the social network.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice should be to see these two heroes fight each other but there was something of interest coming out of the supporting characters in the fact that the other villains that come out are Superman’s. This was interesting because although the movie did not need it, with Batman’s enemies being even more iconic is some respects would have been a good just to even up the negatives for each character.

The Verdict

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a good movie but having had some of the shock moments spoiled by trailers such as the introduction of Wonder Woman and the reference to other DC comic heroes detracted away from the shock factor. The problem DC has is this movie is a step towards the justice league to mimic what Marvel has done with The Avengers but the franchise just isn’t there yet. The cinematic was the standout point with the acting being just on par, but at the same time this movie just didn’t seem to live up to what people expected of it, possibly down to the amount of the movie that was released in trailers, nevertheless this is still a must watch.

Ant-Man Movie Review

A brand new character coming out of the Marvel Universe to the big the screen, makes me nervous because Marvel in recent years have done so well with their movies you just know at some point they will slip up.  Not saying they haven’t but by in large the recent batch of movies have been a huge success.

Ant-Man was a character that I knew nothing about, which is no surprise to you guys that follow this blog as in some respects I lead a very sheltered life, but that was also a good thing because other than seeing the trailer it gave me a fresh view on the movie instead of being influenced by external factors.  I have to admit that the balance was there in this movie they had the right amount of drama and action, it was some where on par with Guardians of the Galaxy as it was slightly slower paced for me than the Iron Man and Avenger Movies. There was also a nice tie into The Avengers so it will be interesting to see if/when Ant-Man will be part of The Avengers team.

The acting in this movie for me was really good, it was strange seeing Michael Douglas in a Marvel movie but he did an awesome job, and played the part really well.  After talking about Batman and DC over the last couple of weeks due to my game of choice I did find the villain really quite interesting in the movie due to the fact that with most Marvel Villains he wasn’t conflicted at all unlike DC villains, that said though I noticed that the Heroes in this movie were a little more conflicted.

Overall i would highly recommend this movie, which is no surprise and I would give this movie a 8/10 it was good and worth watching but it just didn’t have that final blockbuster feeling like other Marvel Movies have.

The Avengers – Age of Ultron Review

The Avenger Series has always been highly anticipated amongst the superhero and comic book fans alike because it brings together the most popular characters of the Marvel Franchise and let’s be honest The Avenger Assemble didn’t disappoint so why would Age of Ultron?

The Avengers Age of Ultron Poster

There will be spoilers ahead.

The movie starts with the Avengers all coming together and to fight a creation of their own, due to the fact they stumble upon another form of Artificial Intelligence other than Jarvis you see the greedy in certain people, mainly Tony Stark who convinces Bruce Banner that this A.I. would be the best thing for earth. Bruce and Tony end up going to a party to celebrate after the success of recovering such an artifact leaving Jarvis to carry on the work. As the party gets to the stage where people try to pick up Thor’s hammer and seemingly all good, Iron Man’s army comes up and turns on them as the A.I. that was found was stronger than Jarvis or so it seems, and has resulted it being about to morph itself into the Iron Army.

The new entity is after world peace, the same as what The Avengers are after and it is considered the end game, which is why Stark pushed so hard to use the new A.I. but in order to get World Peace or even Universal Peace it saw The Avengers a threat to that, which in turn meant that it’s main goal was to destroy them.  It enlisted the help of two new characters that have special powers, a brother and sister which if I am honest I think they came as a package and the real power was the sister.  The Scarlet Witch had telekinesis powers and the A.I. had the sense that just destroying and defeating The Avengers wouldn’t be enough because the public would see them as martyrs and cause an uprising not actually adopting the new A.I. as the new protective power to keep peace.

Tony Stark Contemplating the Damage that he may of caused

It was interesting to watch as they were played off against each other, and even though they knew what what the enemy was trying to achieve they still took Bruce Banner with them even though he is part of the team you have got wonder where the sense in that was, as someone who can’t actually control their powers and it is being driven by anger there was a self destruct button there with a huge warning sign.

The Scarlet Witch looks angry

Overall I would say that as with all sequels it just wasn’t quite as good as the original of its generation, but I would say it’s still a must watch because it explored the individuals personalities more with some awesome action scenes and left you wondering what was next for The Avengers. Mainly due to the fact that there is now a new class but you got the feeling although done and a fitting end to some of the old class that they could just come back at any point in time. This movie had some great comedic points along with that everlasting question of what is going to happen next. When asked what I’d give this movie I originally said 8/10 but I think on reflection it will make it up to 9/10. If we don’t see some of the original class again well done on an amazing run.


Daredevil Season 1 Presented by Netflix Review

Daredevil is the latest offering from Marvel Studios and a Netflix Original production.  Daredevil is a character from the Marvel Universe that hasn’t had a huge push in recent years as he isn’t part of The Avengers one would think.  He is a blind character that uses his heightened senses in order to take on the honest residents of New York City and what adds more to the character is he is a lawyer.

There is a chance of spoilers in this review.

There has been a movie that was made using the Daredevil starring Ben Afleck but in most cases it didn’t receive the best reviews, but this TV Show just might change it around for the character.  It starts off with Matt (Daredevil) as a youngster and explaining the accident that caused him to go blind, and while the TV series moves on there are flashbacks that show the other events that lead him to want to become a good force for the city and Hell’s Kitchen.  The focus in these flashbacks are mainly to do with the relationship of his father and how for better or worse his father instilled in him that you must not give up and no matter how hard you’re hit you have to keep getting up and fighting back.

The stand out point to this TV Show was how conflicted the villain and hero was, it really added another dimension to the superhero genre I think.  While the show continued through the season you saw how both Matt and Fisk questioned themselves and where they stood, at one point Fisk the villain had the viewer realising that he thought he was doing the right thing.  The problem mainly with Fisk although at this point you saw his intentions were good, it was the way in which he was trying to achieve these goals maintained on the wrong side of the law.  Matt on the other hand, found himself with the issues that he was pushing his friends away trying to keep them safe and also the thought that he might have to kill someone in order to get justice and he was sat there wondering whether the law could actually bring someone so corrupt down.  This is an obvious one for some people, what is so bad with the hero killing the villain?  The problem was asked then though Matt up until this point hadn’t killed anyone and if he did would it change him?  It was crossing that line and he was trying to distinguish whether he was really better than Fisk and the people he was fighting against.

Daredevil Poster from Netflix

The balance of drama and action in this show was just right, it had slow times and probably wasn’t as fast as The Flash moving but I found that the drama sections that slowed up the episodes and season was well placed and added more to the story.  The drama added more dimension to the characters and allowed the viewer to show empathy for all characters even the ones that they were suppose to hate.  The action was well done and the martial arts view of the character was also really well put together but interestingly enough towards the end Matt turned to his roots of his father and showed more of a boxing style of fighting.  Would this show get a recommendation it definitely would however if you’re looking for a fast past superhero show this might not necessarily be the one for you, but Daredevil gets a very well deserved 8/10.  Interestingly enough it has been left with the possibility of continue or ending which was interesting due to the fact TV Shows turned to leave the season wide open or slammed shut depending on what their plans for it was however this one was different, it could go either way.

Feel free to comment below and share your reaction to the show.


Captain America Winter Solider Movie Review

I had high hopes for this movie, not so much for the movie itself but because of the Marvel Franchise.  I feel like we pick apart movies quite a lot especially for ones like this where it might just tie in with other movies mentioning no names but the Avengers.  However sometimes I feel that we need to take a step back and just remember it has been based on a comic and things can happen and they might not necessarily be in order.  I will not go too far into this because it will spoil the movie but it is just a point I want you to keep in mind after you see this movie because some friends were annoyed about something that they did.

As for this movie, I felt the storyline was actually really good.  Simple but well executed, it gave some real depth to the Captain America character from my point of view as I never read the comics I have only really seen him in movies.  It also saw someone take on their own destiny in the wake of having some real self-doubt issues.  There were some twists and turns along the way, with some annoying talk beside me, which kind of ruined some parts for me.  The major reason was that it was comments like “they can’t kill him/her” and your sat there thinking while it seems they just have just wait and see.  Although I am not that green between the eyes I was thinking the same thing, however it just did not need to be said.

The acting I thought was up to the normal high standard and the special effects were good, that being said though I saw the movie in 2D and did not see anything in there to say that I wanted to see it in 3D.

Overall, I would give this movie a solid 8/10 and I really enjoyed it.  It is the typical Marvel movie and I would highly recommend going to see it in 2D.  If you get chance to see it in 3D go for it but I would not say it is a movie that you will see an advantage for the extra price.