League of Legends Review of the Day 31-01-14

Today didn’t go quite so well on the Rift.  I walked away from League early today because I was just fed up with the flamers. The Leona game wasn’t that bad we were just out played and I had a very passive ADC in which we didn’t synergies that well.  The Nasus game I will […]

Can you learn anything from watching the LCS?

While watching the LCS and seeing the impact that the LCS has on the picks and bans in Solo Queue I asked myself can you learn anything from the LCS Matches?  The logical answer would be yes but not in the way you might expect. Solo Queue to me is a completely different beast when […]

Domian Outage

I know that this doesn’t apply to this blog but as it is heavily linked with my Tumblr.  I would like to apologies to my followers and audience on http://stuschronicles.co.uk for the slight outage.  I was playing around with the DNS settings for the domain and hadn’t realised that the site had been affected.  To […]

League of Legends Review of the Day 28-01-14

As you can see it was a bit of a negative start to the day but to be honest with you although some do look bad I was pleased with my performance over all.  My Xin Zhoa jungle for example I spent at least 5 minutes of that game playing support because they hadn’t connected. […]