Esports and the Future

Esports is something that none of you would be very surprised really interests me because it does show how things can evolve.  Now the older generation not wanting to stereotype anyone but they might not get this because to them a sport is not a video game it’s something that your out training for and has a physical element to it.  However to those people I want to just point out probably one of the most popular Esport at the moment League of Legends the pros play the game for 8 hours or more to get to where they are.  If people are investing that amount of time and effort into the game to improve how is it not a sport?  Doesn’t it show that it could be considered a sport like the more traditional ones?

With that rant over the real reason for posting was Rocket Leagues first final in the competitive scene of Esports and throwing its hat into the ring.  This for me is huge because I will admit though new to the Esports scene probably really getting invested into Esports Season 3 of League of Legends.  Not really knowing much about it and like the above people not considering gaming a sport until I’d seen just how competitive and effort that players had put into the game.  I know that League of Legends isn’t the first to start Esports you had Starcraft, World of Warcaft, Counter Strike and Eve (just a few games that sprung to mind could be more) putting together tournaments but League of Legends just seem to push those little tournaments that bit further.

Me scoring first Goal at Rocket League
Me scoring first Goal at Rocket League

Rocket League addition to this list however is huge for me because it’s the first game since knowing about Esports that has really been a new game and thrown its name into the hat.  Only being officially released in July of this year it has had a month and already they are holding events and producing grand finals.  Not that I will say they should take away from traditional sports but I think that it awesome that society looks like its changing and the time and dedication of gamers can actually be rewarded other than that feeling of completing a game.  If you’ve got that competitive edges Esports gives you that outlet.  Of which you can see in me with the way I keep going back to League of Legends.

League of Legends is the dominating game in the Esports scene as said but its good to see Rocket League added to that because it is bringing the tradition game into Esport world.  As it is football (soccer) based game and if i am honest although Fifa has the capacity to be an Esport I haven’t really seen much about it if it is.

How do you feel about Esports?  Which is your favorite let me know if a comment below.

For more information about Rocket League ESports go here

Rocket League Final

Season 5: Week 3 Fantasy LCS Teams

This is just a quick post to show the match ups for our league this week and to be honest with the estimates I am not looking good as both of my teams look like they are going to lose.  That said though I’m not going to write myself off just yet, due to things happening today I am late posting this and the performance of SK is putting me behind already.

Season 5: Week 3 Match 1
Season 5: Week 3 Match 1
Season 5: Week 3 Match 2
Season 5: Week 3 Match 2

Season 5: Week 2 Fantasy LCS Review

Our League Standings
Our League Standings

Well after last nights frustration post and having time to calm down this is how the League finished up after two weeks, and to be honest in the cold light of day I don’t think I am going to make huge changes to my teams.  The reason being is that after reading a few tweets on the LCS hash tag someone pointed out how close the NA LCS is and that it could either way.  For the most part I have to say I agree with this and my strategy I think for the two fantasy teams is to only make small changes and maybe spread the risk out.

Although my blind loyalty to Curse is evident here I have decided that I am going to keep the players but make a few changes, so that if the teams have a bad game I do have a back up.  So with that in mind I did drop Team Liquid and picked up CLG, through the week I think I will watch the conversations on reddit and other places to see what others are doing and their reactions to the game.  The other major decision for me is whether to drop Quas for Zion, I have to say though it is nothing personal because I really like Quas and I do have faith in him.  However if Team Liquid doesn’t perform he struggles for points even though he plays well because he has been the front line for them this season.

How has your Fantasy League been going and if you have any tips for me feel free to comment and help me out.


Week 2 of Fantasy LCS

I have to admit, as I’ve stated some where before that I have picked my teams on blind loyalty and to be honest with you it came up really big for me in the first week, so I was on a high this week not so much.

The other problem with this is because of the way out League is set up last week didn’t matter too much because I was playing myself because a mate and I wanted to do heads up not have to try to find others to play with us, so we decided to create smurfs so that we could play against each other.  Meaning that the amazing week I had was mute due to the fact I was playing myself this week I am actually playing my mates teams and it does seem that its going to 1 each but my teams are just imploding.  I don’t want to blame it on Piglet because that would be unfair but that is the only change this week, and it seems the communication could be a huge problem for Team Liquid as when they had Keith in the line up last week they did a protect the ADC composition and they won so convincingly.

The other point I want to make however the first game this week for Gravity they won with a really dominating performance but the points just didn’t match that, they scored really low.  I was really pleased for Saint Vicious though being a fan of him and Voyboy its great to see Cop there to in case you haven’t noticed I am Curse til I die fan but I am feeling really conflicted this season actually having a fantasy team.  I am writing this before the end of the LCS this week but feeling so frustrated with Team Liquids performance that I just wanted to write all this down.  I am kind of hoping by added the extra emotion to the post it could make it more interesting.  I think I might keep the players in my team for another week or so but I have dropped the team overall and picked up CLG.

My Week One Fantasy LCS teams
My Week One Fantasy LCS teams


8 Years Old and all hell is breaking loose

While next month this blog or better way of putting this domain is going to be 8 years old.  It is quite scary really I bought this in my first year of University it doesn’t seem two minutes ago I was set in that lecture room doing web design.  Just thought I would give you guys a quick update, all my master plans have kind of gone up in smoke due to the fact that I need to get myself a new power supply for my PC.

With that in mind my gaming will be going out of the window for at least 4 days which could mean that this blog could see more activity as I plan on giving my Netflix and Now TV subscriptions a hammering as I haven’t of late due to the fact that I have been hammering League of Legends to try to improve.  I finished my promotions in Bronze IV so at least I managed to stay in the league I was in and have since managed to climb up to Bronze III so things are looking up.  The other thing that I can comment on due to the fact that the only machine I will really have access to is my chromebook and chromecast is the ability to live in the Google eco-system and whether I would recommend it.  I have commented on this before but never been completely reliant on it/them because I have always had my gaming machine available to me.

Wish me luck

Part One of League of Legends Placement Season 5

While logging back onto see the stats of my blog and I noticed that my season 4 blog about placement matches and it made me think about what has changed this year.  Although I have only played two of my placement matches and can’t give you my rank this year yet I am 2 out of 2 which looking good.  However this year, I have to say it means more I want to do well not just for myself but for the platinum player that has given me some advice and a huge amount of help.

What makes this year different?  It’s because although I have been down in bronze going up and down those leagues and not moving out of the divisions, it has shown improvement from Season 3 because I didn’t move from the league that I was in.  My play-style has however changed, I have gone from maining jungle to top and now I think the role for me is support.  The development here for me shows real improvement even if it’s not through the rank system but being able to criticise my own play and identifying my main role is a huge thing because Season 3 and 4 although good I didn’t really main any role I dotted about because of the nature of solo queue not really forcing my need to play a role.  I think that is the major thing for me this season is to highlight my own game play mistakes and to try to main support just see whether that will make a difference.  Along with that the beauty of this is because in most people’s minds you can’t carry as a support and I want to prove that wrong this season.  I want to aim for at least silver this season and it will be great if I make gold.

Plan for 2015

This is going to be the year of streaming if nothing else.  Although I am still yet to get a fit enough internet, but I have been testing to see whether I can get away with streaming anything while I wait for the upgrade to be available.

The test was something like Hearthstone because its slow-moving and to be honest it went really well, so I went on to try League of Legends because that is one of my end goals and the ping wasn’t too bad.  I was amazed due to the fact that I have had ping issues without the added strain on my internet connection due to streaming.  Although my ping was higher than normal it was stable-ish but it just proves that it’s not necessarily the ping that is the issue its the spikes.  The constant up and down has caused some real issues for me and with the new season now upon us I am considering when to play and not.  That said though I don’t hold up high ups to get out Bronze this season, however I am going damn sure try.  I need to just chill and play the game to try to improve and climb the ladder lately I have been getting increasingly frustrated, with the game so much so I am starting to consider that maybe it’s not the game for me.

As for the blog I want to try and up the content because this place has been rather lackluster of late.  See you all on the other-side.

What I’ve Learnt from Day 2 and 3 of Worlds

Janna Weather Woman Skin

I have to admit I don’t really main support but this support seems to be making a huge come back/ impact in Worlds.  I have to admit I have never really played a game with her and I started to wonder why I haven’t because she does fit my play style.  Although one of my most successful support this season is Leona I wouldn’t say that is my play style.

What is my play style? I am quite passive unless I am playing a tank jungler or top lane where I like being on the front line.  However for my mages, supports and AD carries I tend to lend myself to the more passive than aggressive play styles and for me she is a really passive support.  However can still be game changing so I broke her out this morning and had one game with her.  For my sins I will admit that I used ranked for this experiment mainly due to the fact I am in Bronze V and no one wanted to play support so I thought nothing of breaking her out because I had nothing to lose.  I ended up 0-1-26 and I am very pleased with it.    Although I would like to say it was a 4-5 due to an AFK which probably had a huge impact in the game, however I know when your on a new champion you tend to feel a little awkward but if I’m honest I felt quite comfortable on her.  Will I be making it her my main support?  I’m not sure but she is definitely a support I want to put some work in on.

Have you tried any champions that you tend not to play because of Worlds?  If so who?