The Flash Season 2 Episode 7 “Gorilla Warfare” Review

Gorilla Warfare brings back Grodd and as Barry is somewhat injured from his battle with Zoom in Enter Zoom last week it’s up to the team to step up and help him overcome his demons.

Zoom had dragged Barry across Central City and shown the world how weak he is compared to Zoom, which in turn had some really bad consequences, at the end of Enter Zoom Barry was unable to feel his legs.  This was quickly addressed in Gorilla Warfare and luckily for Barry he was able to recover quite quickly from what is essentially a broken back but still was yet to use his speed.  The problem as it turns out was in Barry’s head, he couldn’t believe that he was able to save Central City this time and felt like he had let everyone down.  The truth was he hadn’t let anyone down and he just needed to see that.

Caitlin and Grodd

Meanwhile however well Barry is sat in a wheelchair at Star Labs angry that he doesn’t have his speed, Caitlin gets kidnapped by Grodd who believes he is Harrison Well’s son and has a soft spot for Caitlin, however, needs her to do something for him.  The problem is Grodd wants her to make more like him because he feels lonely and realistically Caitlin can’t and won’t make more of them because they are a danger to everyone especially if there is more of them.  Iris goes and gets another character back from the past in order to try and help Barry through this hard time.

Cisco, however, goes on a date with Kendra and gets called shot as he has a vibe which means leaves Kendra a little stunned by how enthusiastic he was about the date and then all of a sudden has to go.  Patty, on the other hand, is pushed to one side by Barry because of the fact he is a wheelchair and can’t explain why.

Barry and Iris talking as Barry Struggles with not having his speed

The Verdict

Gorilla Warfare is a good break from the threat of Zoom and quite refreshing for Barry not to have the target on his back.  Zoom is mentioned and the threat is kept in the back of your mind, but Caitlin is in trouble with Grodd and also does some very good soul searching by Barry.  Barry until now has had one shake in confidence, but it wasn’t a shake of his own confidence it was just not wanting people around this time it was a pure lack of confidence.  One thing that is a surprise is that Barry is still not telling Patty that he is The Flash.  It is something that this episode could have broken that secret, but he chose not to.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 4 “Livewire” Review

Livewire starts with a highly explosive beginning where the viewer sees Supergirl dealing with an escaped prisoner at the DEO.  When dealing with the escape she gets a call from Alex asking where she is because their mother is incoming and Alex seems nervous about the impending arrival.

Kara trying to take control of a volatile Friendsgiving

The theme of family rivalry is continued as well with the fact that Alex has always felt like she could never do anything right in her Mother’s eyes and from an outsiders point of view this is true.  The episode does a really good job of showing flashbacks where Kara and Alex are kids and when in trouble Kara seems to only get a warning whereas she starts to come down heavy on Alex.  Centred around Thanksgiving and the fact the power had gone out in the storm at KatCo. Cat calls in Kara to help her with the computer systems so she can carry on working and they also discuss the dynamic between Mother and Daughter relationships.  This does show a softer side of Cat where Kara opens up to her as well in the way that she reveals her parents died when she was young.  Is this going to build something bigger for them?  The scenes where Cat and Kara are together suggests that Cat might soon put two and two together and work out Kara is Supergirl.

Cat and Kara as Livewire visit’s KatCo

Cat and Leslie (Livewire) have an interesting dynamic it seems as if she is Cat is her mentor in a meeting before the storm where Cat warns her off Supergirl.  This prompts Leslie to be put on traffic watch and the helicopter to get into difficult where a lighting strike to Supergirl gives Leslie powers.  This is where Livewire is burn and as Leslie learns how to control her power she goes after Cat.

The Verdict

Livewire is a solid episode that seems to have fixed the problem that Fight or Flight had in the fact that yes Superman was in the catch-up, however, he wasn’t referenced at all this episode.  Livewire herself was a good villain and kept up the theme of Supergirls accidents causing trouble for her to deal with but wasn’t actually focussed on.  While the DEO did say that Livewire would have the power to kill Supergirl the feeling just wasn’t there that she could, even though she held her down.  The way in which the girls had been holding things back from their Mother and it turns out their mother knows more than they think and drops a bombshell on them at the end.  What could it mean for the girls?

The Flash Season 2 Episode 6 “Enter Zoom” Review

Enter the Zoom shows Barry and the team go a different direction and be more proactive.  The season and previous has seen The Flash being very reactive in the fact that he waits for threats and enemies to appear to then deal with them.  This time, however, he wants to do it differently and draw Zoom out.


Barry again seems to be dead set on trusting Wells and the idea of using Linda Park to draw Zoom out has Joe all up in arms.  Joe doesn’t think that Barry should trust Wells and should wait but Barry being quite headstrong this season goes along with it.  The idea is that if Dr Light saw the need to kill her doubleganger then they could use that lure Zoom to their world and deal with the threat once and for all as he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them.  Linda agrees and in order to make it convincing Cisco and Wells work together on some gloves to allow her to display the powers that Dr Light has.  As Zoom just wants her to get the centre piece of Barry’s Flash uniform, and they badly reenact the scene.

Cisco and Wells working together

Zoom does come however and comes up with a huge showdown.  The character as well holds a lot of menace and because he has been built up so much it works really well.  In other areas Patty plays a little part in the episode, however, isn’t in the forefront warning Joe about the dangers of Dr Light.  However, Joe doesn’t show her the same trust still holding back the fact he thinks she is safe in Star Labs.  Patty still yet to visit.  Cisco as well is still trying to get to grips with his powers and finds himself trying to read Wells and Wells try to stop it from happening however Cisco sees the truth.

The Verdict

Enter Zoom is a good follow on from The Darkness and the Light with the subplots moving back into the background more and the team concentrating on the threats more.  A really good performance by the team with seemingly more character development with even the darkest of characters being given hope, along with a huge cliffhanger or bombshell at the end.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 3 “Fight or Flight” Review

Fight or Flight sees’s Supergirls demons come to the forefront even though in Stronger Together she seemed to get passed them.  Kara felt like she was living in her cousin’s shadow as everyone looked at Superman as the person that would save them.  She didn’t want to be compared to him and at the end of Stronger Together the feeling that she had worked past those issues because she had worked out how she was different.

Kara and Cat discussing the interview

Reaction turning up in National City really does put a spanner in Kara’s newly found identity because he is one of Superman’s most formidable enemies.  The reason for him being there is to kill Kara, when he realises the connection between her and Superman, brought on by the interview that Kara had given Cat.  Cat seems to continue to press Kara’s buttons as well, taking the interview that she gave her as Supergirl the spin that she did not intend, however because of this Cat is shaping the development of Supergirl without even knowing she is doing it.  James and Kara seem to be getting closer and someone from James’s past comes back in to change the dynamic a little.

Reaction although not an entity that comes under DEO’s jurisdiction the adversity does hold some sort of menace to him.  The factor that some villains seem to have in ongoing TV Shows because they don’t have time to build them up, as there is a new one every week.  This was different though as the show told the back story of his involvement with Superman.

Kara, James and Lucy Lane

The Verdict

Fight or Flight is a well put together episode which brought in an adversary with a well told back story, with him bring up some major issues for Supergirl.  Although this is good, with the volume of Superman shows that have been done over the years the hope is that this now goes its own direction. The link is good but sometimes it just feels like they are relying on it too much and the show needs to stand on its own two feet at some point.  An example of this is the way The Flash, they had Arrow make guest appearances when the story needed it and The Flash lost his way, but he wasn’t a constant comparison.  The character development and action, however, is a bigger positive than the negative of the constant reminder of Superman.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 5 “The Darkness and the Light” Review

The Darkness and the Light carries on from The Fury of Firestorm in the fact it throws the viewer straight back into the storyline that Barry has seen Harrison Wells.  The problem that faces the team is do they trust Harrison Wells from Earth 2?

Iris standing up to Dr Light

The major storyline in this episode, however, is the new breach and introduction of Dr Light, while the team are trying to put together the piece and deciding whether they can trust Harrison Wells, the new introduction causes even more issues for the team.  Jay The Flash from Earth 2 tells Barry that he can reason with her because she isn’t a danger which Harrison disagrees with because she is under Zooms power, which in his mind changes her.  This has ramifications for Barry because in the first in counter with Dr Light he tries to talk to her and actually ends up blind because of it.  Which is quite ironic because Barry spends a bigger amount of time injured than he has so far in the show when fighting against someone that is not considered a huge threat.

In their personal lives, the majority of the main cast has some sort of luck.  Patty and Barry actually sort themselves out and goes on a date, which also has an interesting twist to it because of Barry’s newly found injury.  With romantic encounters appearing for others, that might not be expected.  The theme of the episode was fear, no matter what is happening to in their worlds they can’t let fear hold them back and even the person you least expects has a fear or something holding them back.

Cisco making his move

Dr Light was a more interesting adversary for Barry because up until now they have been people that were on the dark side of the line.  Criminals that were happy to step the other side of the line and kill or hurt someone, whereas she is obviously conflicted.  Dr Light is still a criminal, but she was looking for a way to get away from Zoom and not hurt anyone it seemed.

The Verdict

The Darkness and the Light is a solid episode and quite refreshing in some respects. The season is starting to make the characters more human they are showing them away from the whole save the world which is refreshing.  The major issue coming from this episode is that it’s out of sync a little with the beginning of the season because Barry was the one that didn’t want people close to him and now he seems to be the one that is bringing everyone together and even trusting Harrison.  Which seems like he could have been the wrong character to do that, that role may have been better suited to Caitlin or Cisco.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 2 “Stronger Together” Review

Stronger Together starts with a positive youthful exuberance as Kara is at a testing facility making sure that she is in control of her powers before they can let her out into the field.  After the two hours of training she rushes off to help with a fire but while she finally saves the day after a few hiccups along the way it seems her actions in trying help people are being questioned as there are always a negative to her rescues, for example, the plane still being in the water from the Pilot.

Supergirl and Alex discussion after training

As the news starts to report the antics of Supergirl it starts to really hit home that Kara might actually be letting people down.  Also, Alex shows her that she isn’t this invisible force she thinks she is because people can see that she is relying on her strength of which the Aliens she could be coming up against could be stronger.  Relations between Supergirl and DEO at an all time low after failing to show they believe in her and the DEO’s lack of trust in Supergirl finds them going up against Hellgrammite on their own and it has some really bad consequences that end up bring them together.

Cat, on the other hand, puts some more pressure on James for the interview with Supergirl and although he was and is a guiding influence to Kara, the viewer gets to see that he is dealing with his own demons.  James doesn’t want to be relying on his friendship with people with S on their chest for his success and is constantly shielding Kara from Kat any opportunity he gets, will she help him out?

Cat giving James his Ultimatum

The Verdict

Stronger Together is really well done because the history of Superman is that he is the Man of Steel and he does everything alone.  In the Pilot, there was this constant comparison between Supergirl and Superman and how she wants to be the same or better than him.  Feeling that she is always in his shadow and this episode although the viewer can see she still feels under that pressure, she also comes up with a way of being different to her cousin and improving herself.  What’s more, there is a shock right at the end of this episode that your not going to want to miss.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 4 “The Fury of Firestorm” Review

The Fury of Firestorm doesn’t continue straight away with the major cliffhanger at the end of Family of Rogues knowing that Harrison Wells has walked through the portal and is now part of The Flash’s world again.  It continues on with Dr Stiens current medical condition and the issues that Joe and Iris are having with the return of Francine West.

Caitlyn and Barry Helping Dr Stien out of bed

All the subplot stuff that has been going on actually had The Fury of Firestorm step away from the negative that Barry has been chasing in Meta-Humans and had him go after people that could be affected but for good.  This is a welcome change because the constant reminder that only Barry and Ronnie were really good with their powers.  The search for a meta-human that could be enhanced to help them on their quest.

The Iris storyline, however, takes quite a few twist and turns with the truth coming out about why her mother is really back and once that is revealed Iris goes after more information about her mother.  This now means that Iris holds a secret about her mother but will she tell her father on will she opt to protect him like he did her?

Barry and Patty another awkward moment

Finding the perfect Meta-Human for the problem at hand brings the team into some serious problems.  Although previously stated there wasn’t a huge Meta-Human threat on further thought there was but it took a back seat to the other subplots that were being explored.  Caitlyn invertible rushed into a decision that actually caused the team some serious issues, and that was a reoccurring theme to the episode you can’t always see what is the simplest answer being the right one.  As Barry still isn’t that aware of Patty’s and his mutual attraction.

The Verdict

The Fury of Firestorm” was a change up in The Flash season so far with a further venture into the character’s private lives while striving to keep Central City safe from Meta-Humans.  Not quite as fast paced as previous episodes with less of emphasis on the threats that are still out there for Barry and the team.  Speaking of which Jay Garrick seemed to be missing from this episode which was strange because although the episode didn’t really need him in there having made the huge decision to stay in Family of Rogues you’d expect him to feature in the next episode.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Review

Supergirl (Kara Danvers her earth name) is the elder cousin of Superman in which she was sent in a shuttle just after him to be there to protect him as he grew.  The problem became that she got caught by the blast of their home planet Krypton and forced into a hole where time never passes, somehow she managed to escape that hole and end up on earth.  When she finally made earth she was actually now younger than Superman and he had no need for her to protect him like her original mission had been so she was given to a foster family by Superman and had decided that she would live a “normal life” not use her powers as in her eyes she had no mission and the world didn’t need another hero.

Kara Danvers can be seen working for an Online and Publication company as the owners assistant, in which she seems to be enjoying life working with a successful and formidable female.  Even in the early stages of the episode the show gives the viewer the feeling although happy that she isn’t using her power she isn’t happy that her male cousin is able to make such and difference and that is why she is attracted to Cat Grant.  When something puts her foster sister (Alex Danvers) in trouble she can no longer not use her powers and with that her whole life seems to shift.  Kara wants to make a difference with her powers and wants to use them for good.  The interesting thing about this whole situation is that although Kara and Alex seem really close, Alex is holding quite a big secret from Kara and it could end up putting them both in danger.

Supergirl getting to grips with her powers

Vartox is the first villain that she faces and although this really well played and was well suited to the episode it was more of a subplot and although it has paved the way for the season, it didn’t have a huge impact on the episode.  The reason for this is because the viewer got the impression he was a threat and Kara did struggle with him but the emphasis wasn’t on the actual villain and threat, it was more to do with Kara’s own demons and whether she was really good enough to where the S symbol.

The Verdict

A solid start and although it was really put together to understand where Supergirl fits into the universe, the concentration on the fact that this was a female lead and the struggles around there was too much.  The episode really focused on how Supergirl was always in Superman’s shadow and that there was a need for girl power. That all said though it had a good balance of action and drama.  The show isn’t as fast paced as The Flash at the moment, but this does seem to have huge potential.

The Flash Season 1 Episode 3 “Family of Rogues” Review

Family of Rogues is an interesting switch for The Flash, in this episode the viewer see the return of the Snart duo but with another member of the family.  When the episode starts Lisa Snart goes to Cisco for help thinking that her brother is kidnapped, not sure whether to trust her the team ask some questions and when it looks like she’s lying they find an interesting discovery.

Will the team trust Lisa?

In Flash of Two Worlds last week it was established that Jay Garrick was The Flash in some sort of parallel universe, and now trusted the team and Jay are trying to stabilise the portal so that they can get Jay back to his own world and find out how Zoom is sending people to try and kill Barry.  The two cliffhangers for Flash of Two Worlds was the fact that Harrison Wells is still alive and seemingly got himself to the head of Star Labs in the alternative universe.   The other cliffhanger was the return of Iris’s Mother that she thinks is dead, but who is Joe going to turn to for advice?  Barry give him some advice and what amazed me was how well Barry took it because he could see where he was coming from will Iris do the same?

Will Leonard Snart do the right thing?

The Snart’s are the focus of this episode with the subplots mentioned being solved or being hinted at.  This is huge because Snart’s are the only villains other than Harrison Wells that has really stayed around and the way that they are changing the characters having them develop a bit further is huge.

The Verdict

Family of Rogues is a really well put together episode they have developed the Snart characters and left the viewers in a doubt to which side they are really going to end up on, they are criminals but whether they are as outright nasty is up for debate after this episode.  The episode also ends up on a cliffhanger and the want for the next episode this time is huge.  The action scenes were really well done and the other Snart family member was also really well done, the viewer got a full picture of his personality in a short space of time and makes you feel for Leonard and Lisa.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 “Flash of Two Worlds” Review

Flash of Two Worlds” carries on from where “The Man Who Saved Central City” left off after uttering those famous words that Star Labs is as secure as it has ever been and no one is going to get in here without anyone knowing, someone walks around the corner.  It’s Jay Garrick and with it, he comes with some grave news as always some danger is coming for Central City.

Jay with The Flash as his Alter ego

After such a rough ride in Season 1, The Flash (Barry) is finding it had to trust people and now that he has got his friends and family back helping him, having a stranger to add to the mix proves a little too much for him.  At the beginning of the episode, everyone is on edge about the arrival of Jay that turns out to be from another Universe and Barry has Caitlin run some tests on him to try and determine he is who he says he is.  As Iris points out since the end of Season 1 Barry has been someone different that ability to trust people is what made him different the character that he is, and that he needs to find that again.

Joe has his own trust issues to deal with or need to work on his own.  Since the singularity, no one has wanted to join his task force to track down and detain Meta-Humans and that seemingly how he likes it because Patty Spivot wants to join his team and he doesn’t know why or seemingly doesn’t want her to be on the team.  Harrison Wells has seemingly had a giant impact on the team none more so than Cisco even if he is keeping his problem away from everyone else and only telling Dr Stien when forced to as the Doctor was starting to piece together the puzzle.

Patty Spivot meets The Flash for the first time

All these trust issues aside and further developments the viewer sees that the team can work together even with relative strangers to defeat the Sand Man.  The Sand Man was brought in by a character that has not yet really featured in the show only by name called the Zoom.  The Zoom as he is being described by Jay being from the same Universe shares similar characteristics as Wells and seemingly wants Barry died.

The Verdict

Flash of Two Worlds, was always well paced with the right balance of action and drama.  The way that this episode really opened up the issues that other characters had after such a hard hit to the team at the end of Season 1 was really well done and now moves onto introducing new characters which can only help the show.