What I’ve Learnt from Day 2 and 3 of Worlds

I have to admit I don’t really main support but this support seems to be making a huge come back/ impact in Worlds.  I have to admit I have never really played a game with her and I started to wonder why I haven’t because she does fit my play style.  Although one of my […]

Kill Steal or Kill Secure?

This was something that I wanted to write about because while playing ranked in Bronze V this season I have noticed something while playing AD Carry. There is a trend to whether or not I win depending on whether I get fed or the team does.  For years its always been an AD Carry I need […]

Do we value Solo Queue too much?

In League of Legends do we value Solo Queue too much? This is the question I was asking myself after making it into the bottom tier and league. The main reason for this was I heard Saint Vicious actually say it in one of his streams and then another mate that doesn’t play league did […]

League of Legends Placement Matches Season 4

There is a lot of discussion this season about the Placement matches in order to get your league and division. Most not happy with where they are placed and I must admit I wasn’t very impressed when the above message came up on the screen. I had played Season 3 in Silver V and now […]