Plan for 2015

This is going to be the year of streaming if nothing else.  Although I am still yet to get a fit enough internet, but I have been testing to see whether I can get away with streaming anything while I wait for the upgrade to be available.

The test was something like Hearthstone because its slow-moving and to be honest it went really well, so I went on to try League of Legends because that is one of my end goals and the ping wasn’t too bad.  I was amazed due to the fact that I have had ping issues without the added strain on my internet connection due to streaming.  Although my ping was higher than normal it was stable-ish but it just proves that it’s not necessarily the ping that is the issue its the spikes.  The constant up and down has caused some real issues for me and with the new season now upon us I am considering when to play and not.  That said though I don’t hold up high ups to get out Bronze this season, however I am going damn sure try.  I need to just chill and play the game to try to improve and climb the ladder lately I have been getting increasingly frustrated, with the game so much so I am starting to consider that maybe it’s not the game for me.

As for the blog I want to try and up the content because this place has been rather lackluster of late.  See you all on the other-side.

Letting Things Slip

I am getting good at this with the blog.  Having a few personal issues and getting more focused into League of Legends in the pre-season is a huge part of that.  It isn’t a reflection on the changes that were made but more to the point I have been working with somebody in the game, they are a Platinum Player and helping me develop as a player.

It seems strange to explain because I have a group of friends where one likes League and the others aren’t into the game, and every time I try to explain why I play League but never get it right. It’s hard to put it into words or explain to a none League player but I think although the community seems quite aggressive while in a game, there are the few that are helpful.  The problem is it’s a high pressure environment that everyone wants to win and when one or more players are making mistakes your sat their annoyed and it affects the rest of the game.  The thing about this game for the frustration there is also that feeling of achievement when you win, when you meet that new person on their that is will help and you develop and improve as a player at way the stuff you have to deal with.

I am going to try to get back into blogging though because reading a few of my friends and the fact that one has actually become a guest blogger for want of a better word, has really encouraged me start again.  The main reason is that it logs my progress in certain things and lets me reflect on things more, along with maybe helping others in some way. I want to find a happy medium between personal blog entries and game/technology entries with of cause the odd movie review thrown in.  As for the other blog I started for a writing project, although a great idea I need to sit down and work out which direction I want it to go in and how I want to proceed with it.

So there is where I am at, now to gaming because I promised/told someone I would start a game as soon as possible.  Although I do have a review to write so who knows but time to knuckle down.

Fictional Blog Writing Progress

I have bit the bullet and used Blogger to launch my new project, you can find it here:

To be honest I was amazed that it said that I had 49 views in the first day which was for me huge, because I hadn’t shared it out anywhere admitted some of that could have been me but I definitely didn’t load the page 49 times.  However since launching the second part of the story I have noticed the growth isn’t in the same relation, so whether it is just Google submitting it to different crawlers I don’t know.

As for the actual writing its going quite well but there are a few features I wish Blogger had a word counting facilities.  The story development is also going well, but having read some more articles on-line I may have been going at it slightly wrong.  The best way to attack a fictional blog is to have arks and although that is possible with the way I have started writing my first story I can’t see it being able to make the arks so we will have to see if I can adapt the start.

Writing a Fictional Blog

After yesterday’s blog post, I have decided to start writing a fictional blog.  So the first thing I did was Google the subject and it accord to me that this blog would probably be the wrong place for it.  The problem is although this blog has been my home on and off for 7 years I really need a clean start for the new projected.

This blog would still be kept going recording my progress and for any other personal stuff because this is what this blog is all about but I will be moving my fictional work or starting it on another blog because I don’t want the content broken up.  The problem I have is that I don’t particularly want to start hosting a new blog just in case the project kind of goes south which in all honesty knowing me it will.  Not because I c an’t keep a project going it is more because I am not the most creative of people which means that this project could be quite difficult.

The biggest problem I have also have is two main ideas of where I want to host the blog, while three really and that is Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.  The winning ones at the moment is blogger and Tumblr because its different Tumblr would give me the access to an already established network and have the ability to have my content shared on other blogs.   Blogger is also in the running because I have used it in the past, and never really had a problem with it.  Although these are shadowed by the fact that WordPress has a better grammar checker in my opinion which is a huge thing for me.

However I just want something different for the time being and for that reason I have a feeling Blogger is going to win.  Apart from the technical side of things which is more ideas going through my head.  The content and the creative side of things quite a few sites suggested taking an existing story so you already have a back story.  For that I am not 100% I am watching so many TV Shows at the moment not one stands out for use in this situation, but for me this was one of the most stand out tips.

Blogging to make money can you still do it?

This is a question that years ago I would be very interested in because while I went through University and learnt more about Web Design I was hoping that I could do it as a full-time occupation, however I never really put the work in and now I don’t want.  This blog or any of my others were made for me personally and hoping that I could make money off them, to be honest I’m consolidating them all to this one because blog is now for me not to make money.

I feel that if you want to make money off your blog you need to be consistent and have a subject to make all your content around and to be honest I’ve never been able to do that.  The main reason I am asking this question is because you see many YouTube content producers switch to services like Patron where people can pay them an amount a month for them to keep producing content for you.  The reason for this is because they feel or can no longer get the money they used to be able to get from advertising.  Now I hear you say what does that have to do with Blogging, well for me I would say its the same system even if it is different media.  I think you can still make money off a blog if you do it right and if you are willing to put the time in.  It’s not just the content that you produce its about taking the time to find other blogs on similar subjects, taking the time to read them and comment.

I say that because a prime example my most success article as far as views and money generated was this one about my Chromebook.  Why? Because I posted it in Google Chromebook’s community on Google+ so although its hit or miss doing something like this but you are promoting to people who are already interested.  Now don’t get me wrong when I say it was successful it wouldn’t be enough to live off ever or even pay for this hosting but it just showed that if you were to put the effort in it could still be done.  The problem that most have is everyone has a blog these days, how do you stick out from the crowd and keep those views up?  These are all questions that you have to ask yourself because I don’t have the answers, because I can’t help but feel that it comes down to the individual.  Why I hear you ask?  Well in my opinion only you know your content on who you want to read it.

If I was going to push this blog into a money-making machine, I would probably have to spend only 10% of my time creating content and 90% working out how best to market the content find the right places to promote it.  To try to answer the question can you make money blogging still?  I would say yes but like everything as more people do it, it becomes more and more difficult.

Why I am going back to WordPress from Tumblr

Of late I am sure you’ve noticed that I have been putting together my content on my old blog.  After a good 1 year on Tumblr I just feel that WordPress is more of what I am looking for.  It just gives me more functionality and I won’t be loosing anything by converting back to WordPress because it links in nicely with Tumblr.  All my content will be still going to Tumblr just in link form.  I wouldn’t have made the switch if that wasn’t the case because I enjoy the community that it has and the audience that I have gained from it.
Will I be using when my hosting runs out for this current blog?  No because once you cost out all the features I would need it becomes more expensive with less freedom.  Has Tumblr really lost out to word press in my opinion? No I just want the freedom to configure my site and now that the Jetpack in WordPress allows you to automatically send the posts to Tumblr.  I am now getting the best of both worlds.
I would recommend Tumblr hands down if you’re a new start-up and don’t want to spend the money for your blog because it will already have an audience for you, you just have to do the tags right.  This post hasn’t gone the direction I wanted to however perhaps it will give you a good idea of why a switched and my thought process.

Reasons for Returning from Blogger to WordPress

If your regular followers of me you’ll know that I have had a blog for well over 4 years and in that time things have gone wrong and I have had to start again and then something new has come to my attention and I’d want to change again. While this is no different, I originally wanted use blogger because it was free right out the box and I wanted hassle free blogging, which it also did really well however there was just something there, that meant I really wanted to go back to WordPress and here is why I can think I wanted to go back.

Wordpress-logoWhile writing articles I found myself wanting to remember what articles were relevant to this and wanting to be able to link back to them, however if you want to link back to them they need to have direct relevance to your article not something that readers of the articles might be interested in. In WordPress, there are wide ranges of plugins that allow the related articles to be automatically generated based on the tags that are being used and Blogger just did not have that for me. This is something that I liked to use, to try to keep readers on my site and to give them more information that could be useful to them.

In addition, as a content management system WordPress has a lot more to offer than the Blogger Platform, it gives me the opportunity to expand further if I ever want to. I am not taking anything away from the Blogger Platform as it does exactly what it says on the tin, there is no maintenance to be done by you once your set up and ready to go which means you can concentrate on the material that you are pushing out. For that reason if you only want to make a blog with no ambition to make it anything else then it is the platform for you. However just like you are limited to what you can do which outside the box, which is why I am going back to on my own hosting package so that it allows me to expand the site if the time comes when I need to.

As for switching from Blogger to WordPress, taking all my blog post with me was dead easy; all I did was use the importer and followed the steps. It does leave me with one problem though and that is the fact that I have linked back to pervious articles in some of my articles would have had the blogger address to follow. As I am not a big blog at this point and the blogger address is, still active I am not going to go and look for the links and change them at this point. As I do not think, it will be a great problem.