Games have taken a back seat

It’s been a while since, I’ve written a blog post so thought I’d get one out quickly just to say where I am with my gaming especially with my list to complete during 2014 here.

If I am honest it has taken a back seat with my new enthusiasm for spreadsheets (Eve).  The time that I have spent gaming has either been getting my first win of the day on League of Legends, or Eve.  Just because lately I have been quiet low on energy and wanting either games I can play without having to think about it too much.  Not saying you don’t with those to games, but I just feel like they are second nature to me especially in League of Legends.  I did try to start Bio Shock but after realising it wasn’t compatible with a controller on the PC, it did put me off but over the next week I am going to force myself, to start one of the games on my list.

It will probably be BioShock Infinite or something like that, just to get myself back into the list, as I know that its controller compatible so the controls won’t be as much of a problem.