League of Legends Review of the Day 05-02-14

Day Review for 05-02-14
Day Review for 05-02-14

The last two days have been very up and down.  Feeling a bit like a Yolo to be honest because I seem to be going up and down from Bronze IV to V.  I am currently in Bronze IV so yey  suppose I am in the lesser of two evils I guess.  Having said that I do feel like I am improving slightly.

Slightly there being the operative word because I think that I have slowly come forward in my game play by realising which champions I am strongest on.  Although not by these games, I have narrowed my ADC pool to Ashe and Caitlyn.  Mid is just Swain only purely because I don’t play a lot of mid yet and haven’t really needed to find another mid champion as Swain is always up for grabs and I’ve found that even when he is in a tough lane just his kit sees me through.  My top laners of choice are Dr. Mundo and Shyvanna and jungle I would have to go with Udyr as I haven’t played a lot of jungle either.  I seem to be in bot lane and ADC as many of you know isn’t my best role.

With all this said I think its time to give League of Legends at least a day break because I am slowly burning out I think, the games aren’t going my way and having to deal with flamers is really starting to take its toll.  I am not going to be away for long I just feel the need to take a step away because I have been playing nearly 8 or more games a day and although I feel like I am making progress its slow.  I don’t mind it being slow just feel the break will do me good and come back to the game a fresh.

Anyway hope your having a good time on the fields of justice and to the next time.

League of Legends Review 29-01-14

League of Legends 29-01-14League of Legends Review 29-01-14What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday seemed to go all kinds of wrong and today ok not the best of games in some of them but overall it was very positive.

The main thing to come out of today was I was able to pick up Gragas jungle.  I was quite surprised he was going to be my one quick game of ranked for the day and then I was going to move away after yesterday because I felt I needed the break but I am glad I didn’t.  I have to say though I didn’t just play ranked because a mate wanted to do the challenges to try to get the summoner’s icons.  (Although I didn’t see the objectives and I haven’t seen my icons yet),  Never the less I really enjoyed it and actually set me up well for one I went back to ranked.  It was just good to be playing on a team where you had some sort of voice communication not just a random stranger and relying on typing chat and smart pings.

I even had the confidence to play ADC one of the games after yesterday, which I even picked up an ADC I have never really played in Twitch.  He does seem a lot different to other AD Carries purely on the basis it is damage over time as opposed to straight up damage, in some respects.

Overall a really positive experience today which is always gratefully received especially after a night of insomnia.

Knowing when its time to quit

Todays Stats
Todays Stats

After today I have given up playing League for the day.  This is something that any League has to identify because you just go on tilt and get even more angry with your team mates, which makes the game less enjoyable for you and others.

Today there is no excuses for me I just played badly, as you can see I played a lot of ADC and for me its one of the most difficult roles because you need to have someone there to protect you for the most part and I am seeing increasingly down in Bronze they are not worried about anything other than focusing.  Which means I am finding myself with a support that has dived on the enemy ADC however left me with a Volibear or who ever is supporting the enemy ADC bearing down on me.

Now I know we need focus but come on if your ADC is getting hammered do something about it, distract the support or something.  That is my way of thinking playing support yes focus but make sure the ADC is safe.  Now that the rant is over, I will hold my hands up and say its my own responsibility to try to keep myself safe but I did that in one game and got flamed at for it so I think it’s a balancing act.

As you can tell I am not in any state of mind to play and that is why I am stopping how long would you wait to stop playing?

League of Legends Review of the Day 24-01-14

24-01-14Today hasn’t gone that well even though you see more green than you do red.  Overall well playing today I have noticed that even though Jinx is considered a strong ADC at the moment that I am probably going to stick with Ashe.  I don’t know why but I just seem to have more success with her than I do Jinx.

You will notice that I do to a bot game just because I was relatively busy today and just wanted to guarantee myself a first win of the day.  Not that I ended up stopping there as you can see but overall I felt that maybe I should play a bot game or too before going into ranked just warm up.  But not sure because it goes against everything that I have said for this season of not taking ranked so seriously and just seeing where it takes me.


Kill Steal or Kill Secure?

keep-calm-and-say-kill-secureThis was something that I wanted to write about because while playing ranked in Bronze V this season I have noticed something while playing AD Carry.

There is a trend to whether or not I win depending on whether I get fed or the team does.  For years its always been an AD Carry I need the kills and while this is still true I have found that it is slowly changing.  I am not saying that its ok for supports to take the kills on purpose but depending on the person it is on your team it might be a better idea that the kills go onto another champion or team member especially early game.

Why? I hear you cry.  Stop and think at least in low levels wouldn’t it be better that you’re keeping up with CS and giving kills over to your jungler that is tanky or your top lane?  Get them up to their key items early and they will be able to protect you better.  Be able to stand there and take more damage and generally been a pain.

This admittedly means that you need to consider your team composition before just taking the kills and complaining that someone has kill stealed.  As long as your able to farm and get the assists your already ahead of your lane opponent because they are dead not farming and now you have more protection.  This also works with the popular AD Carries at the moment because Jinx and Lucian are mid to late game champions so needing to get your items for the early game to take advantage isn’t as important compared to someone like Draven and Graves.

My examples of this is I went 5-1-15 on Ashe and won but then went 10-1-10 on Jinx and lost.

What do you think?  Is it better to feed your team than yourself as an ADC.  Let me know in a comment below and as always feel free to share this content.

League of Legends Review of the Day 22-01-14

As you can see today hasn’t gone so well. Still at 50% win ratio and I just haven’t found a champion that I can carry with yet. I wouldn’t say that I am not playing well but I just need to move forward from my current mentality of how I can win what I need to how I can help the team to win. This is what I found when play ADC some times its better just to let your jungler and mid laner get the kill and be happy with the assist because you’re allowing them to be fed and protect you better. Having said that I am find it increasingly difficult to play ADC now in Bronze because for some reason the tankier members of the team don’t seem to remember they need to protect me and go diving for the kill. Not taking that literally though because I know that I need better positioning.

Overall today I’ve had fun but when it came later in the evening I found that’s when the flamers and negative people come out to play so I might make strides to try and play either late at night or during the day when my schedule allows it. As stated in a previous post now I am in Bronze I want to start having fun, trying as hard as I can but not having to deal with the name calling and just down right nastiness that comes with this game. The funny thing is when in the forums or on the multiple online communities people are very nice it’s just when you get into the pressure of the game they seem to become something else.

Anyway this is how my day went. I have to say I think I am starting to prefer Ashe which isn’t currently in this meta but seem to have the most success with her of late.

Graves ADC Ranked 12-01-14

League of Legends Gameplay with Graves. I wouldn’t normally post the results in my blog if I planned to make a video of it, but because I had some time I was able to make this video so hope you enjoy. If you don’t have time to watch all the video then here is the result Graves ADC I am slowly getting back into video making and will hopefully get a few more up this week. I am just trying to find a quiet time in order to do them. Also a little tip LoL Replay has been a bit buggy for me if you like in the application and can’t see your reply don’t panic it could be in your replays folder. That is where I found this Graves reply so just because it’s not in the application doesn’t mean the reply isn’t there.

Graves for the Win 12-01-14

After swearing off League of Legends today, I thought that I would give it one more go just to get my first win of the day. I ended up with ADC and while in champion select I thought about a few things and decided to go with someone that isn’t being played at the moment. Something different, and indeed I broke the cardinal sin of playing ranked never play a champion you’ve never played. Believe it or not I’ve never really played Graves and I was pleasantly surprised carrying my team to victory. Although my score is pretty low I had gone around putting pressure on the map instead of staying for team fights. Although this might have some sort of negative effect on my team, it worked out for the best because when we did gather to take mid, I was just out ranged by the Ashe and couldn’t do much. It was then I took it open myself to push the other lanes, and it worked out to great success because it meant we could do little fights as opposed to trying to siege towers.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure about the Nidalee pick as a support when it came through I would have preferred a Taric but for the most part it worked out and we won the laning phase with ease. Will I be playing anymore League today? I would say no but I can’t guarantee it but I do want to finish The Witcher 2. As always if you have any comments or knowledge to share feel free to comment and share this post.

It has been a while since I have posted one of these.  It is…

It has been a while since I have posted one of these.  It is not because I have not been playing League or I have been losing all the time although have been getting hit pretty hard lately but because of energy and enthusiasm issues I have been facing.  I hope that by writing the short story that I have been working on and publishing it in parts I will continue to post these as well.

I did not last hit as well as I would like however managed to secure first blood and me and Janna absolutely dominated our lane along with a roaming mid, the enemy team did not have any answers for us.  The only lane that struggled was top but it was a bit of a mismatch to be fair.  Overall I really enjoyed this game.

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