Tags and Search Engine Optimisation

As a self taught Web Designer, I won’t pretend I am the best or that what I know is completely right however when looking at the subject the first thing I considered was how does Google work?  How can I make sure that my site is out their for people?  There are a lot of answers to that however this particular article is going to be referring to keywords and how the major blogging platforms WordPress and Blogger deal with them.

My first venture into any form of Content Management System (CMS) was Joomla and it kind of conformed to the standard of having meta data and you could set it for each individual article out of the box, as I slowly made my way through that CMS it was brilliant however too big for some of my projects as the client would only really want a well designed blog.  With that in mind I went over to WordPress and realised oh no meta data.  Obviously you could set it for the home page editing the template however for the individual pages a found myself wondering what do I do for the posts, here comes plugins the one I use is called All in One SEO Pack.

It gave me all the options I could possibly want for my Search Engine Optimisation on WordPress but when I thought about it I wondered why did such a well known and used platform not have anything in place already for SEO.  Then while playing around with a mates Blogger account I realised that Blogger was the same.

Looking around Blogger the only thing resembling keywords was the Tags known as Labels there is no plugin for it.  Suddenly the penny drops the two platforms do have keyword functionality straight out the box its their tag features that are used for keywords which also holds more advantages.  The big advantage is that at the bottom of the post there will be a link for the tag and that will search your entire blog for articles with that tag making it easier for the search engine to get around your entire site.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t worked this out sooner, so to anyone out there with their blogs hit the tags and start using them, however don’t over use them.  The rule is between 5 to 10 tags maximum otherwise it is considered spamming and the search engine will mark you down.

Happy tagging

What’s your Work Rate like?

This blog post was brought along through the experience I have had personally while working for people and also seeing what is happening currently with the people that are putting in new the new kitchen and bathroom.  The question that I have found myself asking is if you know that you could possibly be made redundant how do you act?  The reason I ask this is because the guys that are currently doing my kitchen and bathroom are very likely to be made redundant because their firm has lost the contract.

This is effecting everyone differently which I expected but it had me thinking of how I would react in this situation because although they have a high chance of being made redundant the fact that the company they are working for is nationwide it lands itself to the idea is that they could be lucky and could just get relocated.  Now one of the painters has seemed to have lost it (luckily he’s working up the road) and is not getting the job done quick enough along with not talking to the right people about what is happening and luckily for me the group that are in my house are keeping it professional and doing the best they can.

Now I can understand the stress that they must be under with families and so on but to me I’d want to carry on doing my job as well as I could on the off chance that they would keep me on or even consider the future 6 months down the line they might gain another contract and there would be a possible opening for me.

I know that in my last employment, I didn’t leave it like that and it is a saw point however to me I needed to do it because it was a small company that had no intention of employing me again no matter how well I did the job.  I’d be interested to know how you’d react or think you’d react?  Would you take pride in your work and keep working to your best abilities or just think I can’t be bothered and go into melt down?

Unknown Movie Review

Where to start with this movie? You have a guy that appears to be going to a conference with his wife in which he’s going to be giving a presentation on a scientific break through.  Of which there is going to be high members of society and the science world there. However he leaves his brief case at the airport and has to go back and get it only to be in a card accident and loose his memory or so we think.

He wakes up in a hospital wondering where his wife is and not knowing what hotel he’s staying at finally works it out after watching the news about this huge conference.  As he goes into the hotel he finds his wife and she’s with another man who’s protending to be her husband.  Everyone around him seems to think he’s nuts as he has no identification, however as the story unfolds he becomes to realise that he’s actually an assasian and was on a job but because of the bang to the head he was actually believing his cover story.

On the way to this conclusion he becomes friends with the Taxi driver that is actually an illegal immigrant and they help each other out.

But the question is what does he do with his new found knowledge of himself and does he stop the plan?

So that’s the basic plot but what did I think of the film?  Well one of the reason for describing the plot so much in this review was in the hope you could see what I saw after and that was the fact it was actually a sort of remake of the Bourne Identity.  That being said the movie is actually really good, the twist and turns were really well done I thought and it wasn’t until after the movie I realised what the movie reminded me about.  The acting I thought was really good and the sub plots in the story kept you intrigued, I would highly recommend this film especially if you like the Bourne Identity.


Charlie Sheen Fired from Two and Half Men

When I read the headline on my phone my instant reaction was how can they have Two and Half Men without Charlie Sheen?  This question isn’t a reflection on the other actors and actresses in the hit TV Show its just Two and Half Men is Charlie Sheen.  It is not often that you find such a good show for comedy and have in the back of your mind that this could actually be happening to the person portraying the character.

When I further read the article CBS aren’t sure what they are going to do with the TV Series yet but for the time being it will remain suspended which it has been for a few weeks as all this hit the headlines.  Although I don’t condone what Charlie is doing part of me feels that if he was still able to do the work then they should of carried on letting him film, as the TV Series for me is just brilliant.  The problem I get is ok it doesn’t look good when an actor has an addiction, but Charlie is now looking for help and he seems to think he’s making progress, as for worried about the image that Charlie gives I do not understand because his character is what he’s doing so aren’t the network already giving the wrong message already if they are concerned about his behaviour?


What are my Aims for Total Reach?

Well to be honest, I have tried multiple things with Total Reach and nothing has really come of it.  That being said even though I always had an aim in mind, it did kind of dry up a bit quick not because I lost interest but because I don’t think I could deal come up with enough content for that particular subject.

I started blogging with the intention to make money but as I soon realised although it is possible to make money and a lot of it in blogging you need to be good and you need to have something some one wants, of which my self evaluation on that is low so I have never considered my work to be that good.

From these early beginning however I did realised that maybe I was doing it for the wrong reasons although the internet has turned into what we do in the real world and that is too make money, I started to consider that the internet wasn’t put here to make money it was put here to share information and close down the barriers of distance between people.

With that in mind what does a blog really mean and what should go in it?  Well I decided only you the blogger author can really decide for yourself, my plan is now to use this blog both for constructive work, bring you the latest Technology news that matters to me and reviews along with personal stuff.  This has been brought on by the fact that I was posting random useless facts to Facebook and all of a sudden some people like it and some people didn’t, so the aim of Total Reach will be to add the latest Technology news and any other random bits that I want to share with the world today.  Rather then sticking to the one subject as it will mean the content won’t dry up and brings variety to the blog.

I will say though I will try and use categories efficiently however so that if you only want to read about a certain subject then you are able to.

Useless fact for the day :p:

A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot child inside

Please note we don’t take any responsibility how true these facts are.