Why fix something if it isn’t Broke?

Something that I have always wondered is why on earth do I fiddle with computers so much?  Now I don’t presume to be an expert with them however it is what I did my degree in, and I do consider myself bordering on expert to advance user.  This meaning that I can find my away a PC and also do the odd bit of programming.

When I was sat reflecting on my latest move to Linux and now using Windows 7 that was causing me problems, I slowly realised that maybe I was putting my beloved machine through so much when there was actually no need for it.  Yes we all know now that Windows XP is out of date, but I slow came around to the idea that ok my machine had been upgraded over the years but XP was the operating system that it was built for so why was I trying to force the latest operating systems on?

This question actually made me think it was only because I wanted the latest and greatest software which meant needing a new operating system in the long run.  Part of me thought about what I actually use my PC for now and the more I thought about it the more I realised I didn’t need to upgrade.  So with that I considered my options and remembered I had my original hard drive sat in a box and got it out, and cloned it, like I had done 3 years previous when I upgraded to a bigger hard drive.  Back on Windows XP Media Center what the PC was built to handle.

Going down memory lane at this point looking at the files that were left on the hard drive and realising that when this Hard Drive was removed I was using the PC as my TV.  Since I have got myself a HD TV with a VGA input so I have been watching the TV through that, however as I fiddled with the PC I decided lets go back to 3 or 4 years ago and popped the aerial in to the TV Tuner card on the PC and updated everything.

I was up and running now just needed to sort out my security and I was away, an out of date version of Norton was running on it, now I had been using Kaspersky Pure on the machine with Windows 7 but I must admit I found it a bit of a drag on my system then but I thought no I’ll give it ago.  2 hours later is off replaced with a trial of Norton Internet Security 2011 and straight away I had my computer back running full speed.

Realising ok now I am sat at my PC with everything on I actually need and it hasn’t really changed since, 3 to 4 years ago why did I ever bother changing everything?  The answer is because of the unknown something could possibly be better, but the truth is this searching around for something better isn’t necessarily the best thing.

Now just have to wait for World of Warcraft to download.

Faster Review

Something struck me when sitting down to write this review that all my movie reviews are all kind of the same with the same sort of outcome and unfortunately this one isn’t any different. 

The film starts with the Driver (Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock) in prison and it is his release day.  From the very beginning you get the impression that he is not someone to be messed with and has a mission in mind to complete.  Now this story reminded me of my current book I am reading where by both the criminal world and the Police are looking for the same person.  As a Hitman is after the Driver as well as the law after his first killing.  The Driver you find out in the early going has a list of people that he wants to kill but you don’t understand why he is specifically after the people that is after, as the Police further investigate the chain of killings the story soon unfolds and you are understanding why he is specifically going after the list.

Overall I liked this movie however, the storyline did miss a couple of twist and turns which would of made it that little bit better.  That being said I did think that the movie lived up to what was advertised and what was extra surprising all of us that went to watch this movie enjoyed it.  So overall I would give this movie 6/10 just because I felt they could do more with it however that poor score isn’t to say it wasn’t enjoyable and worth watching.

Maxthon complaint to Microsoft

On this rare occasion I am going to stick up for Microsoft here.  As part of an anti-trust court case with the European Union Microsoft was to produce something for the European Market that meant they would give users the choice of what browser they used, instead of using Windows to unfairly gain market share in the Browser Wars.

After loosing the court case Microsoft put in place something that would list the top 5 browsers that are used on the web, and would be reviewed every 6 months to make sure those stats were correct.  Then they also added a further 7 browsers as an option if you scrolled side ways. 

Now Maxthon is complaining that they hold a bigger market share than Safari for the Windows platform and that statistics aren’t right. In the fact that the ones that are being analysed are ones in which do not distinguish between the two different operating systems Mac and Windows.

Ok this is business and any help that one browser can get in order to get a bigger share of the market is understandable however I sat reading this laughing at the fact Microsoft are already giving them a helping hand by having Maxthon’s browser already on the ballet box.  I can’t see why you’d want to complain to much, ok your not on the first page but at the same time you are still on there getting your name out there to more people then you already would normal.

Source: Computer World

The Importance of Commenting on other Blogs

This is something that I really didn’t get if I’m honest for the first couple of years in blogging, because I was thinking to myself that blogging is just airing your views on something anyways so what use is it commenting on others blog?

One main reason for that view was the fact that majority of people that are really in to their blogging tend to use no follow, which means that search engines don’t follow links in comments thus making it so the search engine bot doesn’t move from their site to yours.  The no follow is good in some respects because the more links you have going from your site or blog means the less time the search engine has to stay on your site.  This also means that your not increasing your competitors rating so they end up going higher up in the search engine listings.  At this time of blogging if I’m honest I knew I was small time and thought I needed to some how increase my web presence using search engines, and maybe commenting wasn’t worth the time if they weren’t going to be followed links.

Second time around and fresh start in blogging I started to think what about comments there has to be something in the way everyone who’s anyone in blogging will tell you comments are important, so as I was producing content I was always thinking about comments, due to the fact blogging is fundamentally unless for news on a company or an actually news company opinion that maybe comments can be useful on other blogs. 

So I went over to Google and did a few blog searches about some of my reviews and a few other articles and left a few not many, but ones that I thought were valid points.  Putting my website address in as an attribute and then a direct link to the exact content relevant to the post.

What happened next was ok wasn’t really getting any following on links from search engines but people were visiting my site on the exact link I had posted, and luckily for me the author of that blog allowed my content link.  So if your serious about blogging and want to increase your presence on the net one of the most important thing and easiest to do is commenting.

So if your a blogger and have something relevant to any of my content please don’t hesitate to comment or any with a view for that matter.

Ads and Internet Explorer 9

After my recent admission that maybe I need to stay with Windows and having Windows 7 on my box now.  I thought why not give Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) a fair chance before loading something like Google Chrome onto the system.

As I started to look at IE9 for the second time, because if I’m honest the first time I loaded it I didn’t give it much of a chance due to the fact that I had plans to move over to Linux.  I was quite surprised by the performance of the browser and how well it was handling demanding content.  I was shocked at how easily it loaded flash content with out increasing my processor demand too much.  One of the major features for me that I liked the look of was Tracking Protection.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind advertisements on the Internet mainly because I rely on them for my blog but also no one is really that silly to think that content is done at no cost to the individual doing it and the fact they need to make money in order to keep producing content.  Lecture over but I was thinking great a browser that protects against tracking no other browser offers this straight out the box and the need for you to download another plugin.

So away I go and find the option and enable it and think nice now my browser is protecting me from tracking, then after a few visits to other blogs and then back to mine all of a sudden my adverts were gone.  Starting to think god I’ve messed up somewhere as I had changed some of the settings only to find everything is fine server side.  It hit me what about tracking protection?  Disabled it and there were my ads.

Most will know that Google Ads have tacking in them however they use cookies, and I was expecting the tracking protection just to block the cookies not the entire ad.  This left me with a question that I am not sure I will get the answer to however what is Microsoft doing blocking ads?  They use ads as a form of income from Bing so surely they don’t want their browser blocking those ads.  In their defence the feature is disabled in the default set up and you have to enable it.  However I don’t understand why they have made it so the feature works in this way.

Total Reach itself does not use tracking methods however it is not responsible for third party content

British Summer Time is here!

Ok so at this point I must admit the clock shifting time has never really affected me.  The main reason for this is the fact that I have never really had anything to do on a Sunday or if I have it hasn’t involved getting up too early.

This year though I decided to actually look what it is all about and why we do it every year, because something I never understood is that time is time so why? Shift it.

The reason is it gives us extra daylight in what are considered social able hours.  The switch is so that the morning has less light and the afternoon has more, although great for people that want to do activities after work and that operate in the normal hours of say 7 am – 10pm.  However this does work against the grain for Farmers that tend to get a lot more of their job done in the early hours of the morning.

Studies are now working on how much energy saving is done by the movement of time, as opposed to just wanting more daylight in the day but that is how it started.

Windows Live Writer

Ok I know that I said I was going to ditch Windows in one of my very first articles on the new look Total Reach, but the truth is no matter how hard I try I just can’t get away from the giant operating system.

Why I hear you ask well if you want the honest answer its my hardware it doesn’t seem to play ball to well with the latest crop of any operating system, Windows included however that being said Windows seems to have the most success overall. 

Now come to terms with the loss of Linux and back on the Windows Platform I started looking around for free software, that could make my life easier and maybe more interesting I stumbled across Windows Live Writer.

Windows Live Writer is just a version of Microsoft Word from what I can see that is aimed specifically for blogging, which in truth seems pretty good to me.  While considering this application I was sat there thinking its Microsoft they are bound to make it so you can only use a specific platform of their choice and to my amazement I was wrong.  It supports WordPress and Blogger just to name the two main ones along with ways of using it with other platforms.

I really like it as it gives you a place where you can put your blogs together locally and then publish them as and when you want, which is a great feature especially when you get inspiration and don’t have an internet connect.  However I am not going to lie although it has a great range of features, and gives you the ability to add pictures with effects little things like that it doesn’t do anything that your blogging platform could achieve.

I will say that I will be using it from now on because I like to be able to work on my articles and re read them before I publish them to try an reduce the risk of spelling mistakes.  Unlike this one because it is one just to test out the program.  However the only other advantages of using it other something like WordPress on its on is the way it handles media.

Education is it really worth it?

When your growing up you are always told that education is the most important thing you need to do.  For the most part they are right you can’t go any where these days with out an education.  However where is the best place to stop?

The reason I ask this is because I went all the way through to University and got a Bachelors degree in Business Information Technology and although I do not regret doing it as I met some amazing people and learnt a lot from the experience both academically and in the way of life.

That being said I have found that finding a job now is really quite difficult and yes it is because of the economic climate we are in there is no escaping that.  However with that in mind I applied to jobs that have nothing to do with my degree and don’t really need high qualifications just find no success and for the only reason I could think of for that is because I am over qualified.

Looking back in the decisions I have made when it came to my education over the years.  As I look back I see that maybe University seemed right to do but looking where friends are now and after the ones that left school after A Level or GCSE’s they seem to be in a better position then what the majority of people that went to University are.  As I am slowly finding out is that you are considered over qualified for a job (at least that is what I hope it is).

Limitless Review

I really enjoyed this film,  I felt that it had the right amount of action and plot.  It explores the fact that humans only use 20% of their brain and the idea of taking a drug in order to reach the extra 80% of it.

The story starts with a guy that has just split with his girlfriend because he isn’t going any where and she’s had enough.  He then bumps into his ex brother in law and he offers him a drug that is suppose to be FDA approved.  The brother in law leaves him with one pill to try.  After taking it he manages to clean up his act and start writing a book that he hasn’t been able to start in years.

Realising the drug works he wants more and goes back to his brother in law to find things get a whole load more complicated.

The film for me was good and I have even seen it twice, the second time I realised that other then the obvious it just illistrated what comes with being good at something, how nothing is ever as good as it is seems, along with the fact that there is always a downside.  The pill aside with getting better at things the guy was going from living a difficult but simple life to making more and more enemies.  Overall I would give this film a 8/10.


Adjustment Bureau Review

How can I best describe this movie?  The best way to explain this movie would be that it will be the right movie to go and see on a date.  Bit of strange statement to be made about a movie however I thought that it held enough action in it to keep the guy entertained while at the same time had enough romance to keep the girl happy.

After such a weird statement I really enjoyed this film if I’m honest, it challenged the belief of whether we are on a path and whether everything happens for a reason.

The movie shows a guy that is running for senator and he meets a girl who he bumps into again years later, only to find out about a group of people that make little adjustments to everyone’s lives in order to make sure that they follow their own paths or destiny.  Of which he was never meant to see her again. But he does along with getting her number and they have to kidnap him and get the number off him, from there on in he is trying to find ways of which he can beat them in order to be with her.

Overall I’d say go and see this movie as I really enjoyed it and thought the acting in this movie was brilliant, as it was a jack of all trades master of none I wouldn’t give this movie top marks I think it would be 7/10.  That being said it is a movie for everyone just not a blockbuster.