Young People’s Privacy on Social Networking Sites

After posting about Facebook’s (here if you want to read) want to allow under the 13s to use its site as well as other people and my suggestions that I came to with parents having the ability to see everything that is going on their child’s profile, something occurred to me is if there was such a system where would the cut off point be?

Loads of people have different views on the issue of children using the internet and not only the internet everyone has different views on when children are able to make decisions on their own and be able to manage their own lives.  So this kind of led me to thinking that if the law was changed about Facebook how would you change it?  Also would these changes be against the children’s right to privacy.

The big buzz word on the internet is our privacy, not only for children but everyone as marketing techniques and others are out there giving us concerns, but what about something as simple as a law change and how that could impact on someone’s privacy that might not be fully aware of it.  Yes we as society would be putting in a system to protect young people but at the same time the question then becomes at what age are we invading their own rights to privacy?

I think a sensible cut off as the law stands now if they were willing to change it that parents would have full access to the child’s account until 13 so it is giving some freedom for the child to have a Facebook account but at the same time can be heavily monitored more so then the people above 13.  That being said I can see some people saying that it should be higher and if so how much higher?  As everything it would probably be down to the individual situation but as society it would mean that we need to change the way we think of our human rights and at what age privacy becomes part of those for a young individual.

What are your thoughts on the ethics of privacy for young people?

Facebook for Under 13s – Yes or No?

For me this was an interesting question because to be honest I have never thought about it.  I think it could be the fact that it is the law and every social network works to it so why do we need to challenge it?

That being said I know that people putting the wrong details into a website to gain access to it so you know there is going to a minority of kids on Facebook that are going to be lower than the age that is regulated.  When this question did come up however I had a think about it and thought well if the kid has access to the internet why shouldn’t they have access to one of the most popular site on the internet?

We all know the risks involved that they could be talking to the wrong people using it but at the same time if they have internet access in my mind wouldn’t it be better that they have access to something like Facebook but closely monitored to teach them about web safety?

If Facebook plans to allow under 13s use the site I think they should put in a system that means that the under 13s account is linked directly to a parents site where the parent has instant access to everything in order to monitor the child’s use of the Facebook, with the ability to change and remove things as they see fit.

Although the internet is a dangerous place I think it could be getting safer because of the more computer savvy parents are now, they will be able to monitor the use of the internet if they are given the right tools than its previous generation.

How do you feel about under 13s using Facebook?


Obama the State Visit- Propaganda

While watching the lunch time bulletin of BBC News it was reporting on the US President Barack Obama’s state visit to the UK and the special relationship that we (the UK) have with the US.  Which there is no getting away from the US seems to be the country with have the most to do with when it comes to the world outlook and all the political moves that are made in this day and age.

That being said though we have recently made moves without them with France, but something in this report caught my eye and that was the fact that they seemed to be stressing how much of a World Leader the US is and to be honest, I do agree with that to a point however I wouldn’t agree with it completely.  I think that in the times we live in that the US. is a super power but they are not the only ones, but this report really did give off the impression that whoever is US president is the leader of the entire of the world.  Which to me seemed a bit odd because in this day and age I would of thought News providers would know that people are more intelligence then before and can make their own opinions up of politics and what they consider to be the state of play in the world.

Which lead me to two questions:

  1. What do we actually get out of the relationship with the US?
  2. Do people see the US President as the leader of the entire of the World?

My answer to the first question was yes they are good allies to have however they might not be as good as we think with their economy struggling, and over the last couple of years all they have brought on us is war.  We might be better off trying to ally better with the developing markets in the long run.

The second question I couldn’t come up with an answer so I would be interested in your views on that question so do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Super Injunctions – Should they be used like they are?

Super Injunctions or Gagging orders, are all over the news these last couple of days surrounding the premiership football player, now I am not here to talk this case in particular but here to talk about the law itself and how it is being used.

I must admit I find it difficult on this subject as I have two contrasting opinions to do with the rich and famous, the one being that their private life should be kept as it should be private and the other that if they live in the public eye then they should expect the fall out.  Like most things I agree that each case should be evaluated on its own merits, for example if you compare the current premiership player in the news to say someone like Katie Price that live their lives in the spotlight you should respect the premiership players private life.  The reasoning behind this statement is the fact this player is only famous for his professional career and doesn’t do anything other than his career as a football player to earn a living, do we even know this football player wife?

The part that I am torn though is the fact are we using these gagging orders in the right way, part of me thinks not the sensible option would be to ask yourself is it a greater risk to the population as oppose to one individual because these gagging orders are just going against the human right of freedom of speech in this country.  The only reason I can see for the Super Injunctions is when it brings in national security and would put people in serious danger as oppose to hiding people’s mistake that are famous.

So at one end of the argument I do believe that this individual deserves the right to keep his affairs private and out of the public eye, but at the same time I believe that these injunctions are not sustainable and maybe should be rethought to how and what the requirements should be met for these orders, so that you don’t get cases like these that undermine the authority of them.

Feel free to leave your comments on this controversial matter.

Mobile Security is it Needed?

This the question that BBC click asked this week, and for my really geeky mannerisms computer security intrigues me.

Along with the fact that I have only just recently decided to stick with one security software provider through the good, bad and the ugly. BBC click brought up the fact that we now spend more and more time on mobile devices and the operating systems are getting more powerful with these trends it is only a matter of time before hackers target these devices and they already have with the Google Android and symbian operating systems.

As I started looking around at the solutions for my own phone HTC Hero (Google Android) I really liked the features these software offered from just scanning your phone for rogue applications to also being able to remotely wipe the phone and locate it if its stolen.  All great features but the question became is this security needed?  As its become the normal to have it on a Windows operating system for everyone.

The answer I came to was that it depends on your situation and what you actually using your phone for, for example I only use a handful of applications and all are well known. Not only that I only have my contacts which are sensitive information on my phone in which I would just change my Google and Facebook passwords.

That being said if I was using my mobile device for a company dealing with other sensitive information there would be a need.

So do we need it?

My answer would be not for everyday use, however the security industry needs to be proactive for when there will be a need for it.  As that day will come

The Veteran Review

Well it has to be said I didn’t know anything about this film going into it so it shouldn’t of been difficult to impress because there was no expectations but I was disappointed.  That being said though the film does have its merits and often wonder if it was better off done as some documentary into young gangs in London.

The film starts off with an ex Para called Miller and he is finding it hard to fit back into to civilian life.  Where he finds there isn’t really a need for his skill set in the world he’s been forced into which is normality.  The problem with him though is that he was so good an ex colleague in the Afghan tour meets up with him and says his brother can hook him up with some work.  After a couple of meetings he goes on a surveillance mission in the attempt to help the war effort by stopping arms smuggling into the country, which also pulls on him as he can see what its doing to his estate where he lives.

After that he starts to fall for the target and wants to save her only to find the group he has been working for is just as dodgy as the rest and are out to screw him over, they take the girl and kill her or so that is implied and then he goes on a spree to find her only to lead back to a very suspect ending.

I think that this film is quite well done was it any good though, I am not to convinced I was glad I went on cheap Tuesday’s to see it as it definitely wasn’t a blockbuster.

Professions in World of Warcraft

There are loads of guides out there that suggest that one profession is the better one and how to level them to their most efficient but on my latest venture into the the World of Warcraft something dawned on me.  That one person can have his or her views on professions and they might right for their server at that moment in time.

The beauty of World of Warcraft even though it is a fantasy game it is actually quite close to real life in some respects as it economy in this instance  does change according to the market and its demands.  For example my Warrior Tankstueey I decided to try glyph making and do inscription because we’ve all been there gone to get a glyph and its been like 200g.  Now think of the profit in that I thought to myself, however the glyph market is so up and down as it is something that needs people to start new characters or have new players come into the game.

I have seen in my recent trading of glyphs go from 200g although the way down to 3g hardly covering my costs in some cases where I have been lazy and bought the materials.  The only sure firer way to be successful in my opinion when it comes to making money with professions is to have two gathering professions as people will always need those items to make other stuff.

Don’t get too bogged down in making money as it is only a small part of the game. 

Low Level Warrior Tanking

Now this isn’t a very good start to the new time management however my new idea is a serious of articles to help you out with low level stuff in World of Warcraft because if your like me you will sit there when struggling with a certain part of the game you turn to Google. I have found however it being really useful that there are not many guides for low level you sit there wondering ok they are the moves you use at 80 to 85 but I don’t have them yet.  With that in mind I will aim to sum up everything you need for a new character in a new role.

Like any World of Warcraft character talent trees are important and by the time you are able to enter dungeons where you are going to be tanking for the first time you will have access to this feature of the game. The main thing here is getting the right tree, and as a Warrior Tank you will want to choose protection, and to be honest since the release of the Catalysm its not difficult to work out which tree you want because there are little icons to tell you what tree is specialised to what role.  The next job is where to allocate your points and the truth is, its whatever you think you character needs.  However I have found WOW Popular very useful as it shows the most popular talents,glyphs and gear for a character of whatever type.

So here is the Warrior Protection most popular page however I will point out that the first talent I’d make sure was full would be blood and thunder as this make sure that your rend will be spread with your thunderclap.

Rotation, now I must say that this is quite difficult because out of all the tanks the Warrior has the most diverse moves, however I have found that once you have charge on all stances of which you should be in Defensive whenever tanking. You are looking at charge, rend, thunderclap, then maybe shield slam followed by Heroic Strike.  After that you want to hit thunderclap again as it will refresh the rend and go along that pattern until you learn cleeve and then that will fit in between thunderclap and shield slam.

As for gear you are looking for anything with high amounts of strength and stamina as a Warrior tank holds threat by the amount of physical damage it does.

A little tip though is don’t be too disheartened when you loose aggro because it might not actually be your fault especially at lower levels as I have found when you have melee dps, e.g. paladins, druids and warriors.  Some times they have the wrong trinkets or buffs using and its not really your fault at all, if you find this happening just try your best to hold as much as you can and if all else fails keep your healer out of harms way.

P.S. At the moment anyway Tanks are needed a lot more then any other role so if people are on your back you can leave and they will have to wait longer for another run than you will.  Also remember its only a game so so what if you get wiped out especially when your only just learning the role.  Just remember to have fun.

Also feel free to comment and let me know your findings as I am no way an expert.

Where have I been?

Well the truth is I have been taken over by World of Warcraft again and still haven’t quite got the hang of my time management.  With that being said it has given me some ideas on new material for the blog and plan on sorting out my time in order to produce regular content once more. 

I thought I would post this update and hope to have everything in place ready for Monday so hope to see you soon.

The Murder Exchange by Simon Kernick

One word amazing, I am not going to pretend I am a huge book worm because I am not.  In fact I would go so far to say I probably hate reading and my range of books tend to be autobiographies but I just couldn’t put this book down.

The story is about a guy that does a job that goes badly wrong and you see both sides, being the law and the criminal world trying to solve the same crime.  The style in which the book is written it gives almost a diary account of the day for both sides and you soon get to grips with how everything is interlocked but without giving away anything.

I felt that it moved at the right pace even to keep me entertained and wanting to read more, no matter where you stop in the book you just compelled to carry on reading wanting to know what happens next.

Would it be a recommended read?  Hell yes.  Why isn’t the review very good?  Because I have left it a bit late to post this review.  Will I be getting another of Simon Kernick’s books? Yes its already in progress

I give this book 10/10 it is a must read.