Optimising Your Workflow to Increase Quality of Your Blog Post

Optimising your Workflow for producing blog posts are most of the time about adding fewer steps into your content creation, however, I ended up adding more steps into my process as I found that it could increase the quality of my content. Continue reading “Optimising Your Workflow to Increase Quality of Your Blog Post”

Improving your Blog or WordPress Site Personal Experience

Totalreach has turned 11 this month and it has gone through some serious changes over the 11 years I have had the domain and here is how the site has evolved and how I’ve changed things to try and improve the site and its content. Continue reading “Improving your Blog or WordPress Site Personal Experience”

Using Google Chrome with no Adblock is it manageable?

Google announced last week that it would incorporate an Adblock feature as default into its browser Google Chrome to block any advert that doesn’t meet the advertising standards. Having used an Adblock of some kind for many years I wondered just what it would be like now Google had added Adblock functionality as part of the base browser. Continue reading “Using Google Chrome with no Adblock is it manageable?”

Greenhouse Academy Season 2 – Review

Greenhouse Academy Season 2 a Netflix Original that you just can’t help but binge watch after you’ve seen the first season. The story carries on from Season 1 and keeps up the pace with the revelation of the end of the first season bring the two plots that seemed so separate together. Continue reading “Greenhouse Academy Season 2 – Review”

Greenhouse Academy Season 1 – Review

Greenhouse Academy is a Netflix Original based on an Israeli Television Series called The Greenhouse (Ha-Hamama). The story starts eight months after a sister and brother lose their astronaut mother in an accident on a rocket. The two siblings start a rivalry as they end up in different houses within a private school. Continue reading “Greenhouse Academy Season 1 – Review”

Power Leveling Black Desert Online – Is it a good idea?

Power Leveling in BDO good or bad idea? This is a question I am now sat here asking myself after I found this interesting video on YouTube and thought why not try it because I had been enjoying my Wizard but wanted to try another class before I got my awakening. Continue reading “Power Leveling Black Desert Online – Is it a good idea?”

Google Ads and Google Chrome

Google last week announced that they were going to enable AD Blocking as standard as part of Google Chrome. This is to try and clean up the Internet and make advertisements adhere to the new standards that have been set. Google’s Statement Building a better web for everyone is their statement and has information on the standards there too.

Now Google of late when Ads have been concerned has made quite a storm with their changes to the requirements for your YouTube channel to be monetizing, Total Reach was a channel that got cut. While this wasn’t a surprise and I hadn’t been that active with the channel in the last few months it led me to wonder why they were doing this. The reason is the amount of money in the pot is getting smaller or the number of people taking out of the pot is getting more and they want to protect their big money channels.

This makes perfect business sense but the announcement was saying how they are doing it to make sure that advertisements run on high quality videos, or non fake producers. This is what I didn’t like about the changes because it saying that content that smaller producers that put just as much time into their content but doesn’t have the following other people have videos aren’t good enough. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you though right?

That in mind I decided that I need to start putting more content together so I came to this blog to find out they had pulled support for their plugin to help you put ads easily into your site. While I have the no how to manually put the Google Adsense into my site, it just shows how Google aren’t supporting the little guy like they tend to try and do. With that I’ve pulled all ads from this site being well under the threshold I am going to be leaving the revenue I had made in limbo, as to be honest Total Reach the blog and YouTube channel has only ever made one threshold in 8 years or thereabouts.

Ad Blocking as default in Google Chrome is it a good idea?

I do like the concept and I do like the direction that it’s going in. That said I hope that Google do use it only to block adverts that don’t meet standards and doesn’t turn into away of blocking the competition. Moving forward however I’ve removed my ad blocker and now surfing with only what Chrome blocks and have found that there is a wide range of ads still getting through but they aren’t as intrusive as I remember them but I have used adblock plus or UBlock Origin for many years.

How do you feel about Google’s changes to YouTube Monetization and Chrome having a built in Adblock?