WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Review

One of the Pay-per-views that you just feel that the WWE should drop in some respects because although the matches are extreme rules because of its PG rating the content isn’t all that extreme. It could be however the age difference between myself and the fact that I am not moving on to the new or younger generation of WWE fans this might be what they consider extreme rules but I myself remember the days that Cactus Jack and HHH went into a cell and both were busted ear to ear and although you still have those matches and we all know it’s not real per say it added authenticity to the programme.

Although I had a good idea what was on the card for this pay per view I have to admit right now that it is the first one in about a year that I have not watch the previous RAW just to get the final cliffhangers in the saga, due to the fact that I have slowly been going off the WWE, I don’t think it’s because of the lack of talent on the roster but it’s just too predictable at the moment there isn’t really an element of surprise who’s going to go for who and who’s not.

Possible Spoilers passed this point

Now let’s get down to business the stand out matches for me was Dean Ambrose v Luke Harper, Big Show v Roman Reigns. These were the stand out matches because in my opinion they were really well done, you could feel the intensity of the Big Show and Roman and you could feel that the two guys really was out there to get the win. If I am honest it has been one of the better matches I have seen from the WWE in a long time and the ending was pretty fitting with the use of a table to hold down one of the competitors. Although not the first time someone has used items to hold down people when in a last stand match however this was new to use the announcer’s table to do it.

Roman Reigns trapping the Big Show under the Announcement Table

The reason that Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper really made it was the way in which the match was done it could have been one of the longest one on one matches that WWE has had because they left the arena for an hour and the cameras didn’t follow. Which kind of goes back to my earlier rant that when the street fights did break out into the street of yesteryear the cameras would follow although I did like the gimmick of Luke Harper driving off only for Dean Ambrose to drive back and continue the match an hour later. Each had done their homework on each other meaning that they reversed some of each other rules and I would say that it was one of the more aggressive and deranged matches on the card and one worth catching up with.

Kane standing over both Randy Orton and Seth Rollins

Now to the main event if I am honest I like it, I wouldn’t say it was a standout match but it was put together and the whole thing with the internal problems that The Authority are having with Kane and Rollins did add the extra dimension to the match with him at ringside never quite sure which way he was really going to go, but in true Kane style he came into line but in his own way. It has left us with an interesting RAW next week for the fall out of Kane’s actions I think. Overall I would give this pay per view a 7/10 because it was ok but I have to admit although some good points I am losing interest in the WWE again.


Stone Cold Grills Triple H

The latest big podcast to be endorsed by the WWE has given Stone Cold the chance to grill the current COO of the WWE Triple H.  To be honest it wasn’t a let down for me they discussed quite a few topics that were very interesting, it was nice to see a different side of such iconic characters in the wrestling world.

I would like to say though I had my doubts about watching this podcast because I had been watching RAW and to be honest with Triple H in character on the show I was wondering how good it was actually going to be.  However I had no need to worry the characters were left at the entrance and it was quite a frank and honest discussion, about how the fans react and how Triple H is finding his new role.  Part of the discussion was the most interesting for me was when Stone Cold asked about Steph and for all intenses purposes asked Triple H (HHH) whether he slept his way to the top, and it was quite cool of HHH to admit he probably wouldn’t be where he was without Steph but at the same time he would have still worked his way up to something else in the company.  He highlighted that he worked hard and paid his dues before he got with Steph.

He also discussed the current talent, future talent and the way in which the business has changed and developed.  Highlighting when he and Stone Cold was at their highest they would know their demographic where as now the WWE caters from 8-year-old to 50 year olds and that’s why things have had to change.  Also with the World Wide exposure it now gets and the way people communicate online it means that things have got to change constantly in order to keep the audience happy.   He admits that there quite a lot more fans that understand when they are pushing a talent and when they are holding them back, along with understanding when they are ready and when they aren’t.  One of the major thing for me with all this said though was his admission that the Hall of Fame wasn’t just based on what you have done for the industry.  It is also based on your suitability as such he admitted without actually saying it so many words, that Chyna deserves to be in the Hall of Fame but because of her choices after the WWE career for that reason they will not be inducting her into the Hall of Fame, although not as definite than those words but that was the feeling I got.  Is this right or wrong I am not sure.

Would you put Chyna in the Hall of Fame? And also was there anything that stood out for you from the podcast?  Feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you

Hell in Cell 2014 Thoughts

Possible Spoiler Alert

I have to say this PG era is really hurting the WWE for me.  Gone are the days of blood.  Which for the most part you can put up with, due to the nature of the matches however in the two hell in the cell matches in this show you can’t really excuse the lack of blood.

This is a huge problem for me because I was watching wrestling religiously in the attitude/ just after era where you’d see the like of Mick Foley and Triple H busted wide open.  Although we all know it wrestling is staged these days it still has to hold some realism and having someone’s face forced into a cage of wire you’d expect them to bleed and there just wasn’t any.  Not taking anything away from the wrestlers and the matches themselves because I was pleasantly surprised just how good they were.  However with the lack of blood in situations where in years gone by there was loads I just felt the show of it all was just left lacking.  After that moan, the rest of the matches were quite good as well.

Rusev and Big Show match was quite good, but the result from my point of view was a little annoying.  The best part of the how is watching Mizdown make a complete fool of himself.  So do the WWE need to look at this PG rating?  For me for pay-per-views I think they do, I can understand your weekly shows being PG but for the likes of events like Hell in the Cell I have to say they need to step it up a gear.  Otherwise the new stars that need to bring through are never going to get out the legends shadow because the likes of Mick Foley, The Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels just to name a few will constantly be in people’s minds and the current crop will be forgotten just because of the restrictions it would seem the WWE are putting on them.

RAW Thoughts 21-10-14


I have to admit of late RAW hasn’t been grabbing me all that much it has been background noise but it really did keep me interested this week.  Due to the fact that they kept Dean Ambrose coming in and out of the show.  He didn’t just appear at the beginning of the show and then for his match he was in the middle as well.

I think the WWE have taken notice of the fans and have realised they need to run with Ambrose and it will get people’s interest, another thing I think they are doing well is the way they are bring stars back.  This week it was the turn of Mick Foley although looking extremely unfit the hardcore legend was great in his segment with Ambrose and Rollins.   Another angle that is starting to interest me is how personal Big Show and Rusev is getting, for me that rivalry is really holding its own and personally hope that the Big Show does knock Rusev off his perch because this undefeated streak that Rusev is on for me isn’t all that great.

Has this weeks RAW made me interested in Hell in the Cell Sunday?  Yes I really want to see how it goes between Rollins and Ambrose.  Along with the other two big story-lines Rusev and the Big Show and Randy Orton and John Cena.  It will be interesting to see who the WWE want to knock Brock off the top spot or attempt to.

RAW Thoughts 7-10-2014


There is something about RAW at the moment for me it has become background worthy, today has been no exception because the only big thing I want to watch is Dean Ambrose.  The rest of the roster and storyline’s aren’t really appealing to me.

That said though there was a bit of a shock during this weeks RAW after the apology made by the Big Show and the way that Rusev was being caused a big name to come from out of the back The Rock.  I am still a bit lost of what they are doing with this character because he seems to be getting a huge leg up with the way all the big names are taking him on and losing.  The problem is a think he needs to be beaten but at the same time with political environment it is an interesting use to add more to the storyline.

Why is the Dean Ambrose such a bit appeal?  For me it’s because you never know what is coming next, he is the first new competitor to me that has made me want to carry on watch WWE.  I would go so far to say that he reminds me a lot of Stone Cold Steve Austin, that attitude of taking people on no matter where or how.  The twist is the way that John Cena and Ambrose is kind of coming together/falling apart and the way the authority are pushing them together and splitting them up.

One other bug bare is the fact we haven’t seen any-more of Brock Lesner I understand he is the big pay per view star at moment for the WWE but I would prefer that Brock Lesner was around more even if it is only cutting promos.

RAW 22-09-14 Thoughts


With the reintroduction of Dean Ambrose I was really looking forward to this RAW but for me it was great the whole thing between Dean Ambrose and Cena was awesome.  Both struggling to get their hands on Rollins which ended up with Dean being locked in a locker room because as Stephanie Mcmahon pointed out throwing people out of the building really doesn’t work for them, but does Ambrose escape?  That is the question I will leave you with.

The other match that stood out of me is Rusev and Henry, although the result makes sense after The Night of Champions because Henry took quite a beating, but I have to ask where the WWE is going with the character of Rusev?  He seems to be getting these huge leg ups but you can’t help but feel they are setting him up for a fall, but who is the person that is going to stop him?  The story line screams of propaganda with the current political landscape which I have no problem with, and it is actually the US that is losing in this storyline which makes a change but I want to know that there is an end goal in mind because all the likely people to knock this huge brute over have lost to him.  I just question the character development here and will be watching intensively to see where the WWE take it.

For me this week RAW was solid with the Rollins, Cena and Ambrose really being the only thing that made the show, with a little bit of Divas in there just to add to the mix.  As always feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree with anything said here or what was the stand out things for you.

Night of Champions Thoughts


Going into Night of Champions I wasn’t expecting much because of the way RAW had been going and to be honest although good matches and a good gimmick the first two matches were they just didn’t grab me.  The turning point was the return of Dean Ambrose for me he has just made it more interesting.  Roman Reigns is a good competitor and for me is in route for the championship but he isn’t the one that should be throwing down with Rollins for me.

The other major point for me is the WWE championship.  I was annoyed how Cena lost the title to Brock Lesnar because I felt that he should have put up more of a fight, although Brock Lesnar made sense to take the championship.  It made a rivalry that was needed after the injury to Daniel Bryant, however there is one other problem with this is that Brock has had 4 matches in 9 months if the excuse for taking the title of Daniel is that he isn’t a fighting champion with his injury at the moment why give it to someone who has so little matches?  Cena would have made more sense.  The result of this match was good, this time because it looked like Cena was going to win without the interference of Rollins.  I just hope we see more of Lesnar or he drops the title, for me having such a part-time champion isn’t good because the Authority made the excuse that Bryant wasn’t going to be back quick enough to hold the title.

WWE Report 21-09-14

With The Night of Champions just hours away I realised that my weekly report on the goings on with the WWE never really got started and I kind of regret that so this might be the first blog post of many on this subject who knows.

While I admit not being the biggest wrestling fan only really getting back into it at Wrestlemania this year, something has come to light when talking with friends about it.  We have all come to the conclusion the last couple of weeks that NXT is actually the better show in the WWE Universe.  The reason for this can be a little sketchy however, for me I feel that RAW has kind of become a bit stale due to the fact they have dragged out storyline’s from the previous pay per view (Sorry it’s getting late and the name has escaped me) with a few big characters at the moment out due to other commitments mainly Dean Ambrose.

While having this discussion with friends though there was one highlighting factor maybe we preferred NXT because it was one shorter so there is less time to fill, meaning that all the content is good not just fillers and also the difference in personnel.  They are people who haven’t made it big yet and want in on the big time, so they are putting the extra effort in.  Does this mean I’ve written off RAW completely?  Hell No I like my big names too much and the people I watched as a teenager, but do I think that they need to take some more of the new blood from NXT up?  Yes.

My hope is that things pick up after Night of Champions that they can come up with some more interesting story-lines and lay some to rest.

WWE Report 29-0-14

The Shield's fist pose.jpg
The Shield’s fist pose” by Miguel Discart from Bruxelles, Belgique – 2014-05-22_22-35-18_ILCE-6000_2343_DxO. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Over the last couple of months I have been watching the Pay Per Views (PPV) and RAW quite regularly and I didn’t think that I knew enough now to comment on the storyline until now.  I think that I am going to do a weekly segment about it, because I am really enjoying it at the moment.

For me the major thing for me is The Authority and The Shield, I am confused by it to be honest.  The typical storyline I have to admit though but the thing that is confusing me is yes The Shield has split but they split because Seth Rollins “Sold Out” but for me that doesn’t mean Dean Ambros can’t help Reigns does it?  I don’t want to give too much away this isn’t what the blog post is for, but of late you’ve seen Reigns in handicap situations why hasn’t Ambros come to his aid?  They both in some respect want to the same thing because Ambros wants to be there to keep Rollins down and Reigns wants the title, so why not combine your power because both would annoy The Authority?

The other big storyline for me this week was the Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella and although wrestling is not known for the best acting, I think this has been very well portrayed for me.  The biggest problem this storyline has it’s not the male division its the diva, for some reason it doesn’t hold the same at the moment.  However seeing the time that the WWE gives to the Divas now it seems to be a lot more than I remember years ago.  I am interested to see how this storyline continues to develop because you just know that Stephanie will have something up her sleeve for Brie nothing is that easy when your dealing with a McMahon.

Those were the stand out points for me this week on RAW.  If you’re a wrestling fan and have some views on what I have said or any of the other story-lines at the moment in WWE why not comment and let me know what you think?