July 2015 Update

While this is no stranger to this blog I have been away for a few a months due to a number of reason which I wouldn’t like to be too public, however there is a new goal and that is with one of the latest development.  In my absence I have purchased a PlayStation 4 and will be looking to bring some more of that content to this blog.  The other development that may help with that is my internet upgrade, at the moment I am still on sub standard internet for streaming but it has been upgraded to ADSL 2+ which in the UK should give me speeds of 17 meg which is great.  The problem really is the upload speed which means I can stream just at low quality.

That said though I have managed to upload some high quality videos to my YouTube Channel from my PS4 quite well, so I may just do that for the time being as well to make sure the quality of the videos on there is high enough.  The biggest problem with that for me is the fact that you can’t record audio on the PS4 for the video so I may have to do record it after on the PC and add it to the video.  The other thing that is holding the video content back is the fact that the PS4 only records in 15 minute intervals which doesn’t help when your goal is to do some let’s plays but I am sure I can come up with some solutions in the future if not Infinite is a schedule to hit a few months so might just upgrade to that as soon as possible.

Hint to what review is coming soon

There is a little clue on what review is coming soon.  I am hoping to put more content together more often and try to get it more related to gaming and TV/Movies as I am going to try to go back to my bread and butter.

Silence Again What is Going On?

This is what has happened again the blog seems to be very quiet and then have a load of content on it all at once, which is kind of how I work and it is a shame because for a few years I did manage to do regular content and the truth was I was probably had less time on my hands than I do now.  That all said though it is all good because I have picked up quite a lot of things that could mean producing more content, I have started playing World of Warcraft again because I was forced onto it because it being the only game available to me while I was without my main gaming PC.

World of Warcraft although fun has kind of lost its edge again it’s not really the game for me anymore, main reason is the guild I have found myself in started off nice but as things have changed I find myself not wanting to play it less and less.  I was working on my healing and for the good of a random guild which I didn’t mind but the way they are pushing the guild I don’t really want to be involved.  That said it’s not the big time sink the big time sink at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy.  Recommended by a friend and the fact all the seasons are currently on NOW TV I am burning through them at the moment.  I had planned on reviewing each season but I kind of got through the first season and had to move straight onto the second.

That isn’t the only time sink at the moment I am also playing Watch_Dogs and I am slowly working my way through the game for a review, so there is where I am at so watch this space, we will just have to see where I can get the content flow once more.

Site Update 18-09-14

As you all would have noticed, I had promised more content after purchasing my Chromebook and it had fallen off again until the latest posts of The Walking Dead.  For some reason I go through stages or phases and need some down time from certain activities.  Unfortunately most of the time it is this blog that goes down due to other commitments.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to try to do some streaming it will be limited due to my internet connection and although that won’t actually translate in to blog posts,  I am thinking that the game to stream will be The Sims 4 due to the fact it’s not a fast-moving game and will look better on stream.  The hope however is it will get me a little more structured and mean that I will post more content here again.

I have to admit going off topic quickly I have really enjoyed WordPress 4 being able to just paste the URL of my video and it automatically embeds it for me which is a huge move I think for WordPress and just helping them dominate the platform wars.  It is amazing when you stop and think about the development of WordPress.  It started as a simple blogging platform and it has just evolved to the needs of the general internet usage, you can even adjust it to compete with other Content Management Systems that aren’t tailored to blog but make complete sites.  I should really aim to work on a custom design for this blog as its something that I have always meant to develop but just haven’t got around to it (just being lazy and not very creative).

So that is where the site is at, you should see different games here now as well because my League of Legends play has declined.  I still enjoy it but I am slowly going off the game, probably due to where my MMR is I have no doubt.

Do Domains Matter?


I’ve owned this site now for more than 5 years and at the time I had big aspirations and plans for the site.  I wanted to educate users on how to use a computer, focusing on security and maintenance but then the focus changed.  I choice the domain name because I wanted a brand name I didn’t want something specific to anything.  I wanted the brand to grow and be able to use an umbrella name.

Being young and naive now I just use it to post my content that I produce on the internet and having other domains which better fit my content is going to be my biggest problem. I like http://stuschronicles.co.uk because that is what these posts are but there is something holding me back from dumping this domain, apart from the obvious of I have email addresses here it is my first domain. The one thing that hasn’t changed over the years, and it would be weird without it.

Don’t get me wrong I am not that sentimental the major factor is the email addresses as they aren’t all mine and I am not 100% sure what to do about it.  I am thinking of putting a hosting package on http://stuschronicles.co.uk and move away from Tumblr a little and then adding this domain to Zoho to get the mail sent there.  But is it really worth it?

Although http://stuschronicles.co.uk would be a better fit it just seems like it’s too much hassle to be sorting out for something that is just a hobby (Especially after my outage on Tumblr for more details go here).  Do domains matter to you?  Would you change?

Domian Outage

I know that this doesn’t apply to this blog but as it is heavily linked with my Tumblr.  I would like to apologies to my followers and audience on http://stuschronicles.co.uk for the slight outage.  I was playing around with the DNS settings for the domain and hadn’t realised that the site had been affected.  To most it won’t have caused any issues because the posts would still appear in your dashboard and as they are mainly redirected here you wouldn’t have had any issues seeing my content.

So once again I apologize for the technical difficulties faced by this domain and rest assured it won’t be happening again.  As now I have everything back up and working on the Google DNS so I assume that all the DNS will be updated soon (Prime example my default DNS hasn’t updated yet).

I will also be trying to put out some videos next week, just been a bit of a hectic week for me this week even though I am getting time to play League of Legends and Hearthstone I am not getting the chance to record the videos.

A Busy Couple of Days

Been a busy couple of days with things going on outside my virtual life, but I have been playing League of Legends a bit but mainly Hearthstone of which I am hoping to get a few games out about mainly with friends and not really aimed at any one topic.

Why I am going back to WordPress from Tumblr

Of late I am sure you’ve noticed that I have been putting together my content on my old WordPress.org blog.  After a good 1 year on Tumblr I just feel that WordPress is more of what I am looking for.  It just gives me more functionality and I won’t be loosing anything by converting back to WordPress because it links in nicely with Tumblr.  All my content will be still going to Tumblr just in link form.  I wouldn’t have made the switch if that wasn’t the case because I enjoy the community that it has and the audience that I have gained from it.
Will I be using WordPress.com when my hosting runs out for this current blog?  No because once you cost out all the features I would need it becomes more expensive with less freedom.  Has Tumblr really lost out to word press in my opinion? No I just want the freedom to configure my site and now that the Jetpack in WordPress allows you to automatically send the posts to Tumblr.  I am now getting the best of both worlds.
I would recommend Tumblr hands down if you’re a new start-up and don’t want to spend the money for your blog because it will already have an audience for you, you just have to do the tags right.  This post hasn’t gone the direction I wanted to however perhaps it will give you a good idea of why a switched and my thought process.