Computer Speed or Internet Speed what is the most important?

This was a question that I had been asking myself ever since my Chromebook thoughts, and a question that Chris Pirillo also asked on YouTube.  Now it has been for years that computer speed was the most important thing to people, but as computing has evolved we find our lives increasingly on the internet and […]

Do you consider a Professional Manner while on the Internet?

While looking around at new features to put into my blog or plugins that made enhance the experience, I started to reflect on the way in which I use the internet and how I portray myself.  This was brought about by considering all the information that could be taken about me mainly from this blog, […]

Google Chrome Thoughts on Privacy and Much More

If I’m honest I used Google Chrome when it was in beta before it came out about all the information that it could be leaking back to Google and then I promptly removed it from my system, the trouble with me is I haven’t got anything to hide but I don’t really like people looking […]

Young People’s Privacy on Social Networking Sites

After posting about Facebook’s (here if you want to read) want to allow under the 13s to use its site as well as other people and my suggestions that I came to with parents having the ability to see everything that is going on their child’s profile, something occurred to me is if there was […]