Shane Williams out for his Final Game in the 6 Nations

Could this be a blessing for Wales?  On their last game of the RBS 6 Nations one of the best wingers the world has ever seen will not be playing for Wales.  Although I am very disappointed that he won’t be able to play his final 6 Nations game with the fact that Shane has decided that it will be his last year at international level.

Part of the reason why I say it could be a blessing for Wales is the fact that he doesn’t seem to be backing himself anymore, he tends to kick over running at people and trying to take them on in order to get past them.  I am not taking away from what an amazing player he has been for Wales, because in my mind he is one of the best but I just feel that he is on the slippery slope down over the last couple of seasons as his confidence level is no where to be seen.  What is the point in being known for being able to turn on a six pence and tie defenders in knots if your not doing it?

For me his lack of confidence was shown when he had 3 defenders to beat that wasn’t in a line and consisted of forwards against Ireland and he opted to kick the ball away.

What are your reviews on the great man?

Twitter says no to most third party applications

Twitter is clamping down on third party applications and the API tokens that they have previously given out for applications to receive and send tweets from the application.  Although they haven’t completely stopped third party applications from working with their service they have however pushed the standard that the applications must meet up.

To be honest as I slowly started to use my Android Smart Phone with the release of Twitters own application to it I could see it happening.  The reason that there is such a fuss about what is happening in the world of Twitter is because Twitter didn’t start off by developing applications for its service and relied on others to produce them.  The problem with this is the success of these products Twitter wanted to develop its own to get a piece of this market.

I must admit however I do use Tweetdeck over the official application and that is mainly because it gives me the ability to use the application both on my desktop and phone, which has its advantages in the fact I see exactly the same from the application on the desktop as well as the phone.  It also gives me the ability to view my Face book updates, which means I can do both in one application.

I personally won’t be very happy with they stop all third party applications, as it means that we as the end user will be missing out on possible new ideas to be used by the service or the ease to post to both Twitter and Face book at the same time.  As it stands however they are not threatening to stop third party developments altogether just that they must meet higher standards so fingers crossed that this will only make the development better.


Internet Traffic Management in the UK

From the early days of Broadband in the UK we have been suffering some sort of traffic management in the name of protecting the ISP’s network.  Now what does this actually mean?  In short it means that certain traffic is restricted so that it cannot transfer as quick as different types of traffic, the most common throttled type of traffic is peer to peer traffic (p2p).  This has been stated in the terms and conditions in most ISP’s however most would deny the fact it is being done on your connection when complaining about speed (in my experience).

Under the new plans drawn up by the Broadband Stakeholders Group, is to officially have a traffic management program in place where all broadband services priorities traffic depending on what it is, for example if I was downloading a Linux Distribution and someone else was watching a program on BBC IPlayer my download would take second place to the streaming of IPlayer because a download would be deemed less important for speed against something like streaming from BBC IPlayer.

Although I believe that everyone should be equal on the internet and no one should have more priority then anyone else, as it goes against the ethos of the internet and what it was made for.  I do agree with this move if it is put in place properly due to the fact that as we rely on the internet more for services we need to make sure that everyone gets the best possible service.  With my example earlier I would prefer for my download to be slightly slower if it meant that when watching a TV program on any of the on demand services it wouldn’t be disrupted by the need to buffer.

The downside of this sort of system however it can exploited, for example once put in place there would be an ability to offer a premium services which wouldn’t be fair because it then becomes whoever pays the most will get the best.  So on that basis I think that definitely goes against the idea of the internet without any of the benefits it would offer to the end user.

So in conclusion I will be all for this move as the development of the internet structure for the UK isn’t developing quick enough to cope with the higher demands that the content now has on the internet.  However it does have to put in correctly and made sure that it is not exploited.


Charlie Sheen Fired from Two and Half Men

When I read the headline on my phone my instant reaction was how can they have Two and Half Men without Charlie Sheen?  This question isn’t a reflection on the other actors and actresses in the hit TV Show its just Two and Half Men is Charlie Sheen.  It is not often that you find such a good show for comedy and have in the back of your mind that this could actually be happening to the person portraying the character.

When I further read the article CBS aren’t sure what they are going to do with the TV Series yet but for the time being it will remain suspended which it has been for a few weeks as all this hit the headlines.  Although I don’t condone what Charlie is doing part of me feels that if he was still able to do the work then they should of carried on letting him film, as the TV Series for me is just brilliant.  The problem I get is ok it doesn’t look good when an actor has an addiction, but Charlie is now looking for help and he seems to think he’s making progress, as for worried about the image that Charlie gives I do not understand because his character is what he’s doing so aren’t the network already giving the wrong message already if they are concerned about his behaviour?