The Hacking Scandal

Ok I tried to stay away from the hacking scandal because I for one think it is getting too much press coverage.  Ok we need to know what is going on however the coverage as it is, has to be effecting the inquiries that are taking place about the issue.  The point I wish to make on the subject is that I feel that it is wrong to be holding Rupert Murdoch like they are.

Yes he is the company owner and Yes he needs to held to account for the wrong doing if he has been involved, however I was sat there watching the inquiry yesterday thinking that it was an old man who generally probably didn’t know exactly what was going on.  Ok this can be argued it is his company of cause he knew, but have you stopped and thought of other big companies and how it all works.  The bigger the company the less you have to do with the day-to-day running of the company or at least you gain fewer details over the day-to-day running anyway.

I think that James Murdoch needs to be the one that takes part in the inquiry more than Rupert Murdoch along with Rebekah Brooks, because quite frankly Rupert Murdoch looked old and that he generally didn’t know what was going on, for me anyway.

My question would be would you want your older relations going through this if they are the age they are?  Now I know that he might be one of the people involved and if he is I think he should be punished however putting him through the stress he is to me is wrong at his age.

How do you read your news and is it worth considering going back to the Traditional Paper?

Fleet Street so to speak has had a hammering this week with the departure of the News of the World over the allegations of Phone Hacking, but while watching the headlines on The Wright Stuff this morning it made think about how I read the news and possibly the fact that I could be missing out.  Now I know this goes against my media, not that I am journalist however I am kind of writing a column loosely if you think about it, as this blog is just a running commentary on what matters to me in the most part.

That being said, I realised yes the internet is free to read the news in most cases however I am limiting my news in take.  If you sit there and think about it, you are going directly to the content you want once there you will close the window in the most part.  Unless there is a similar story that catches your eye on that page too, where as if you buy a traditional news paper you get stories that you wouldn’t normally read.

When we look into the educational system you get educated in a smaller array of subjects so you specialise in them the further up the system you go, which is great but can you say that it is the same with the news?  Now we all know that not matter who produces the content that there will be a biased opinion to the news, that’s just human nature.  However I realised while thinking about this subject that the Internet is a great tool for finding things out and gives people the freedom to find whatever they want whether its news from a different country, but I think at the same time it could be making us ignorant to what else is around us.  Where as the traditional newspaper gives us an opportunity to broaden our horizons.

How do you feel about it?

Stop and Think The News of World has been axed

If I am honest I didn’t really want comment on this subject as it is such a sensitive subject.  The problem that the News of the World has faced is the fact that people have been caught hacking celebrities phones in order to get a story.  Although this is wrong and I do believe that the individuals that are to blame need to be put the justice.  Have the companies that have pulled out from advertising in the News of the World actually stopped to think about the bigger picture, yes what has happened have has been wrong and I wouldn’t want my company associated with what has been going on.

But what happens to all the jobs that are lost? This country has a high unemployed statistic and loads of people applying for one position, so why force a paper to be axed culling loads of jobs for innocent people.  There is talk about The Sun now becoming a 7 days a week paper, which could open extra jobs but I think the axing of the paper is going to far and that they just need to find the people responsible not just get rid of the problem by killing the paper in my opinion.

How do you feel about this situation let me know in a comment.



Google Facebook the Competition showing the World the Way

As we see the Global Economy struggling we see more and more companies swallowing each other up to keep businesses going.  However that causes one problem, it means that it reduces competition in the market place which than in turn limits the choices for us as the consumers.

Now Google and Facebook have shown in the last week why competition is key to any market or even for life.  Competition is needed so that you push the bar higher.  Google have launch their new social network as discussed in my previous article here with the chance of video calling being its main pull, now within a week of the limited launch of Google’s social network Facebook has reacted by partnering up with Microsoft to use Skype as a foundation for its video calling service.

Now I could be completely wrong but would Facebook really of made this move if it wasn’t for Google competing my answer would yes they probably would however it wouldn’t have been so quick and we would have had to wait longer for it.  The reason for the move seems to be in reaction to Google.

You can take it out of context of technology and reflect on your own lives and how we make ourselves more skilled or want to learn or achieve more.  The way in which we do this is by creating competition wanting to do better than someone else when you know you can achieve it, this is a very black and white way of viewing things and there are a lot of grey areas in between.  However if out competition there wouldn’t be a need to make better products so should other people and markets take a leaf out the social networking market and look at what these two Giants have really achieved?

Sony Hacker gets Job with Facebook Right or Wrong?

When it comes to security we all know being proactive is better than being reactive, because it is a bit late fixing the problem after the event.  In this case Sony have had to after hackers brought down its entire gaming network.  One of the main culprits was sued by Sony, however was this enough?  The same guy has landed himself a job with internet giant Facebook.

Now part of me understands and can see why someone like Facebook would want to employ a hacker so that they can spot weaknesses in the system along with having such a good programming knowledge in order to do these attacks, what internet based company wouldn’t want these people.  The other side of my argument has he really served his time and isn’t this just rewarding breaking the law.

With the current job climate, so many people are out of work or struggling to find it and you have people who are breaking the law and because of it finding themselves job offers.  Now don’t get me wrong I do believe if you have paid for your mistakes than you have the right to second and chance and for this hacker Facebook is that second chance.  However he has just got the job because of breaking the law and to me that’s wrong.

Also with the increasing hacking activity on the internet isn’t this sending out the wrong message to the hackers.  Oh by the way if you do a good enough job you’ll land yourself a job?

What are your thoughts?


Injunction on BT to block sites with Pirated Content

While doing my daily look around the web I stumbled on an article that said that the movie industry wanted to put an injunction on BT the biggest internet provider in the UK to block sites that has Pirated Content on them.  Now we all know that this brings open a can of worms.

For a start you can kind of see where the movie industry is coming from as highlighted in the article there are sites that purely host or provide links to pirated material and like it or not that is against the law in UK and most places in the world.  The problem comes when you think about what they are asking BT to do and that is censor the use of the internet for people.  Now I know that depending on the circumstances I have been of the mind-set that this is appropriate, for example using a DNS server to block malware for their customers might be a good idea as oppose to writing to individuals to tell them that they are infected by a specific infection like Virgin Media did.

However how would you really feel if you were blocked by your ISP from going to certain sites?  Would you feel like it was an invasion of your rights?

I personally don’t disagree with the movie markers wanting to do something about it however I do disagree with ISP’s putting in place this type of censorship as it is to block content and not block something that can harm people’s computers and the ISP’s network.


Google Panda Update Good or Bad?

This week has seen Google Update Panda.  For you that don’t know what Panda is, it is the software that Google uses in order to workout the ranking of your site

The update is to make it a fairer system, basing the search results on more than just popularity.  The new changes will base its ranking of sites on quality of content as well as its link backs.  There has been some evidence that some sites have lost out to the changes and others have gained but does it mean anything for most?

I don’t think it does it will just mean that people might need to think about the sites they are putting together a bit more, and consider what they are doing other than concentrating on links and other older techniques to get to the top of Google.  Not that means the old techniques aren’t still going to work.  As someone who is interested in this subject, however doesn’t really stress about it I will just see if it changes much on my little site.

Do you think the changes are good or bad?


Virgin Media Tells Customers they are infected Right or Wrong?

The British ISP Virgin Media have hit the news with the fact that they have contact 1500 customers with the fact they are infected with a virus called SpyEye.  Now its no secret that anything with a computer does leave some kind of log and that to the everyday user we aren’t going to hide or try to combat the fact that our ISP’s have the ability to see what we download or what connections we are making to the internet.

The truth is they don’t really know without really looking because it would be two different systems that can be matched up in order to work out which customer is what so for the most part they only know the activity of that IP address and have to find out where that IP address is assigned to.  Now although this is a good reason to get in contact with customers is it right?  It has just highlighted that we might not have the privacy that we should have.

I know that TalkTalk had started a secure DNS which would be a good way to go if Virgin Media want to stop the spread of infections across its network, which means it blocks connections to different addresses as opposed actually seeking out and contact individuals.  Now this itself has its own problems as it could consider censorship and against our freedom to view and say whatever we want as long as it is within the laws of the country we are in.

What are your views on this move by Virgin were they right to notify customers?  Do you know of an alternative method that you would prefer ISPs to use to protect their customers?  Let me know in a comment.


Businesses in Schools

Well sat waiting to go to work today the main headline BBC news were on about was the need for guidelines on how businesses can sponsor and run courses in schools.

While the report went on they talked about the fact that these companies were just marketing their product and although I can see that was wrong.  The example was natwest running a personal finance course to sixth form.

Now baring in mind the age of the people in the class they should be able to see through the marketing.  That being said should school be commercially influenced or be a safe haven from the marketing bombardment we see every where else?

My view would be its fine as long as its useful to the pupil and that they are old enough to understand the branding and marketing plugs. So don’t think it should be a guidelined subject just left up to the teachers digression.

What are your views?   

ICloud Good or Bad Idea

I don’t know if you have had your head in the clouds of late but it seems that there is at the moment a huge attack on the gaming industry where hackers are targeting the game developers networks.  Starting off with Sony then Nintendo and latest being Codemasters website.

With that in mind Apple have decided to release a new product called ICloud.  Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of ICloud well if I was an Apple user anyway.  It gives me the ability to sync all my devices with each other giving me seamless access to my most important data no matter which machine of mine I am on, whether it be my IPad, iPhone, or Mac (if I had any of them).  I really like the idea and it seem like a reaction to the Google Chrome OS that will be launched this month, but is it really a good time for both to be launched at this time.

Yes there are always going to be hackers hitting one thing or another but at the moment hackers are in the news so will people want to take the risk of their data being taken?  I would say that if any company is launching a new online service it might be wise to delay the launch with the negative publicity to data safety in the news.

What are your thoughts on this matter feel free to comment?