Faster Review

Something struck me when sitting down to write this review that all my movie reviews are all kind of the same with the same sort of outcome and unfortunately this one isn’t any different. 

The film starts with the Driver (Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock) in prison and it is his release day.  From the very beginning you get the impression that he is not someone to be messed with and has a mission in mind to complete.  Now this story reminded me of my current book I am reading where by both the criminal world and the Police are looking for the same person.  As a Hitman is after the Driver as well as the law after his first killing.  The Driver you find out in the early going has a list of people that he wants to kill but you don’t understand why he is specifically after the people that is after, as the Police further investigate the chain of killings the story soon unfolds and you are understanding why he is specifically going after the list.

Overall I liked this movie however, the storyline did miss a couple of twist and turns which would of made it that little bit better.  That being said I did think that the movie lived up to what was advertised and what was extra surprising all of us that went to watch this movie enjoyed it.  So overall I would give this movie 6/10 just because I felt they could do more with it however that poor score isn’t to say it wasn’t enjoyable and worth watching.

Limitless Review

I really enjoyed this film,  I felt that it had the right amount of action and plot.  It explores the fact that humans only use 20% of their brain and the idea of taking a drug in order to reach the extra 80% of it.

The story starts with a guy that has just split with his girlfriend because he isn’t going any where and she’s had enough.  He then bumps into his ex brother in law and he offers him a drug that is suppose to be FDA approved.  The brother in law leaves him with one pill to try.  After taking it he manages to clean up his act and start writing a book that he hasn’t been able to start in years.

Realising the drug works he wants more and goes back to his brother in law to find things get a whole load more complicated.

The film for me was good and I have even seen it twice, the second time I realised that other then the obvious it just illistrated what comes with being good at something, how nothing is ever as good as it is seems, along with the fact that there is always a downside.  The pill aside with getting better at things the guy was going from living a difficult but simple life to making more and more enemies.  Overall I would give this film a 8/10.


Adjustment Bureau Review

How can I best describe this movie?  The best way to explain this movie would be that it will be the right movie to go and see on a date.  Bit of strange statement to be made about a movie however I thought that it held enough action in it to keep the guy entertained while at the same time had enough romance to keep the girl happy.

After such a weird statement I really enjoyed this film if I’m honest, it challenged the belief of whether we are on a path and whether everything happens for a reason.

The movie shows a guy that is running for senator and he meets a girl who he bumps into again years later, only to find out about a group of people that make little adjustments to everyone’s lives in order to make sure that they follow their own paths or destiny.  Of which he was never meant to see her again. But he does along with getting her number and they have to kidnap him and get the number off him, from there on in he is trying to find ways of which he can beat them in order to be with her.

Overall I’d say go and see this movie as I really enjoyed it and thought the acting in this movie was brilliant, as it was a jack of all trades master of none I wouldn’t give this movie top marks I think it would be 7/10.  That being said it is a movie for everyone just not a blockbuster.


Hall Pass Review

What to say about this movie and where to start?  If I was to be honest it is a typical Owen Wilson movie and for that I really enjoyed it.  The film is about some guys that are obsessed with sex annoyed with this their wives give them what is called a hall pass (a week off from marriage).  So as you can tell already the guys go off to try and pull and they don’t get very far.

I felt the plot was easy to see coming however there is an interesting twist you see which can be easily seen however I didn’t think of it until it happened.  The plot being one of these things you can see coming though didn’t really hinder the film as for me the comedy well and truly made up for it.

The film is hilariously funny and I would recommend you going to see it as I really enjoyed it however I might not say it would be worth paying the full cinema prices, you might be better off going a cheap rate day like we did or just buying it on DVD 6 months after it comes out.  The reason for this is because I loved the film but I wouldn’t say its a blockbuster.



To be honest going to see this film I was thinking not another war movie, but I was pleasantly surprised at this one to be honest.  Most of the material has been done before with quite a few clichés in the flim for good measure, however that being said I would recommending going to see this movie.

Although the opposition is not the normal opposition you would find a marine going up against I felt that you got quite a good insight to what special operation marines have to deal with, along with the extra added bonuses that you get from watching a film to make it that little bit more interesting.  That being said although the main plot was well put together in my opinion this film did lack the development with sub plots.

The first half of the film I thought was quite slow and didn’t really seem to catch my interest, but as the film developed the action become more and more which added to the speed of the film and turned it from a film that I wasn’t really enjoying to something I really enjoyed.  I would give this film a 7 out of 10.


Unknown Movie Review

Where to start with this movie? You have a guy that appears to be going to a conference with his wife in which he’s going to be giving a presentation on a scientific break through.  Of which there is going to be high members of society and the science world there. However he leaves his brief case at the airport and has to go back and get it only to be in a card accident and loose his memory or so we think.

He wakes up in a hospital wondering where his wife is and not knowing what hotel he’s staying at finally works it out after watching the news about this huge conference.  As he goes into the hotel he finds his wife and she’s with another man who’s protending to be her husband.  Everyone around him seems to think he’s nuts as he has no identification, however as the story unfolds he becomes to realise that he’s actually an assasian and was on a job but because of the bang to the head he was actually believing his cover story.

On the way to this conclusion he becomes friends with the Taxi driver that is actually an illegal immigrant and they help each other out.

But the question is what does he do with his new found knowledge of himself and does he stop the plan?

So that’s the basic plot but what did I think of the film?  Well one of the reason for describing the plot so much in this review was in the hope you could see what I saw after and that was the fact it was actually a sort of remake of the Bourne Identity.  That being said the movie is actually really good, the twist and turns were really well done I thought and it wasn’t until after the movie I realised what the movie reminded me about.  The acting I thought was really good and the sub plots in the story kept you intrigued, I would highly recommend this film especially if you like the Bourne Identity.