The Maze Runner Movie Reivew

This is one movie I am not sure what to write about it because it was good but not stand out.

The acting for me was quite good, and to be honest the story was good but predictable.  You could see the end result coming, but there is a bit of a twist in some respects.  However I was left at the end of the movie asking more questions, it is no secret that it is part of a series of books so I don’t doubt there will be a sequel, will I be wanting to watch the sequel the honest answer would be yes because I want answers.

With all this in mind was it a good movie I’d say yes because it has achieved probably what it set out to do as the first movie in the series it has got me wanting to see more.  To try to get my questions answered.

The action scenes were good, and the CGI for me was really well done.  Overall I would give this movie a 6/10 because it was just too predictable but because it has left me asking questions I couldn’t give the movie anything lower.   The movie is one you could miss however if you want to see a movie I can not say not to see it either.

Dracula Untold Movie Review

I wasn’t sure what to think about this movie going because it seemed to be another vampire love story but it was actually quite good.

It starts with a warrior that is known for his ability to fight and he is the prince of an area, in which the king has some demands.  The demand seems too much to the prince and although his lands do not have the army to fight the king to defend itself.  He knows he has to take on the fight to protect his son, from being split up from him and his mother.

The movie itself was really well done I thought because instead of just saying its us versus them, it showed the reasoning behind wanting to become a vampire.  The main character only did it to protect his family and people, whether he won or not is not going to be disclosed but it gives you a real sense of why Dracula become Dracula not just he is.  I think that is what set this movie apart, you always had the moral question of it all.

The acting for me was really good and the action scenes, there was only one thing that I didn’t like and that was the ending I was a little lost.  It kind of suggested that there was life after life, which I was a bit confused by without wanting to give too much away

Overall I would give this movie a 7/10 because it was a refreshing look on the tale and I would say its worth a trip to see.

Sex Tape Movie Review

Cringe worthy and Strange but surprisingly funny.  There is no other way to describe this movie for me because I wasn’t expecting much from it but as I sat there cringing I was there laughing so it must have done its job.

The movie itself also couldn’t have been that bad because it didn’t go through the normal bashing that most really bad movies gets from the mates that I normally go to the cinema with.  Was the acting good?  I would say it wasn’t bad, because I think they achieved what they wanted from the roles.  The story itself was quite simple and nothing that you haven’t seen in the trailer and the comedy was ok.  Would I say it was worth going to see yes but I wouldn’t say it was one that you had to go and see.

Overall I would give this movie 6/10 because it was good, made me laugh in places but it was lacking something.

Hercules Movie Review 2014

Hercules was a weird one for me because going into this movie I was expecting the typical demigod movie.  However the truth is, this movie doesn’t give you that.  I don’t want to give too much away because this movie is worth seeing because there is an unexpected twist.

The other thing that is to note, that this movie very slightly challenges the myths of the gods.   It challenges whether everyone has the ability to become a god as we see them?  You saw Hercules as someone who was physically strong as the mythology says but he was mentally flawed and that meant that he wasn’t the completely physically dominate god that we see him as.

The acting was pretty good,  I won’t say it was the best performance by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, however he did do well it was another style for him in some respects.  He was still playing the physical action hero but there was some scenes where he had to add mystery and emotional distress.

Overall I would give this movie 7/10 and it is one of the better movies out at the moment that I have seen.  However saying that now could be misplaced as I haven’t seen the latest Planet of the Apes or Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Purge: Anarchy Review

The Purge – Anarchy Poster.jpg
The Purge – Anarchy Poster” by May be found at the following website: IMP Awards. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

The Purge was a little disappointing or lacked something so going into this movie I wasn’t expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised by it.  I think the thing that the first one was lacking was it was centred around the one family really from what I can remember, and as a write this I have just realised I should probably re-watch the first one now to do this.

I felt that this one should have been the first in the series because it did a good job of setting up the scene and gave you an understanding of what it was all about.  While just making the movie more exciting, because although the tension was there in the first movie from what I can remember however with the movie set outside, there was a whole new dimension to the threat that was posed to the group you were following.    The other thing that this movie did was hold an untold story which added to the want to see these characters to survive just to find out what their back stories were.

The acting was really quite good, the storyline didn’t let the actors down but considering these were relatively unknown actors and actresses they did really well.  This movie also tries to ask the question would happen if we could get rid of societies weakest and where the richest people control people.

Overall I would recommend people see this movie if they haven’t got anything else to watch, that said though I wouldn’t say it would be a must see.  I give this movie a 7/10 although I can’t really find negatives for this movie I just couldn’t find a reason to give it any-more than a 7.

Tammy Movie Review

Tammy, I must admit this was picked on the basis that the friends I was with had seen everything on at the cinema at the moment.  How I would some this movie up would be it was, what it was because although I enjoyed this movie but I wouldn’t recommend going to see it.

The reason for this is all the good bits are in the trailer and the storyline just seemed to drag.  The plot was just slow-moving and I didn’t much care for the acting.  The biggest problem with the acting was probably the writing more than the actors themselves, it was supposed to be a comedy but it just seemed to be lack luster.  I had seen Mrs Brown’s Boys and found that not that good on the big screen but this was just worse.  I hate giving a movie a bad review because everyone has their own taste and to some this will be a good movie, however finding the positives in this movie is hard.

Overall I’d give this movie 2/10 and wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie at all.  It is in between a drama and a comedy and failing at both for me

Captain America Winter Solider Movie Review

I had high hopes for this movie, not so much for the movie itself but because of the Marvel Franchise.  I feel like we pick apart movies quite a lot especially for ones like this where it might just tie in with other movies mentioning no names but the Avengers.  However sometimes I feel that we need to take a step back and just remember it has been based on a comic and things can happen and they might not necessarily be in order.  I will not go too far into this because it will spoil the movie but it is just a point I want you to keep in mind after you see this movie because some friends were annoyed about something that they did.

As for this movie, I felt the storyline was actually really good.  Simple but well executed, it gave some real depth to the Captain America character from my point of view as I never read the comics I have only really seen him in movies.  It also saw someone take on their own destiny in the wake of having some real self-doubt issues.  There were some twists and turns along the way, with some annoying talk beside me, which kind of ruined some parts for me.  The major reason was that it was comments like “they can’t kill him/her” and your sat there thinking while it seems they just have just wait and see.  Although I am not that green between the eyes I was thinking the same thing, however it just did not need to be said.

The acting I thought was up to the normal high standard and the special effects were good, that being said though I saw the movie in 2D and did not see anything in there to say that I wanted to see it in 3D.

Overall, I would give this movie a solid 8/10 and I really enjoyed it.  It is the typical Marvel movie and I would highly recommend going to see it in 2D.  If you get chance to see it in 3D go for it but I would not say it is a movie that you will see an advantage for the extra price.

Need for Speed Movie Review

What did I expect from this movie?  Not a lot and what I did expect was to be able to sit there and just enjoy a movie for what it was.  That was exactly like it was and it was kind of like Fast and Furious but different at the same time.

The acting was pretty good and the story line was ok, but for me it was the comedy that made the movie.  It had a serious theme to it but it was just well broken up by humor.  The car chasing and special effects were really good if there was any,  Aaron Paul did really well in his role, as he has been in Breaking Bad he played the out of control kid and in this movie he was the silent tough guy sort of persona.  Although different I felt he pulled it off well and all the characters, seemed to well thought out.

I can only give this movie 4/10 though, because although its entertainment value is high the acting was good.  I just didn’t see anything different in the movie there were very little if any twists in the storyline.  Some of the things that happened just left you asking really, of which is ok but not in a movie where its best in some what of a real world environment.  Would I recommend seeing it?  If you haven’t got something to see and like the Fast and Furious,  I would say yes or if you just want to see a movie, that will make you laugh in places and not involve too much thinking with fast cars all of the above makes it worth watching.

300: Rise of an Empire Movie Review

I went into this movie thinking it was a sequel to 300 and for the most part it is but don’t think it will carry on from where 300 left off.  Trying not to give too much away but it is kind of showing the events of 300 but from a different view and gives even more depth to 300.

The movie itself though is really good, even though it added depth to 300 you can watch this movie even if you haven’t seen 300 because it gives you enough to understand what is going on.  I have to say I really enjoyed the movie I haven’t got many faults with it, because it was just an awesome action movie.   That said it has a strong enough story that means that you don’t have to be happy with just blood and fights but it always helps.

The acting was on par with the original as well.  I thought Eva Green performance was 10/10 but the lead role Sullivan Stapleton I didn’t feel the connection as much with his character like I did with Gerald Butler in the original.

Would I say this movie was worth it? Yes I would quite happily give this movie a 9/10 because the few problems I have with the movie wasn’t anything really but pulls it away from 10/10.  Those negative points would give too many spoilers so I will leave it there but see if you can guess what the negative points were for me.

Non Stop Movie Review

This was one of the movies that I went to the cinema not expecting much, even though it has Liam Neeson in.  As we all know Liam Neeson has this ability to make a movie that is probably really bad and turn it around just to be awesome in my opinion.

He didn’t disappoint in his performance for this movie, I really enjoyed it and although it was all set in the same place and there wasn’t much movement in the movie.  I never felt bored or thinking this needs to hurry up.  The suspense was well-built up and the mystery become bigger and bigger.  That all said I don’t know what it was about this movie but there was something that stops me giving it full marks.  I guess it was limitations that the movie had with the storyline, however I felt the character development was good.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie and would suggest its worth catching with a respectable 8/10