Spectre Movie Review

Spectre is the twenty-fourth James Bond Movie and Daniel Craig’s fourth in which they do something different.  Spectre actually brings together all the previous movies that Daniel Craig has been in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall and illustrating that even James Bond can go up and find organise crime with some interesting twist and turns along the way.

Spectre starts with James being in Mexico after two men, off the books because it has been instructed by the previous M (Judi Dench).  However for the current M (Ralph Fiennes) it causes problems because not a sanction mission and MI6 being under attack by Max Denbigh (C) that is the head of the Joint Intelligence Service that insist the 00 section is old fashioned and needs to change. For this reason, M forces Q to put some tracking blood mechanism in Bond so they can track him no matter where he is.  Though Bond intends to carry on with the wishes of the previous M’s which puts Q and Moneypenny in a very awkward position.

As the Joint Intelligence agenda is pushed and looking like it’s going to win the current M realises the fate of the old ways and MI6 actually lands on the shoulders of Bond because he is the only one that can bring down the force behind the new initiative.  While this is the main plot there are some very unexpected developments throughout the movie and adds even more depth to the James Bond character.  The action scenes were really well done and the importance of James’s mission slowly built up as the story moved on.  James in the beginning just felt like he was going rogue as only James does but as the story developed it really captured how important that mission actually was.

James and Madaline Swann waiting for a lift

The Verdict

Spectre is a really enjoyable action movie.  It had slightly less action in it than other Bond movies but made up for it with twists and turns along the way.  The acting was as you would expect from such a big franchise really well done but there was no stand out performance, other than the leading roles as you would expect.  It would be a very good ending to Daniel Craig’s stint as Bond or even an end to Bond if it was needed.  Well worth a look.

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Review

The Last Witch Hunter is the latest movie done by Vin Diesel and just in time for Halloween.  The movie is centered around Kaulder (Vin Diesel) where he was part of a group of men that went Witch Hunting 800 years ago where he became immortal and from then on he has been the only thing that stood in between the humans and the witches and stopping the war between the two groups.

The Last Witch Hunter, plays on the medieval belief that Witches can bring on huge diseases mainly The Black Plague.  This was referenced early on in the movie and it was a reoccurring threat in the movie, but not the only driving force for Kaulder.  Kaulder was someone that didn’t seem to get attached to someone however what really pushes him into war for want of a better word is the death of his handler Dolan 36 (Michael Caine).  He then goes on a one-man crusade to try and find out who did the deed and to get revenge with some very interesting twist and turns as you go through the story.  The story is very well put together because Kaulder has the ability to see the world in a very black and white view, but he doesn’t and even though he has a hard time trusting people he finds help and trust in one of the most unlikely of places.  Which adds more to the character and the story.

Kaulder ready to take on the Queen

The story and plot were ok but what really made this movie is the action scenes, they were really well done and well placed. The balance between drama and action was really well done because the viewer was never really left to stop and think because of the pace of the movie, it just had the balance right.

Vin Diesel as always was really good but the stand out performance by far Rose Leslie.  The leading lady did really well even if she didn’t say “You know nothing Jon Snow”.  Not taking anything away from Elijah Wood or Michael Caine either but she was the stand out performance and made the role her own.

The Verdict

The Last Witch Hunter, is a well-paced action movie with a very strong storyline.  The performance by the cast is also really well done but even though it was a positive experience and enjoyed, it felt like something was missing.  It didn’t have that you must see movie feeling even if it was enjoyable and had no really negative points that stood out.  If you’re at a loose end and want to see something this is that movie but it’s not a must see.

The Martian Movie Review

The Martian, for me Gravity but done even better.  That is quite a bold statement because of the success that Gravity saw but for me this movie just seemed to take that sort of story and then added so much more to it.

The movie starts with a team of Astronauts that have made it to Mars and then had to evacuate because of a storm and one man gets left behind.  The reality of the whole situation hits Mark that he might not get back to civilization because of the lack of resources to sustain himself until the next scheduled mission to mars.  The team that had left him behind and are not aware that he is alive and are feeling guilty for what has happened, and NSSA are holding back that they have found that he is alive.

After some back and throwing, they finally hatch a plan to send Mark supplies and allow him more time to live on Mars behind they can get another rocket up there to bring him back.  However, Mark has already worked out that he needed to be more self-sufficient because communication was nonexistent for a bit, and he has already started to grow his own potatoes.  As you can gather though there were some more complications and not everything is smooth sailing.

I hear you ask what makes this movie better than Gravity because the balance of comedy and drama was really well done.  Every adversity that Mark met it was met with a joke, and the cinema was laughing out loud, but the drama was really well put together as well because there was also tears in the screening.  I felt that acting was top notch as well not one person let the cast down.

I would give this movie a 9/10 because the humor was matched with great drama.  I really enjoyed the movie and everyone walking away from the cinema couldn’t find a bad word to say against the movie.  I would highly recommend you go to see this movie.


Legend Movie Review

Legend the latest movie that tries to document the activities of Britains most notorious gangster The Krays and if I am honest this was a movie that I was really looking forward to.  There are multiple reasons for this one is I have some sort of fascination with the story itself and two because Tom Hardy was going to play both Ronnie and Reggie Kray and I wanted to see how they would manage the scenes where they were stood next to each other.

The story was going to be intriguing for me because everything that I have seen or read was about them when they were still alive and anyone would some common sense would accept that people like that even though behind bars could influence what was said about them.  Not only that the movies and documentaries would have had to go to them for the rights to the story and there in lies the problem.  What I found quite interesting though the story was told by the view of Frances Shea (Reggie’s wife that committed suicide) and with the new evidence to how the relationship might have been it added more intrigue.  The story although centered around Reggie specifically and the relationship between him and Frances with the way in Ron would cause problems for them, I thought the facts of the story as far as I knew it was pretty well done.  The were a few things that were left out, but it was interesting because of the fresh view on them.

As a non-Kray fan though it would seem the story was lacking in some respects because the guys that I go to the cinema with commented on how the interesting parts of the story for them was the feud with the Richardsons but it seemed over before it began and they didn’t go into enough detail about it.  However this for me was easily understandable because it was close to real life in the fact the gang got caught by the police before anything really happened.

Now onto the movie itself, I did enjoy it but couldn’t help but feel that it was a bit of mix of trying to be true to real life and making it a comedy where they made Ronnie out to be a real dumbass.  Which did annoy me a little because although he had his mental health issues and some of the attitudes were right from what I’ve read and seen so far but couldn’t help but feel they went over the top with how dull they made him out to be.  The performances, however, was really well done especially Tom Hardy, he did a really good job in this movie to play both characters.

Overall I would give Legend myself 7/8 because really enjoyed it and although the way Ronnie was portrayed was a little annoying, it wasn’t too far from what I was expecting and I would recommend it to any Kray Fan. As a non-Kray Fan, my friend gave the movie a 5/10 mainly because it didn’t have the gang warfare he was hoping I don’t think.

The Transporter Refueled Movie Review

I have to admit to something that most movie fans will not like that much and that is that I haven’t actually seen any of The Transporter movies all the way through, however knowing the previous star and the few snippets I have seen I knew what to expect from the franchise going into the movie, and that was mindless action.

Guess what it didn’t disappoint on the first thing that came to mind the action and violence in this movie were great, some of the scenes you were left there thinking did he really need to do that.  However, the majority of the scenes made sense.  The mindless action does sell this movie a little short however because it does have a bit of a story to it, but I wouldn’t say it has as many twist and turns than Hitman Agent 47.  The story itself was basic, but you never knew quite where it was going to end, and whether the lead characters were going to get together or not.

The acting for me was well done and if I am honest they did such a good job, I don’t think the franchise was really hurt by not having Jason Statham in it.  Although there were stars in the movie that I had seen before I can’t say they were big blockbuster actors and for that reason I thought they did a really good job.

The story was well put together in my mind but can’t help feel that it could have had more in it because although holding out on a few relationships it didn’t really have much else.  The problem with this is that it didn’t leave you asking any questions after the movie.  Which I like not only from a movie imagination point of view but it also gives you something to talk about on reviews and with others.

Overall I would give this movie 7/10 because I really enjoyed it and it was an easy going movie where you didn’t have to read the lines.  If you’re at a loose end and want a movie full of action and not much thinking this is definitely the movie for you.  How did you find the movie? Let me know in a comment below

Hitman: Agent 47 Movie Review

Hitam: Agent 47 was one of the movies that just crept up on me and if I’m honest I would have been looking forward to it but not expecting too much.  I had always been interested in the game as a kid, but they were always the type of game I would start and then get so far and give up because I got stuck.  Back stories aside this movie didn’t surprise me in the slightest, it was mindless action.

The guys that I go to the cinema with was in a surprisingly good mood so we spent the entire of the first 5 minutes just making the joke that the movie wasn’t very original because it really wasn’t.  Obviously it was based around the games but you just didn’t get the feeling that it was any different from any other assassin based movies.  The positives for the movie, however was its action scenes.

I thought that action scenes were really well done and if I am honest I was a little let down because if they had taken the action and given it more suspense and more depth in the story it could have been a really good movie.  All the actors fitted their role and even the story wasn’t that bad as a premise.

The story of Hitman was a women where she doesn’t really know her past and is in search of her father and then there are two different groups of people after her father to get the secret to a science experiment.  Now the question is who does the she trust?  For me, this is a great story for a movie, but they just didn’t hold onto the cards long enough for me and seemed to rush into the action.  Not that, that is a bad thing, but I was just left wishing they had built on story and made the action scenes mean more.

Overall I think I would give Hitman: Agent 47 a 6/10 and I wouldn’t say it’s a must watch but if you want some easy watching with action this is the movie for you.

Man From U.N.C.L.E. Review

It’s been a while that I’ve gone into a movie not knowing what to expect however this was a bit weird for me.  The hype around it was it was a James Bond type movie, and to be honest I can see the connection but I wouldn’t describe it as such because there is something that I can’t quite put my finger on that makes it completely difference, but don’t panic because it is a still a spy movie.

One of the major things that stood out for me in this movie which was surprising was the comedy.  Having seen Henry Cavill in Superman I wouldn’t have put him down as a comedy actor but he really did pull this role off albeit a really bad American accent he made the role his.  That would probably be my only complaint I had with his performance or casting in the role, was his accent, it just didn’t sound right to me.  He would have been better being on the British side if you was going by accent.

The storyline/plot was really well done as well because you thought you knew what was happening and then all of a sudden there was a twist and the story would go off in another direction.  You never quite knew who was going to live or die. The action scenes were also done really well because in combat, they shot it in such away in a few scenes you never knew who was actually getting hit and who was going to save the encounter.

Overall this was a fun and fully enjoyable movie the acting was well done albeit accents being struggled with, along with well shot action scenes and some well placed comedy scenes I would have to say this movie has something for everyone and give it a very solid 8/10.  Enjoyable but not blockbuster for me.

If you anything to add to this review or disagree with anything said then feel free to comment below.

Fantastic Four – Heroes Unite Together Movie Review

Fantastic Four is always one of those movies that I look forward to not just because it’s a Marvel story but because it is no longer made by Marvel it makes me interested because in the latest offering from Marvel there has been too many links to The Avengers I feel. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that because I really enjoyed both The Avengers movies but some times it nice to have something separate and I do understand that The Avengers is the poster child for Marvel but at the same time take Ant-Man for example after watching a while to reflect it left me wondering did it really need all the references to the The Avengers?

Rant over about Marvel and The Avengers let’s get into the movie, I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t say that it was the must see Blockbuster that I was hoping for, but as an action movie I found that it was more a drama super hero movie but all in all quite well done. The problem I think came from the way that this movie was written, and how it wasn’t quite what people were expecting, the majority of the movie was based on building up the characters and the back story for want of a better word. The heroes spent more time without their powers than they did when they had them. As I non comic book reader though the way in which some characters were bought in was interesting the little that I know about the Fantastic Four was obvious because of the delay in introducing Johnny Storm for some reason I thought Victor was going to be Mr Flame On in this movie not realizing he was actually Dr Doom.

Although the comments about the movie was a bit more drama based I felt that this was good because you brought up some really origin to the characters because previous Fantastic Four movies they already had their powers and they kind of skipped over how it actually happened in my opinion. This was something that I personally liked however the guys that I go to the cinema with wasn’t that happy with the new look and I could see why. It was good going into the back stories and everything and them not having their powers but they didn’t give the final fight enough time in my opinion and they could have extended it a little.

Now I think I am going to stop the review I think because I am getting dangerously close to spoiling it. I would say the acting was good, the story was good but the action lead a lot to be desired. Overall I would give this movie a 6/10 because I enjoyed it but it had some serious pitfalls .

How did you find the movie let me know in a comment below.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Movie Review

It’s been a while since I have seen a Mission Impossible movie and to be honest they were starting to run a bit dry for me I liked the premise behind them but I don’t know they got over used.  This one though was one I was looking forward to due to the fact it had Simon Pegg in it as I thought he could bring something different into the franchise the question is did he?

Right from the get go though you could see that this was now going to be similar to the other previous movies because the IMF was under attack and they needed to go double agent in order to save the world again.  This was actually really well done though in my opinion because I was sat watching the movie not sure whether the IMF was going survive as an organisation let alone Ethan Hunt.  Unlike similar movies lately I thought the use of gadgets and technology was really well done because they didn’t go over kill and they focused more on the skills of the agent rather than their reliance on tech to get them to their end game.

I thought that the action was really well done with the right amount of drama and suspense building.  Simon Pegg did offer something different to the movie, the comedy was well placed and was all centred around him which was really good because I don’t know I don’t really see Tom Cruise in a more comedic role.  Simon Pegg’s performance wasn’t the only good performance, there was other characters that were stand out and you didn’t quite know which side they were on not wanting to name names because of spoilers.

Overall I would give this movie a 7/10 there wasn’t enough in the movie to give it a lot more than that, along with I wouldn’t say it was a must see but it is one that if you’re at a loose end and enjoyed the previous Mission Impossible movies than this is definitely worth a watch.

Ant-Man Movie Review

A brand new character coming out of the Marvel Universe to the big the screen, makes me nervous because Marvel in recent years have done so well with their movies you just know at some point they will slip up.  Not saying they haven’t but by in large the recent batch of movies have been a huge success.

Ant-Man was a character that I knew nothing about, which is no surprise to you guys that follow this blog as in some respects I lead a very sheltered life, but that was also a good thing because other than seeing the trailer it gave me a fresh view on the movie instead of being influenced by external factors.  I have to admit that the balance was there in this movie they had the right amount of drama and action, it was some where on par with Guardians of the Galaxy as it was slightly slower paced for me than the Iron Man and Avenger Movies. There was also a nice tie into The Avengers so it will be interesting to see if/when Ant-Man will be part of The Avengers team.

The acting in this movie for me was really good, it was strange seeing Michael Douglas in a Marvel movie but he did an awesome job, and played the part really well.  After talking about Batman and DC over the last couple of weeks due to my game of choice I did find the villain really quite interesting in the movie due to the fact that with most Marvel Villains he wasn’t conflicted at all unlike DC villains, that said though I noticed that the Heroes in this movie were a little more conflicted.

Overall i would highly recommend this movie, which is no surprise and I would give this movie a 8/10 it was good and worth watching but it just didn’t have that final blockbuster feeling like other Marvel Movies have.