Let’s Play The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1

This is my first real last play.  I know there are some audio issues but hopefully they will be sorted in Episode 2 that should go live later today on YouTube and here tomorrow.  I don’t know what to write about it as the video’s explain themselves really. Hope you all enjoy

Subscribed to My First Streamer and Why?

So I have always been one of these people who didn’t subscribe to streamers because I made sure I had AD Block disabled while watching their stream.  However when sat there one day last month I decided to subscribed to ImaQTPie (QT) which to anyone that knows me would know is a bit strange because […]

My Initial Thoughts on the Eve Industry Changes

Today was the first day since the big change that I have actually had time to sit down and have a look at it all.  The window and tools to do the research and manufacturing is a really good improvement in my opinion.  That was one of the hurdles that always put me off going […]