Rampage Move Review

Rampage starring Dwayne Johnson The Rock and Naomi Harris directed by Brad Peyton is based around a primate specialist that ends up having to deal with super strength gorillas Apes and all sorts

Rampage is another typical Rock movie where it’s full of action the Rock plays the alpha male that has all the answers but doesn’t have all the answers and needs the help of the specialist the crisis in hand. The funny thing about this movie is the Rock actually plays a specialist in his field and even though he’s playing the alpha male character is quite knowledgeable of primates and what he needs to do to be able to control them to influence their behaviour specifically George the gorilla.

The premise of the movie is that a pathogen has been developed but it’s so ethically wrong that the development is taking place in space and as it’s re-entering the Earth’s orbit the shuttle that it is on or the escape pod basically explodes. Leaving the research and the pathogen falling randomly into different environments infecting any animal that it comes into contact with. The interesting part of this part of the movie is that it only seems to infect Apex Predators whether this is just luck or whether is because the apex predator would be a little bit more confident than any other random animal I don’t know but it is Apex Predators and this is where the majority of the story comes from. The problem is how do you stop an apex predator when it’s been infected to be even stronger and have different characteristics to enhance its performance ability to kill and other strengths.

The plot itself it’s quite simple we can kind of get what’s coming next there isn’t really any surprising twists and Turns but there is some good character development and overall the action outweighs the simplicity of the plot. The acting itself is well done even though that it only needs to be simple the Rock does a really good performance as normal but he is playing his traditional role so it’s not really stretching him in any form of the imagination. The best bit of this is while everything is going horribly wrong and you can see where the bad guys are and the good guys and everything works out as you’d expect there is quite a lot of comedy in this action movie and it’s set so it’s got you laughing but then at the same time your concentrating on what’s going on which is always quite good.

Overall I give Rampage a 7 Out of 10 which is being quite generous because it’s just a action movie feel good Tugs at your heartstrings at certain points and is great chemistry between the rock and need gorilla that well this isn’t exactly difficult because the gorillas CGI and the rocks only having to react with himself it’s still really well done and brings some Comic Relief to the situation well showing a bond between a human and animal whether it be fake or not. I’d recommend going to see this movie if you just want an action movie where you can chill and just enjoy the comedy value of it.

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