Wrestlemania 34 Thoughts and Reflection the WWE Product

WrestleMania 34 I have to admit that I haven’t watched the WWE production in over a year. WrestleMania was the last event that I saw but what made me want to watch WrestleMania 34 was then The Undertaker coming back and Ronda Rousey.

None of the other matches on the card really grab me because I’m an old-school attitude era guy and for some reason I just can’t get into the current Talent not that there’s anything wrong with the current Talent it’s just they aren’t engaging enough whether that’s the writing or whether that’s the individual that’s open to discussion in this blog post is not based on that period

So let’s look at the Ronda Rousey Triple H Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle match. This match was really quite good and I really enjoyed it the irony of this match was the leader of the company was in a match where the WWE has made it so that it’s got the product has got to be PG. The irony in this Triple H engages Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon hits Kurt Angle the lines kind of blurring with Stephanie McMahon being part of the branding team and Triple H overseeing of the general day-to-day running of the company,  you would have thought they would want to stay away from domestic violence possible complaints especially as we know the wrestlers can be fined if they  bleed or causing other wrestlers to bleed at the same time.

Well, this complaint is a bit weird coming from somebody that was a fan of the attitude era this is a complaint based on these are the leaders of the company and they are not following the rules wrestlers are known to get into trouble for blood and other stuff, not PG friendly. However this isn’t to take away from the match at all in the slightest because it was really well done I thought Rousey did a really really good job as she was out of her element, the only problem with it was that you realistically knew Stephanie McMahon could never stand up to Ronda Rousey and this then causes the issue that she realistic they had to go up against Triple H because Stephanie McMahon didn’t want to be in the ring with her you can kind of see it from the outset but the overall it was really enjoyable match.

This brings me to the John Cena and the Undertaker match this match pain me the reason I say this is not because the match was bad not because any of the wrestlers involved made a bad move considering that neither of them has or had a lot of time ring time at the moment from some of my  research but the problem is this match made absolutely no sense to me. The problem with this match is that John Cena is coming towards the end of his career The Undertaker seemed like he had retired against Roman Reigns last year leaving his hat, his gloves and his coat in the ring. It made sense for this old-school wrestler because he would want to go out on his back and give the new guys a push John Cena, however, doesn’t need a push and neither does The Undertaker. The match seems quite squashed because of how they did the segment. Bringing somebody new into versus John Cena thinking that the Undertaker wouldn’t turn up The Undertaker then eventually turns up and they have a match is relatively short one the Undertaker wins well I’m giving spoilers away here you’re not missing much he did old school and he seems to be moving better than what it was like working with Roman Reigns and didn’t seem to be in as much discomfort. But my question is why did they do this because it didn’t seem to benefit the wrestlers and it was just a random match whether it was put in to increase ratings because if you’ve got John Cena on a card and The Undertaker you kind of guarantee to have bums on seats and we know that the WWE is struggling for ratings at the moment so it could have literally been to get bums on seats who knows only the bookers and the promoters will know the answer to that or whether The Undertaker wants one last run I don’t know.

So how did you find WrestleMania was there any other matches that stood out for you like I said they didn’t have my interest let me know in a comment below how did you feel about John Cena and the Undertaker because I have strong feelings about this because I feel John Cena and definitely the Undertaker kind of deserve better and I’m a bit confused on what they’re trying to do with this angle whether The Undertaker back for one more angle I have no idea but I am not happy with it.

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