Love Season 2 Review

Love Season 2 carries on directly from Season 1 where Mikey (Gillian Jacobs) has admitted to Gus (Paul Rust) that she is a sex and love addict and right after they kiss. Is this a reason for the couple we have been rooting for not to be together?

Love Season 1 had us rooting for the couple to get together but with the admission of Mikey in the cliffhanger of the finale of the first season the second season leaves you wondering if the couple really should be together. Mikey is committed this time to her rehab and having all the success that her life can give her that she has doubts whether she should be this happy. While Gus this season seemed to be the character to be falling apart a little more dealing with his own issues.

Bertie (Claudia O’Doherty’s) is back along with most of the supporting cast returns for Season 2 and continues to explore relationship problems that the leads can’t really explore and that’s going back to familiarity. Without giving too much away the struggles with Randy become a focus even for the Mikey and Gus.

The amazing thing about Love is that it manages to grab you, and while things seemed to move forward you just know no matter how well things are going that something is going to come around and put a huge spanner in the works. Along with the feeling that although Mikey and Gus shouldn’t be together because of her addictions, season 2 also finds them having to deal with a long-distance relationship. That shows the cracks in Gus as well as Mikey and that the pair might not be perfectly matched like we once thought because Gus’s need to fix people and be accepted could possibly be putting too much pressure on Mikey.

The way in which Love tackles some of the issues above is amazing Love seems to touch on issues of a relationship no one else is willing to go. Gillian Jacobs was the stand out performance once again this season but Paul Rust has really grown into Gus, while they were good in the first season chemistry and the performance in the second season just went up a level of comfort and improvement.

Overall Love Season Two has the same addictiveness of the first with the viewer rooting for Mikey and Gus but as they start to be more steady and be in a more grown-up relationship the pressure starts to show. This pressure starts to put doubts on whether they will last.

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