Jessica Jones Season 2 Review

Jessica Jones Season 2 carries on from Season 1 but with the main enemy Killgrave gone can it continue to be one of the standout Cartoon Superhero stand out show?

Jessica Jones stands out from the crowd of Superhero shows because she is the complete opposite of most. Jessica struggles daily with her powers or abilities depending on how you look at it, most shows don’t explore the side where people just wouldn’t want these powers too much. I mean characters do put up a fuss at times and they do show the pitfalls of the leading that lifestyle, however, it’s more the impact that it has on the people around them, not the character themselves. Jessica Jones is different she has the moral compass to want to help people but at the same time shows in every episode that she struggles with it.

Season 2 starts off quite slowly and struggles that Jessica no longer has a villain to instantly go after, you see the aftermath of Killgrave the way that everyone is moving on but still shows signs of their problems after seeing the worst selves by Killgrave. However the main characters such as Trish (Rachael Taylor), Malcolm (Eka Darville) and Jeri (Carrie-Anne Morris) all go on their own journeys and deal with the issues they have in trying to help Jessica, probably the one character that has little impact on the main story is Jeri that arc although important didn’t seem to have the same bearing on the overall story as much of the others.

The season does get going about halfway through though and delves deep into the past of Jessica making her deal with some serious emotions and turns to pit her against her best friends Trish. This was really well done, however, because it allowed the story to go back and really see Trish’s demons and how the dynamic of Trish and Jessica worked. That love for each other regardless how badly they treated other.

Krysten Ritter is once more the shining star in the cast this season, she really does hold the season together even with the slow start. It’s not that Rachael Taylor, Eka Darville and Carrie-Anne Moss do a bad job at playing their characters it’s more of the material they were working with. Krysten Ritter just seems to be able to bring Jessica to life and really capture her struggles with not wanting to be the hero but being forced into such a situation that she is forced to do things she doesn’t want to do but has to do it.

Jessica Jones Season 2 overall I would say is worth a watch, it’s slow going early on and will put some people off but if you hang on to episode 5 of the season you won’t be disappointed. Possibly leaving enough intrigue for a third season.

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