Schedules Important for Your Blog?

Reading anything about growing your Blog, Twitch and YouTube channel there is one thing that comes up all the time and that is to set a schedule. As you can see from how my recent posts have been there hadn’t been one but this is my plan to combat this.

While thinking about my previous articles about how Totalreach has changed over the years and how I’ve made steps to improve things.I realised that I started off really well even back in the Joomla days because I was putting content up 3 times a week a post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This however due to real life and other projects went by the board and meant that I would spend 6 months without posting or go through stages of posting daily.

Daily posts where evident last week where I got a bit trigger happy with my posts, so the plan for me is to go back to posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday the time hasn’t been picked yet. However, blogging unlike Twitch Live Streams are easier to schedule because you don’t need to be free at those times.

The overall plan is to get back into streaming as well, but that is going to take a backseat for now because I can’t commit the time at specific times for streams. I can, however, schedule my posts and make sure they are well written beforehand. This post excluded.

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