Optimising Your Workflow to Increase Quality of Your Blog Post

Optimising your Workflow for producing blog posts are most of the time about adding fewer steps into your content creation, however, I ended up adding more steps into my process as I found that it could increase the quality of my content.

Improving your Blog or WordPress site post I must admit took a different direction than I planned but while constructing that post I felt the need to highlight how Totalreach had changed and explained why I made the changes I did to the site. The history was important and the development but I ended up concentrating on the technical side of things with the plugins and other changes the site has gone through of the years without mentioning the workflow changes blog posts production has gone through.

The number one tip is never stop learning, I am constantly reading on better ways to do my content. My content has changed over the years from commenting on current affairs to focusing more on reviews so here are the changes I’ve made because of the change in style.

When I first started blogging I would pick a news article and start typing in WordPress, this worked quite well for me because it was opinionated and I wanted to the reactions to be raw. However since starting blogging again i now start by writing a post in Google Docs, this allows me to have no nonsense no distraction window to produce my content. By adding Google Docs not having an editor for my content it allows me to have a second or third read of my content before it goes out.

As more of my content is Reviews of TV, Movies and Games not that I have managed to do this yet, but the number one tip for review writing is to watch or read whatever you’re reviewing more than once. The problem is if I have gone to the cinema to see a movie going twice isn’t practical and sometimes TV is just too time consuming to watch twice. So the coping mechanism I have decided to use to deal with this read other reviews after I’ve written my initial thoughts down and see what others have seen in the show or movie and add bits if I feel I’ve missed it or there is an oh yeah moment.

The final thing I’ve added to my process is to make sure to use the read more function in my posts. This has made it that I really do concentrate on the opening paragraph or lines so that they are catchy and also good for SEO purposes.

What’s your workflow has it changed? Let me know in a comment below and if there is anything else worth adding to my process.

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