Overwatch Different to other FPS’s?

Overwatch is a first-person shooter from Blizzard but with a difference. The thing that makes Overwatch different is Blizzard has built this game with eSports in mind giving the FPS special abilities.

First person shooters aren’t my thing normal due to slow reaction speed and questionable hand and eye coordination but there is something about Overwatch and while writing this review is about a year or more since I did the initial review on YouTube and everything that is suggested in this video is the same even though I have put more time into the game.

Each hero has different abilities and roles within the team I little like League of Legends but you’re in first person. The team comps are similar as well in the fact you need certain roles to be a successful team, that said though Overwatch brings the ability that you have Call of Duty being able to switch classes in this game Hero at the spawn point. Having put 6 hours into the game now with friends I have come to realise it is about your skill and reactions like any FPS but that isn’t the deciding factor.

The deciding factor with my limited experience is the ability to adjust what your playing on the fly, I’ve had the most success when switching heroes mid game to adjust to what my team is playing and what the enemy team is playing. For example, I have taken a liking to Torbian and on defence, he’s great if you can get a good set up and with my playstyle of being slow reacting the turret makes up for my shortfalls. However, as soon as we lost the objective and the payload started to move I recognised the change that was needed and that was DeVa so I could sit on the payload and blast people. Yes, Bastion would have also been a good pick but wasn’t what the team needed at the time we needed more of an off tank.

Overwatch for me is different to other FPS’s because of the way the hero’s work and the unique gameplay. While I haven’t played competitive yet and I am not likely to anytime soon. I have to say I find Overwatch very enjoyable because you don’t always need to be good to be successful, it gives you that time to learn as long as your team is playing the right team comp and you’re willing to adjust.

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