PS Plus to drop PS3 and PS Vita Games

PS Plus has in the last 6 months taken a huge hit. Sony has not only increased the cost of PS Plus they are now going to reduce the number of free games that you get with your annual subscription to only PS4 Titles.


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PS Plus when considering the console wars won the battle over Xbox Live in previous years because when PS Plus first came out it was the same price as Xbox live, but it offered games whereas Xbox Live didn’t and at that point, PS Plus wasn’t mandatory in order to play games alone. Now more and more games are requiring it and they recently increased the price from £39.99 to £49.99 in July and announced today from March 2019 it will no longer be giving away PS3 or PS Vita games as part of the bonuses.

Let’s take a step back and digest this for a minute, Microsoft still have their Xbox Live Gold subscription at £39.99 and are giving away games for both the Xbox One. Sony has increased the price to £49.99 and only providing games for the PS4. Taking the positives from this if you can or the bits that you can understand, the price increase I kind of get, if Sony is struggling in order to give out all the free games they do. Removing the PS3 games I also kind of get because at some point you have to remove the old tech but their handheld as well?

It does feel like Sony loyalists are getting a rough deal and also this move will also make it even harder to compete with Microsoft in the console wars as they have been slowly moving away from consoles anyway, opening up Xbox Games to the PC market as well as console. It will be interesting to see the backlash of this move because if it had been on it might not have been as bad but with the price increase as well in the last six months it’s going to be a bitter pill to swallow.

What are your views on what Sony have done? If I am missing something then please let me know in the comments below.

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