Using Google Chrome with no Adblock is it manageable?

Google announced last week that it would incorporate an Adblock feature as default into its browser Google Chrome to block any advert that doesn’t meet the advertising standards. Having used an Adblock of some kind for many years I wondered just what it would be like now Google had added Adblock functionality as part of the base browser.

Acer Chromebook C7
Acer Chromebook C Series
Dealing with the elephant in the room here, you run Adblock even though for years this blog itself had Google Adverts running on? Yes, I did and I did what many content creators do and try and keep the adverts to a minimum trying not let it get in the way of the content that people might want to see on my blog, along with disabling my Ad Blocker on sites that I used a lot and valued the content on.

Over this past week I haven’t changed my browsing habits and just carried on without the Adblocker and was amazed at the difference. While some websites do an awesome job of controlling ads and where the appear others left me with a headache from just trying to find the content I was there to read. This is where I think Google making efforts to block adverts that don’t meet standards is a good move because nothing against those sites but some of the adverts were just too big and too intrusive.

Emsisoft Surf Protection since removing Adblock

Security is also a huge concern for me because I used Emsisoft Anti-malware on my Windows machine and normally with an Adblock in place it sits there and you don’t hear a peep from it. This week since disabling the Adblock plug-in I have seen an increase in alerts from my security about Phishing attacks. I have to also admit I have it set to block privacy risks as well but notify me of them which isn’t standard but still, the increase of these alerts has shown me that your first line of defence is your browser and is your Adblock.

The Chromebook, however, doesn’t have this luxury of an Anti-malware program to notify me of any issues, although being completely based on the browser and the websites you use the security side of it didn’t bother me too much. The problem came with my Acer C720 which is ageing now I have to admit but hasn’t had a problem, with the removal of the Adblocker after opening a few tabs the machine ground to a near enough halt.

Is Google Chrome manageable without an Adblock plugin? For the most part, yes and I will be continuing to try and use Google Chrome without an Adblocker for a little longer just to give it a fair shot. However, in my first week of testing, I would say that by not running and Adblock the performance and security hit your browser takes is noticeable.

I think though the addition should be commented on more of people that hadn’t used an Adblocker and have they noticed a difference?

What’re your thoughts on Google adding Adblock as default in Chrome and have you seen a difference?

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