Greenhouse Academy Season 2 – Review

Greenhouse Academy Season 2 a Netflix Original that you just can’t help but binge watch after you’ve seen the first season. The story carries on from Season 1 and keeps up the pace with the revelation of the end of the first season bring the two plots that seemed so separate together.


Greenhouse Academy Season 2 even though continuing off from the bombshell of the ending of Season 1 that their mother is still alive, does an awesome job of keeping the two narratives going even though it is a fast-paced show. This added to the question when the two plots that were going to merge.

What was a positive aspect was also a negative one in the number of love triangles that the show is dealing with. The main one between Hailey Woods, Leo Cruz and Aspen but the suttle one between Max, Emma and Jackie. While this could be close to real life and having multiple options open, for the type of show it is it kind of left you thinking just the one triangle would be enough.

The conclusion of the multiple storylines was really well done, and what was positive about it is that it was in keeping with the pace of the show. The short episodes and quick to evolve plot is this shows the biggest strength because although I am not the target audience for this show it has had me with the just one episode syndrome.

The end of the season did have me wondering whether they would have a third season with the way that it was ended because it was brought together so well. While leaving it very open-ended. The problem with the season is that it brought together so much and answered so many questions yet left one huge question that would leave the target audience wondering what the answer to it would be. Having done a search on the internet there will be a third season.

Greenhouse Academy Season 2 keeps up the solid plot lines and add more dynamics to the characters as the plot pushes them together. The trials and tribulations of having such different characters having to work together really does show well. With show keeping up the fast pace that was in Season 1 yet keeping you guessing. Another not a must watch but something worth watching if you just want to chill for a day and binge something on Netflix.

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