Greenhouse Academy Season 1 – Review

Greenhouse Academy is a Netflix Original based on an Israeli Television Series called The Greenhouse (Ha-Hamama). The story starts eight months after a sister and brother lose their astronaut mother in an accident on a rocket. The two siblings start a rivalry as they end up in different houses within a private school.

Greenhouse Academy at first comes across as a mix between One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl, the reason for this is in the early episodes of the show concentrates on a sibling rivalry and the need for scholarships for a school. The part that makes Greenhouse Academy different from these shows is how quickly it drops the Basketball angle along with the scholarship it becomes a backseat to the rivalry between the two houses and a separate plot or seemingly separate plot going on behind the scenes.

The cast is relatively unknown to me anyway the only person that Jessica Amlee was the only cast member that I recognised and that was from Heartland. Jessica seems to be playing a very similar role from what she did in Heartland, which suits her well. She brings an edge to nerdier group and balances out the houses, from Jocks and Nerds with the help of the lead role Hayley Woods (Ariel Mortman).

Unlike One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl which is centred at least from the early seasons, Greenhouse Academy is completely set in the private boarding school, the bit that is confusing although it is completely set in the school and the teen hardly leave the school there doesn’t seem to be any lessons only the odd challenge. While this confusion stands the setting is really well done because although the lack of lessons is there, with all the characters in each other pockets it does lead to some really good character development and intriguing developments in the student’s relationships.

Greenhouse Academy Season 1 is an intriguing teen drama with two separate plot lines, that run alongside each other that leaves you wondering what the relevance of the two lines is. Solid acting and big enough character difference to keep you wanting to watch more. That said it’s not a must watch just one to add to the watch on a lazy Netflix afternoon.

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