Power Leveling Black Desert Online – Is it a good idea?

Power Leveling in BDO good or bad idea? This is a question I am now sat here asking myself after I found this interesting video on YouTube and thought why not try it because I had been enjoying my Wizard but wanted to try another class before I got my awakening.

While this guide is really well put together and the guide does stress that you should only power level if you just want to get to 56 as soon as you can because its an alt, I have to say having done it myself to 51 I would advise you not to do this. While all the techniques work and I had hit 51 in about 9 hours being relatively new to the game and probably could have done it faster. The objective was met, however, I can’t say that you do yourself a favour by doing it this way.

First and foremost this style actually playing into the hands of the pay to win theory that surrounds this game. The reason for this is I now find my Death Knight at 51 with hardly any slots and the weight it has is because of the gear that I chose to use Hercules Might, while not a bad set of gear but for a combat PVE toon there could be better. You ask why is this bringing in pay to win, now your at a crossroads do you go back and do all the quests that you should have done anyway and get the slots that way or do you pay to get those extra slots? The other downside of it is that you don’t get the full experience of your skills as a character because you tend to pick skills based on how fast you can clear mobs. So when choosing my addon skill looking back on it now I attached the bonuses to the wrong skill for my playstyle.

I know myself I will go back and do the storyline quests because it’s something that I enjoy doing, but I have to say not everyone is going to have to go back and do the early quests just to expand their storage.

So for whatever reason, you decide whether you want to rush to Level 56 or not hopefully this article will give you all the tools to decide whether not to do it and if you decide to do it the video is awesome and well put together so you can’t go wrong by following this guide.

How do you feel about Power Leveling in Black Desert Online?

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