Black Desert Online – Review First Thoughts

Black Desert Online is an MMORPG that doesn’t follow the subscription like the most popular and well known MMORPG World of Warcraft made by Blizzard but is it really subscription free like Guild Wars 2?

Having spent about 20 hours in Black Desert Online now and not making the end of the story due to changing classes to try and give a good impression of the game. The concern while watching YouTube videos before going headstrong into another MMO was the combat element. Having a few limitations with complicated combos and having to react quick enough seeing that in order to pull off basic moves there were some reservations but after getting to level 40 on both toons at least in PvE, you can get away with Shift Right Click for the most part of Shift Left click. Not to say this is a fair reflection on the combat or the variation of combos because they can be a lot more complicated and probably a more efficient using the variations but mashing is still an option in the game at least in PvE.

BDO WIzard and a Collection of Pets
Collection of Pet’s

The User Interface, however, leads a lot to be desired, while it isn’t the worst that you could have it still seems to busy and could be a lot less cluttered while writing this review I have noticed the ability to move things around and turn things off. This however still a shortfall because even the chat windows could do with some work, as I was playing with a friend I couldn’t see what they were typing to me because my chat windows didn’t have party enabled by default.

Black Desert Online being an MMO feels a little strange with that title because as I’m levelling and working on other aspects of the game that make it unique. The use of workers to get resources while you’re not playing or while you are playing allowing you to do the more action-packed parts of the game, feels as though you can play this MMO completely on your own. As the game develops this might not be the case because nothing has been that challenging other the steep learning cover about different skills and things like enchanting your weapons and the impact of failstacks.

WIzard casting Spells BDO
WIzard casting Spells BDO

Is it pay to win or subscription based? The honest answer to this question is it depends how you play. There are strong arguments that it isn’t really possible to profit in the market house without a value pack because of the tax. The truth is if people stopped using them like EVE the market would go back up and there is where the pay to win mentality could come in because people will always take advantage of the real money to get an advantage. Just like the value pack if pets are highly thought of a way to win, because anyone questing doesn’t or farming mobs will want them to be able to keep up with loot collection. You do get a free pet, but it really wasn’t enough for playing with the Wizard.

Black Desert Online is an enjoyable game with a good storyline and well thought out quest structure. The parts that do let the game down is how much it seems to rely on real money addons to the game, along with the end game supposedly a little weak for PVE orientated players.

How do you find the game? There may be more articles on the different classes and other aspects of BDO to come.  If there is anything you want to hear about leave a comment below.

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