FIre and Fury – Michael Wolf Review

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff is a non-fiction book that is focused on the first 18 months of Donald Trump’s Presidency.  The book takes on quite a few different points of view and opinions on how the White House under Trump has been run and can be at times quite insightful.  The reason for picking this book up was mainly because of the storm that surrounded it.  The intrigue was there to find out The President didn’t like about the book and to try and understand more about the man whether it is right or not.

First Edition Cover Fire and Fury
First Edition Cover of FIre and Fury by Michael Wolff

Fire and Fury starts from the election campaign and with the notation that:


“President Trump never really wanted to to be President he was just there for the fame a glory and that none of his team really thought he could win the race.”

As events unfold Michael brings in different views of the events and how and why Trump has made the decisions he has and the reasoning perhaps for his behaviour.  The book was narrative as if you were having a conversation with Michael about the events, and the interviews that he had, had with his sources without actually asking the questions.

The book has a nice flow to it, and at some places even feels like fiction.  While this could because the book leads you to wonder why the characters in question have a place in such roles.  However, the analysis of each individual feels really well done.  For all the negative that Michael brings up about the falls within in the Trump administration, it is backed up by theory and examples of why it is happening.

Having read this book as an Audiobook, it was interesting as the narration was done really well and I found myself able to move the speed up 1.5x and then found it even easier to get through without feeling like I was missing something or listening to a chipmunk.

Fire and Fury by Michael was an interest perceptive on the Trump administration. Along with being well structured and thought out.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has an intrigue or interest of the man that is Donald Trump or even politics.  Although I wouldn’t take this book as fact because it had moments of feeling like fiction but at the same time it seemed to be based on perspective and as such insightful.


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