The Forest Movie Review

The Forest is based on a Forest in Japan called Aokigahara that is used in order for people to go out and commit suicide. So when Sarah Price (Natalie Dormer) finds out that her twin sister has gone missing and can tell her identical twin is in trouble she can’t help but jump on a plan to go and find her.

The build up to the entry of the forest was a little confusing with constant flashbacks to when Sarah was in the US and back to while she was traveling to Japan. So as a viewer it is difficult to follow just where in the timeline the character was. The background to the forest was well described as the build up to the entry to the forest. The Y?rei was well documented explaining that they feed of the sadness within the person in order to show them visions which tend to lead to them killing themselves and that Sarah needs to remember that what she see’s in The Forest is never what is actually there.

Sarah and Aiden with the Guide as they find there first victim

Determined to find her sister in the knowledge of these facts Sarah goes into the forest with a reporter and a guide. Where they do find her sister’s tent and the decision is then made to stay overnight and the reporter agreed to stay but the guide was dead against it. The problem that Sarah had was that there was some underlying sadness in her, that she might not have realised was there. As the forest start’s to take its grip on her she starts to turn against people helping her and the question becomes is she even going to get out of the forest alive?

The Verdict

The Forest had a story with potential with some really good acting with the material that was supplied but came up short. It was using the jump scare mentality with things jumping out at the screen but the suspense wasn’t there, they didn’t let it have long enough to build up the anticipation. This movie is worth a watch but whether it is worth a cinema trip that is questionable.

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