The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 “Into the Deep” Review

The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 “Into the Deep” is the latest installment from Telltale that takes The Walking Dead franchise and focuses on one character and her struggles in the new world that they find themselves in.

The Walking Dead has been a huge hit from Telltale and it would make a lot of sense to be making more games based on the story and although a mini-series it is welcomed. “Into the Deep” starts off confusing but really fast paced, putting Michone the main character into the thick of things while leaving the outside a little confused to what is actually going on. The truth is here there is a character that deeply conflicted, and not unlike other starting episodes of other season’s from Telltale the episode doesn’t seem to move physically along the storyline however it does show a huge focus on Michonne.

Michonne does seem to be suffering from some sort of mental issue because she just doesn’t seem to know where she is and having these visions, really adds dynamic to the game. Sat wondering what she is suffering from and what is real and what isn’t. The other characters show potential and after playing other season’s like the Tales from the Borderlands where the focus is more towards the group as opposed to the individual this is going to be an interesting dynamic that perhaps hasn’t been seen by Telltale before.

The decisions themselves even though they didn’t seem very big at the time while playing through the episode it was easy to see that they mattered. The biggest issue though is the not knowing at the point of the decision, The other thing to note, is the combat it seems that as more and more Telltale games come out they become more hands on with the combat. However, the controls can be a misleading because they show an arch rather than a straight direction and when mimicked on the controller they do not register they just want the general direction.

The Verdict

Into the Deep lives up to its name. The episode is very immersive and throws you head first into the story. It holds to the name of the season as well because the definite focus on the lead character. That can be sympathized with and lends itself to wanting to know more about Michonne and how she is going to develop through the story. The only slight concern coming from it was the controls and just how the bigger storyline is going to unfold because it didn’t show much, but a solid start.


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