Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 6 “AKA You’re a Winner” Review

AKA You’re a Winner see’s the return of Luke Cage as he enlists the help of Jessica in order to find someone. The motto that he had previously explained to Jessica that he only protects what is his starts adding extra to this request.

Luke and Jessica standing toe to toe
Will Jessica’s Secret be told?

Luke needs Jessica to help him find someone called Antoine as a favour to his sister. Jessica because of their history starts to enquire about Antoine’s sister and starts to show a jealous side. This was really well done because it keeps the Jessica character human, it keeps the audience engaged in her story and the conflicts that she struggles with. Jessica not really wanting to get involved however and already spinning so many plates decides to do it however because it turns out that Antoine’s sister has information on the death of Luke’s wife. Jessica having the big secret to keep needs to get to the information first.

Malcolm although still part of the story seems to have a more subtle role in this episode as the development of the Luke Cage and Jessica dynamic comes flying back to the forefront. Along with Hope making another appearance with a huge secret, that has landed her in the hospital wing of the prison she is in. The decisions that are made about the secret that Hope holds leads Hogarth to request something strange and quite sinister.

Hope in the hospital wing

Killgrave, however, plays a prominent role with a lot of his work in riddles and has the viewer asking what he is up to. Some of the things that are done in this episode had huge question marks over them. Was Killgrave doing it for fun because he could or is there a bigger motive to what he is doing? His infatuation with Jessica is still alive and kicking though with the emphasis on the arrangement that was made where Jessica would send him a photo every day at a certain time made in “AKA the Sandwich that Saved Me.”

The Verdict

AKA You’re a Winner, had some action but this episode was focused more on the relationships within the story. The big thing to note is how they are all falling apart and trying to hold it together at the same time. Even the most together characters in this season so far seem to be showing cracks and hidden depths. There is an interesting twist towards the end that could shed some light on the relationship between Jessica and Killgrave can only be guessed.

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