The Flash Season 2 Episode 9 “Running to Stand Still” Review

Running to Stand Still sees the team returning to Central City after the crossover with Arrow and it hits the ground running.  Although the crossover was done really well the main characters left their baggage in central city which was a good break but there was a need to go back.

Weather Wizard, Trickster and Captain Cold

The fast paced start to the Running to Stand Still sees the return of the Weather Wizard which is the metahuman that Patty has a problem with and holds him accountable for killing her father.  Weather Wizard, however, doesn’t come back on his own he breaks out Captain Cold and The Trickster out of Iron Heights, only for Captain Cold to become very conflicted because he doesn’t want to kill The Flash.  So he visits Barry to give him the heads up but still holds the air of mystery leaving the viewer not sure whether he is going to continue being a villain or move on to be a hero even if he does deny the latter.

The return Weather Wizard really affects Patty and puts a real strain on her and Barry’s relationship because Patty doesn’t think Barry understands what she is going through because she doesn’t know he is The Flash.  When both she and Star Labs discover where The Trickster is she runs straight into danger and tells The Flash the truth and why it means so much to her.  This puts Barry in an awkward position because she hasn’t told him and she seems MIA.

Patty going Rogue

Iris also is having her own issues while all this is going because she doesn’t know whether to tell Joe about the fact he has a son that he doesn’t know about.  Barry does persuade her to tell him but they are unsure how he will react.  The other big storyline even though the current threat isn’t linked to Zoom in anyway this episode Harrison Wells Mark 2 has made a discovery and is given and ultimatum will we see the return of the evil Wells?

The Verdict

Running to Stand Still was fast paced well deep episode.  Leaving some questions open and making some big discoveries at the same time.  Harrison and Leonard Snart with the biggest question marks over their heads.  The other point to make is the return of Jay and the way in which he and Caitlin dance around each others.  It does look like it could be a happy ending for Caitlin, but nothing always goes right in Central City.

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