Elementary Season 4 Episode 3 “Tag, You’re Me” Review

Tag, You’re Me is quite is an interesting turn of pace for Elementary and Sherlock stories in general.  Sherlock is often portrayed as someone that is complexed yet socially awkward and keeps himself distant from unwanted social interactions.  This episode, however, sees him deal have to deal with his estranged father.

Sherlock having heart to heart with his Father

Back in the NYPD Sherlock, Watson and Bell are reunited and although shocked to see them Bell is happy for them to join him on the case.  The case is about a Double Homicide which is actually involving Doppelganger’s.  While looking into the case somehow, Sherlock deduces his father is still in New Your and goes to confront him.  The reason for this was Sherlock can’t find the clarity that he needs to do his work when his father is in close proximity to him.  His Father then comes back with that he is still in New York on business and it cannot be dealt with anywhere else.  In which Sherlock does offer to help him with his work in order to help his father move on a bit quicker.

Which does in fact then mean that Sherlock’s attention is split between his Father’s work and the Doppelganger case.  Which turns out to be about a Face recognition software and rival companies.  The problem becomes that although initially the first company doesn’t seem to be that interested and knows their software has been taken and redesigned in order to help others find doppelganger’s the story seems to get deeper.

Sherlock and Watson discussing Morland

The Verdict

Tag, Your Me is well done it is opening up Sherlock and making him more human yet still keeping his character intact.  The one issues coming from this episode though is the fact that Watson laid down the law to Morland in Evidence of Things Not Seen saying that she wouldn’t let him hurt Sherlock but other than asking one question she doesn’t really get involved in their relationship in this episode which felt a little out of place.

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