Blindspot Season 1 Episode 2 “A Stray Howl” Review

A Stray Howl continues the fast pace of Pilot which is strange because you’d think that it would slow up just a little for everyone to get their bearings.  The next tattoo to be deciphered points towards and Air Force Pilot with a difficult past and the visit from the team starts off a huge change of events that could put the whole of the city at risk.

Jane Doe, however, is struggling herself with the one memory she has she struggling with her own moral compass.  The memory that she had about target practise in the wood is coupled with another memory that is less than ideal for her.  She was concerned that the target practise one on in the Pilot was in an unorthodox place meaning that it was official and with the new flashback she worries she doesn’t want to know her past and a clean start might be for the best.

Jane Practising and bringing back memories

The real urgency of the episode, however, is the fact that the Colonel is holding out information to the FBI as its top secret.  When it comes to light that there is a drone program so that there are drones flying over the US and the Air Force Pilot has control of them and someone’s daughter the team goes into overdrive.  Slowly unlocking the targets of the Air Force Pilots revenge.

Jane isn’t the only one that seems to be haunted by her past Weller notices something on Jane that makes him think that he knows who she is.  Weller then changes his attitude towards as he knows conflict my trigger memories he wants to take her everywhere to try and get her memory back and also to keep her safe.  This thing in Weller’s past seems to drive him and that he is pinning all his hopes on Jane Doe will she be the right person and what is it?

Jane and Weller training together

The Verdict

A Stray Howl is a very well-paced episode with the right mix of drama and action.  The drama slows down the episode but leads to some interesting facts about Weller’s and Jane’s possible pasts and what drives him.  As well as showing a softer side of this uptight agent.

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